AFT-AFP Scorecard for ACC Candidates

Arizona Federation of Taxpayers and Americans for Prosperity has released a scorecard on the Arizona Corporation Commission Candidates.

Topping the list as Champion of the Taxpayer are candidates John Allen and Bob Stump. At the bottom of the list with the titles of Champion of Big Government and Friend of Big Government are candidates, Kara Kelty and Paul Newman, respectively.

Here is a link to the full listing:



  1. Did you notice how Republican elected officials always seem to get a better score in election years? With 4 year ACC terms instead of 2 year legislative terms, I think we should have fairly low expectations from former legislators for their first 3 years on the ACC – if they are elected.

  2. nightcrawler says

    I don’t know how you all feel, but I’m not big on the three for one deal. It is time to mix and match. The is always one dud in a box. Do your homework folks. This link is a good start.

  3. I have a better question. What does it matter how you voted in the legislature when you have said you support the 15% “Green” mandates?

    That vote alone will be the largest “tax” on the people in Arizona that will come up before the ACC. I am led to believe that some of these “Champions” will be “Enemies” if they vote on this issue like they have committed.

    I respect Tom J., but trying to make the legislative relativity leap to the ACC is misleading, at best.

  4. I agree with you nightcrawler. I did participate in the Sonoran Alliance endorsements but one of my guys did not get endorsed.

    It makes me a little nervous to vote for a “team” of candidates especially for the Corporation Commission. It’s almost as if your voting for collusion or backroom deals.

    That’s why I’m taking the mix-it-up approach and voting for John Allen, Bob Stump and one of the newbies.

  5. I’m with you until the newbies come up…the trio is scary.

  6. Fowlkes, Hobbs, and Swapp are the only team that has agreed that the renewable fuels mandate should be repealed. It will take three votes for that to happen. Since that is the biggest issue currently facing the ACC that will impact Arizona rate payers, those are the best candidates in this race.

    Also, they have enough technical knowledge to actually understand what the businesses they will be regulating actually do, so they will know the right questions to ask. Other candidates, if elected, will be more easily manipulated by the regulated industries.

    This team is also interested in promoting market reforms and setting up an economic environment to permit market forces to work which would minimize government regulation and possibly even eliminate it in some areas.

    The only people scared of this group are regulated monopolies and their lobbyists. They want to protect their monopolies from competition – both in service quality and pricing.

    Republicans supporting market reforms and limited government have no better candidates to choose from.

  7. The Corp Comm hires hundreds of technicians already. Maybe they would make good staffers, but not statewide elected policy makers. These fellows are too close to the industries they would be regulating — real conflict of interest — and have zero public policy experience. Their support is so small they could not qualify for clean elections funding.

  8. Sue, so who would be better candidates? People who have gone on record as not opposing the alternate fuel mandate?

    Plus, they will be able to make knowledgable decisions rather than just be “guided” by either their staff or industry lobbyists bacause they will actually personally understand the issues rather than have to weigh the different views of “smart” people they don’t understand.

    They also have free market ideas that are not something any of the other politicians are particularly interested in. Perhaps some of them have been in government too long to still believe that “government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.”

  9. There are thousands of engineers in Arizona. Simply being an engineer (or in Swapp’s case, taking a few classes) does not qualify someone for the Corp Comm. Some of the other candidates have strong free-market principles and actual records implementing them (as this SA post shows). They are not just all talk — and they do not have a history of losing three elections already for the Corp Comm. as a Libertarian.

  10. nightcrawler says

    Got to agree with Sue here. Gut feel is kicking in. Something is just not right. Could there be a weasel in the proximity ? Mix and match soulds like the better solution. As DSW says, there could at the very least be an appearance of collusion, which could be problematic if three always vote as a block.

    Hunter, the renewable fuels mandate issue is important, but there are several other issues to be addressed..water, nuclear, APS, SRP, aging gas lines in danger of breaking and on and on..

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