Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention Health Initiative files for 2012 Ballot

This was just filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. Supporters of this ballot initiative would like to see it appear on the 2012 November ballot:

ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION AND EARLY INTERVENTION HEALTH INITIATIVE, proposes an alcohol tax of 25 cents on a gallon of spirituous liquor, and one dollar each on a gallon of beer and wine, the equivalent of less than ten cents per drink. Proceeds will fund prevention and early intervention services for any entity that affiliates with a community based prevention coalition. The initiative establishes an eighteen member commission which sets policy. Only the thirteen members, including three tribal representatives are voting members. The non voting members are directors or deputy directors of the Arizona’s governmental departments.

Should this pass it would require the taxpayers of Arizona to create another new tax on a “sin” and get the State of Arizona involved and investing in keeping yet another source of revenue.

One would think that the solution to alcohol and substance abuse prevention would be parents, family, friends, neighbors and the faith-based community and perhaps an ounce of discipline.


  1. One more bureaucratic nose where it doesn’t belong. Curious who the sponsors are. Clearly inflation hasn’t been working hard enough for them; neither has the state nanny. If it’s not in the name of “the children” its in the name of some other person’s “health.”

    On another note, the logic here is very California-ish—something AZ needs like another dust storm. Soak consumers for buying alcohol, tobacco, saturated fats, while whining about a shortage of cannibus. Brilliant. I’m ready to kiss the potbots goodbye and let them hoof it back to the coast, medicinal fauna in tow.

  2. …medicinal flora in tow.

  3. A guy named Manuel Medina filed the petition. In 2010 he made a $140 donation to Ralph Varela who was running in LD 23. Varela is a former Casa Grande city council member, and apparently some kind of drug counselor.

    So, naturally, after working in government you’d see how easy it is to get a special tax passed that will help your industry alone. It worked for teachers, the light rail people, marijuana growers…you get the picture. Self-serving.

    A ten cent tax on a 50 cent can of beer is just stupid, no matter where the money is going.

  4. I drink to make fools like the authors of this bill tolerable.

    Stupid….So is Big Jan trying to stop Medical Marijuana.


  5. CopperDome says:

    The proponents of this measure have failed to learn from experience. We will see a similar result as when the huge tobacco tax increase passed in 2006. A large enough % of alcohol purchases will shift to the Indian reservations (where the new tax will not apply) to mostly or completely negate the overall increase in alcohol tax collections, but the new levy will still be “earmarked” for the special interest. It will effectively shift a significant amount of current alcohol tax revenues to the new program, unable to be touched by the legislature for education, etc.

    Then again, maybe the proponents know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Hmm…

  6. Once government becomes dependent on this tax, it will have an inherent interest in keeping the tax and the item itself. One could even make the argument that government could promote the sale of more alcohol in order to increase the revenue. Not a corner the voters should paint themselves into.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    NO—in the strongest terms, NO. STOP the insanity.

    We are still fighting the unconstitutional reign of an “independent” commission, and that fight will go on for years to come. Now we should create another of the same that will also create policy under which we will be forced to live; we will be taxed to pay for it and for its policies and programs, and then taxed again to pay for the staff, equipment, housing and supplies to maintain it as it grows like a drug-resistant amoeba.

    AZ, we are supposed to be getting rid of bureaucratic regulators who control our lives without recourse, not empowering more of the same.

    God bless America.

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