Al Melvin Campaign Issues Press Release on Attack Mailer

Here is the press release issued by Captain Al Melvin regarding an attack piece ridiculing his service in the U.S. Navy:

Al Melvin for State Senate


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 26, 2006
For more information contact Al Melvin at (520) 429-8083    

Melvin Expresses Outrage at Attack Mailer
~ Calls on Democrat Opponent to denounce mailer ~

(Tucson) Beginning yesterday, voters in Legislative District 26 began receiving an ugly mail piece that mocked State Senate candidate Al Melvin’s military service.

Melvin, who retired from the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1999 after 30 years of service, had earned the rank of Captain, and his military service played a positive role in his successful primary campaign.

Yet a group calling itself Moderates for an Accountable Democracy has mocked Melvin’s military service, drawing a cartoon of Melvin in uniform and referring derisively to him as “Cap’n” Melvin.

Moderates for an Accountable Democracy, a front group for 7 donors that draws the majority of its funding from a Democrat pro-abortion group called Arizona List (related to the national Emily’s List), also made a number of false accusations on the mailer.  Yet it was the treatment of Melvin’s military service that made him most upset.

“It was an honor for me to serve in the military” said Melvin “and it is shameful that these people lack the decency to treat the uniform with respect.”

Melvin has called upon his Democrat opponent, Charlene Pesquiera, to denounce the mailer and its treatment of his military background.

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  1. Randall Holdridge says

    Having studied Mr. Melvin’s campaign website, I must draw the conclusion that he never served a day of active military service; I must also question exactly what he means when he claims to be a “graduate” of the Naval War College. He may claim to be offended rather than embarassed, but don’t Naval Reserve service in the Viet Nam era and the Merchant Marine education raise any red flags among you red-blooded, red-state, red-meat eating conservatives?

    Republicans can mock John Kerry’s Silver Star, his Purple Hearts, his unquestioned service in a hot war zone, but they get offended by this mailer and cry foul?

    Hypocrisy and false righteousness stinking unto high heaven.

  2. Stevie Boy, I mean RandEll-

    I just want to remind you that Republicans didn’t only mock John Kerry for his undeserved Silver Star, his self-inflicted wounds that “earned” him at least one of his Purple Hearts, his extremely questionable service in a “hot war zone” (I think that you’re talking about Cambodia here, right;), but we also cry foul about John Kerry’s treasonous meetings with the Viet Kong, his backstabbing of his fellow soldiers, Marines, and sailors, and his complete antipathy toward our men and women in uniform ever since then. John Kerry would be the first person that we should have ever hung for treason that ever won the nomination from either political party for President.

  3. Randall Holdridge says

    206 —

    Putting arms and argument aside for just a moment, I’d be very curious to know why you think I might be Steve Huffman?

    I SAW Steve Huffman once, coming down the ramp after a UA football game (at least I think it was him), and maybe that’s how you got us confused?

    I’m pretty easy to check out on-line, and I’m only myself.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I suppose folks like Randall are who they are targeting with the mailer. Folks for whom there are moral relatives for everything. Putting on a uniform and serving our country isn’t enough for them or for him. That’s the shame of it.

    Serving your country with honor is a good thing for the decent people of this country. We appreciate it and we respect it.

    John Kerry dishonored his uniform and his country, and that makes all the difference in the world. But don’t try to explain it to the lefties at Arizona List and Randall. I don’t they’re being difficult or stubborn, I just don’t think they are capable of understanding the difference. It requires a strong sense of right and wrong and a willingness to exercise that sense. Those who don’t believe in absolute truth, right versus wrong, and all the rest simply aren’t capable. Don’t blame them, but don’t waste their time (and yours) trying to explain it to them.

  5. Randall Holdridge says

    The point under discussion, if I recall, is whether or not it might be reasonable to question Mr. Melvin’s claims to military service as a qualification for his election to public office, including his posing in military uniform in his campaign advertising.

    I take nothing away from Mr. Melvin’s years in the inactive reserve, and I’m sure he deserves his accrued lifetime benefits.

    But the fact is that captains in the U.S. Navy command major military vessels in port and at sea; even in peace time this is a huge responsibility, and there is no evidence that Mr. Melvin ever assumed it.

    At the same time, taking even the most slanderous treatment of John Kerry’s naval service in Viet Nam, there is no dispute but what he was there, in command of a small gun boat under heavy fire more than once, and that he brought his boat and crew back to harbor.

    You may think I’m being difficult or ornery; I’m simply telling the plain truth.

  6. Randall Holdridge says

    Oh, and by the way, would it not be worthwhile discussing the fact that Mr. Melvin’s campaign proposals mean higher taxes and more neglect of Arizona public education?

    Just a thought. Surely you’re aware that Arizona’s tax-wise Republican newspaper, the Tucson Citizen, says no to Melvin, yes to Pesquiera.

  7. Oro Valley Dad says


    I am going to respond here to these comments of yours from a previous post.

    “Meantime, he’s parading under the title Sonoran Alliance, as if he were in the least interested in an alliance of Sonoran interests, from the Gila to Hermosillo; he’s running a banner picturing free range cowboys, as if Oro Valley Dad weren’t a sure indicator of a late-coming, suburban soccer pop with no grasp of Old Pueblo history and culture, and as if Oro Valley might just as well be Orange County.

    Oro Valley Dad and his site are always spewing their conviction that immigrants should adopt American culture and values, while making it perfectly clear they’ve come to Arizona without any intention of adopting Baja Arizona culture and values.

    And you know what? On November 7, you’re going to get popped in the nose.

    Give Baja Arizona and the Old Pueblo a try; it’s not half bad, and it’s a lot more than golf courses and mild winter weather.”

    Again, you are woefully ignorant. My family has lived in Arizona since 1890 and my father was born in Tucson in the 1920’s so I don’t need a lesson on the Southwest from the likes of you.

    Please explain what would be wrong with immigrants adopting American culture and values. And what are Baja Arizona culture and values? Would they include speaking a second language, maybe Spanish. I am fine with that because both of my parents encouraged us to study and learn Spanish. If you are not too lazy to check my ballot recommendations you will even see that I was neutral on 103.

    I am not going to get popped in the nose on November 7th for the simple reason that I am not running. If I were standing next to you it might happen but I am guessing that you and I will be in different locations that night.

    I have given the Old Pueblo a try and enjoy it for what it is. You are a pedantic fool and the one who should go back to Orange County or whatever rock from under which you crawled.

  8. Randall Holdridge says

    As you’re anonymous, Oro Valley Dad, who can question your claims.

    For what it’s worth, I came here in 1965 at the specific and personal request of then Senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, who like then Texas senatorial candidate John Tower and congressional candidate George H.W. Bush, were friends of my father and of our family, all West Texans.

    I don’t know where your politics came from, Oro Valley Dad, but not from any Arizonan of the 1890s or 1920s.

    We’ve probably got more in common than you think, like 2nd Amendment and hunters’ rights for instance, or property value protection, or maybe environmental conservation (you’re pretty obscure) — but I sure as hell don’t want one person calling the tune for anyone else when it comes love, health care, family planning, etc., etc. And if you think “neutral” on 103 means doodoo when the party establishment you support is intent on wiping out the Spanish language in Arizona while punishing for their lifetimes children who have grown up in Spanish speaking homes by denying them appropriate English language instruction…well don’t get holier than thou with me, Oro Valley Dad.

    I’ll say it again…hypocrisy and false righteousness stinking unto high heaven.

  9. Oro Valley Dad says

    That is so nice that Barry invited you out here. We are all impressed that your family knew John Tower and H.W. Bush.

    I cannot speak for my ancestors beyond my father but I can assure you that there were hard-core conservatives in Arizona well before you arrived. The type that would have happily voted for Graf. How would you know what was going on here in 1890 or 1920 anyway? I thought your clan was hold up in West Texas with the Bushies?

    I agree with you that I don’t want one person dictating matters of love, heath care, family planning (I assume you mean contraception, unless you espouse abortion as birth control), etc. For that matter I don’t want the government involved in those issues either. Now protecting human life first and personal liberty there after sounds good to me.

    How do you know I support the party establishment? Maybe I work night and day against the party establishment. If you have read any of my posts you would hardly describe me as a sycophant of the Republican Party. But that would be too difficult for you to read what someone actually wrote and then discuss their ideas based on the merits of the argument instead of always interjecting personal zingers.

    “intent on wiping out the Spanish language in Arizona.” The absurdity of that statement speaks for itself.

    I never knew that correcting another person’s inaccurate assumptions was being holier than thou. But I am learning a lot of non-sequesters from you.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Melvin’s proposals certainly don’t mean higher taxes or more neglect for public education. They mean more dollars per student in public education, an improved product, and better results for our kids. Quit blowing smoke and parroting the same ol’ lines that the public education monopoly has been spewing. They said the same thing about home schooling and we’re spending more than ever before on public schools. They said the same things about charter schools and we’re spending more than ever before on public schools. They lie, and everyone on here is smart enough to recognize that. As such, they recognize it when you do it as well…

  11. CAPT Al Melvin, USNR(Ret.) is a highly respected officer who has served a number of years on active duty. His last active service was in Desert Shield/Storm in a voluntary recall in a senior command billet. He is a distinguished Merchant marine officer and shipping executive. He is a graduate of the Naval War College.

  12. Oro Valley Dad says


    Why would a Merchant Marine career raise a red flag? Are you advocating fighting wars without bullets, spare parts, or supplies?

    Away from combat you say? You need to read your history from WWII and tell that to the brave Sailors who gave their lives trying to transport material to their brothers at the front.

    You might want to ask the crew of the USS Pueblo how safe it was to float around the waters of Asia in the 1960’s in a non-combat role. Al served, period. Anyone who put on the U.S. uniform, in any role, has my respect.

  13. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Our thanks to Mr. Lynch for providing the missing details! That should put the matter to rest for Randall and the rest.

  14. My boyfriend’s dad served in the Merchant Marine during WWII–a VERY dangerous job.

  15. Randall Holdridge says

    In the Viet Nam era, my college pal enlisted in the Merchant Marines, promised (a promise kept) that he could choose between surface off Florida or on the Mississippi. He took the river, and got more excitement than he ever believed could be found in geometry.

  16. Randall Holdridge says

    A “graduate” of the Naval War College. Pure bull dookie. Do you even know what the Naval War College is? Well, obviously not.

  17. Randall Holdridge says

    Oh, by the way, the rules of military command forbid wearing uniform in retirement for a political or public purpose.

    Both Admirals Inman and Crowe, when I brought them in retirement to speak to boys at the private schools I led, made it clear that it was both inappropriate and non-regulation for them to use the Naval uniform in that way.

  18. Randall Holdridge says

    And I really don’t think Mr. Melvin, USNR ret’d. wants to debate either Inman or Crowe. I might add, although I didn’t invite him, Adm. Turner also asserted that in retirement he could not wear his uniform as a commencement speaker at a school.

    All these admirals, by the way, and this was in the 80s and the 90s, warned against the militarization of the American economy and foreign policy.

    Inman was particularly interesting, because he challenged students to seek careers in steel, glass, rubber, textiles — lest American manufacturing be dead in the event of another big war.

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