Alliance of Principled Conservatives Endorses Darla Dawald in LD-8 House Race

Darla Dawald

Darla Dawald

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives confidently endorses Ms. Darla Dawald’s candidacy for the Arizona State House Representatives, Legislative District 8.

Darla is a committed conservative Republican who believes in the core principles of the Republican Party; Limited Government, Low Taxes, Individual Liberty and Responsibility. We have no doubt that Darla will uphold these principles and act in accordance with the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions to protect our rights. Darla will not turn her back to the committed conservatives and dedicated precinct committeemen of our great state. She will oppose the efforts of crony capitalists and special interest groups who seem intent on making Arizona a “Big Government and High Taxes State.” Darla is committed to repealing Obamacare in Arizona, including the Hospital Bed Tax. She will eliminate Common Core, the Federal takeover of our schools, returning control of our schools to parents and local school boards, not Washington DC bureaucrats.

Last, but most importantly, she will restore fiscal sanity to the Arizona budgetary process by ensuring the state budget is structurally balanced and our debts are paid.

Please lend your full support and your vote to Darla Dawald.

Christine Bauserman, Chair Alliance of Principled Conservatives
Frank Antenori, Co-Chair Alliance of Principled Conservatives

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