Adam Armer Launches Exploratory Committee

Mesa resident Adam Armer is testing the waters for another bid at the House in Legislative District 22. Armer, a conservative Republican ran for one of the House seats in 2008 but was overcome in the Primary Election. This time, should he enter the race in 2010, current State Representative Andy Biggs will be term-limited out leaving a seat open once again. The other seat is currently filled by Laurin Hendrix who will likely be seeking a second term.

I sat down with Adam today to discuss the race and his position on issues and I was very impressed. His family faces the same challenges as most families in the current economy but Adam has managed to be creative in his entrepreneurial spirit. I can tell you that he is a small businessman with a growing family who has a passion for the fiscal responsibility, protecting small businesses and strengthening the family. Having been involved in East Valley politics, he will be a very serious candidate in 2010.

He is likely to run as a traditional candidate which means he is counting on your donations. If you have a desire to see young conservatives be elected, contact Adam Armer to see how you can help.


  1. As a PC in Adam’s district I can tell you that he’s a good guy and would be an excellent legislator.

  2. Steve Calabrese says

    I want to echo what DGN says. Adam also is not adverse to doing the boring grunt work in the district. He works his butt off.

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