AG Goddard issues YET ANOTHER glossy new handbook in midst of $1 billion state budget shortfall

Apparently still distressed that the mainstream media has failed to cover his 72 glossy color publications, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has released another glossy handbook for the public, 28 pages long and this time with a bigger picture of himself on the front as well as another large one on the second page, surpassing his past publications which mostly only featured a small picture of him on the front.

Eager to get his name and face out in the public more frequently to increase his visibility for a 2010 gubernatorial run, Goddard has noticeably stepped up the self-promotion beginning with his recently issued “Guide to the Attorney General Guides.” This latest booklet is – surprise! – another consumer guide for the public, this time geared to younger adults – because there is such a big difference between a consumer guide for adults vs. younger adults. Goddard is clearly running out of ideas for publications if he’s resorting to a rather redundant publication – most of the tips in this guide are already found in his other guides.

Considering the state is over $1 billion in the hole, what is Goddard thinking spending money at this time on a supercilious guide? Obviously he knows he can get away with it because the mainstream media won’t criticize him for it, since he’s a powerful Democrat politician. Meanwhile, the state remains saddled in debt that is increasing because of frivolous publications like this. No one in the major media except the Yellow Sheet bothered to cover the radio ads Governor Napolitano has been playing saying “this traffic report sponsored by Governor Napolitano.”

Channel 12 interviewed Goddard bragging about the booklet, and sure enough, the media coverage was all positive – there was no mention of the questionableness of issuing the booklet during the state’s budget crisis. Funny, the Arizona Republic and Channel 12 weren’t nearly as positive when they covered County Attorney Andrew Thomas’s Crime Handbook, which actually had a meaningful purpose and will save taxpayers money.



  1. Sandy Faygubla says

    DO we know for sure he printed them?

  2. kralmajales says


    Looks like both he and Thomas want to send us more junkmail.

  3. Sandy Faygubla says

    Well I think the idea is great. I just hope he didn’t print any and hope he doesn’t mail them out. If it is a web based thing, then that is GREAT!

    Young people do get bombarded by credit offers and taken advantage of by landlords and car dealers. I wish someone made something like this for me by the time I went to college.

  4. Grevious says

    Typical creepy look on Terry’s face. “Look at those strapping young boys!”

  5. Frank Collins says

    that would be true. if he were not surrounded by young women in those pictures… lol.

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