Allen’s Housekeeper, “Sofia”

I had a conversation with a district eight voter who revealed some interesting background information on Carolyn Allen’s position on Carolyn Allenimmigration. Of course this is all part of the public record because it was announced at a meeting of Legislative District 8 Democrats. (This voter attended that meeting and heard it with his own ears.) 

During this March 16th meeting, Democrats conducted a forum on immigration. Allen was featured as one of the panelists discussing her position on immigration.

Here’s the interesting point. During the forum, Carolyn Allen stated to the group, “I have a housekeeper named Sofia. I don’t know if she is documented. I never asked her.”

Allen received a strong applause from Democrats.

If this doesn’t speak volumes on the “don’t-ask-don’t-tell” attitude of Carolyn Allen, I don’t know what does. One would think that Senator Jon Kyl and Congressman JD Hayworth would pull their endorsement of Allen given this revelation.

I sure hope Republicans in the district wake up and realize Allen is weak on protecting the border and stopping illegal immigration issues.


  1. If this isn’t a classic, I don’t know what is. I’m sure Allen felt at home at this Democratic meeting with all of her like-minded friends. The legal immigration status of her “Sofia” aside, I assume Carolyn is also paying all of her required taxes on behalf of her housekeeper?

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