ACTION ALERT – Call your legislator today!


Arizona Republicans need to hear from YOU about an urgent vote expected tomorrow on SB 1316!

If you haven’t been paying attention to SB 1316, it’s time to start. This hot-button bill has special interest groups running around the Capitol Complex with their pants on fire, telling lies to your Republican lawmakers and pressuring them to oppose this important bill.

SB 1316 offers Arizonans an additional financial choice, called a flex loan, in times of need. Not surprisingly, liberal legislators and controlling special interest groups ignore the facts as they attempt to blow up this bill and limit your lending choices.

WHY? The truth is Democrats and their special interest cronies want to limit your financial lending choices to just one option – the government!

That’s right – those socialists think you’re too dumb to make your own financial decisions. And they think THEY know better than you… and that a nanny state is the solution to every problem.

FACT: Flex loans would give Arizonans protected access to smaller-dollar loans in a legal, well-regulated marketplace.

When an emergency strikes, like a needed A/C repair or unexpected healthcare cost, cash-strapped Arizonans should have as many lending options as possible. A flex loan is simply one additional option.

Your elected representatives need to hear from you about the importance of voting for financial choice and freedom. They need to vote YES on SB 1316!

Call your legislator today and tell them keep the government’s hands out of your finances, and to vote YES on SB 1316!

Name District Party Phone (602)
J. Christopher Ackerley 2 R 926-3077
John M. Allen 15 R 926-4916
Brenda Barton 6 R 926-4129
Sonny Borrelli 5 R 926-5051
Russell “Rusty” Bowers 25 R 926-3128
Paul Boyer 20 R 926-4173
Kate Brophy McGee 28 R 926-4486
Noel W. Campbell 1 R 926-3124
Heather Carter 15 R 926-5503
Regina Cobb 5 R 926-3126
Doug Coleman 16 R 926-3160
Karen Fann 1 R 926-5874
Eddie Farnsworth 12 R 926-5735
Mark Finchem 11 R 926-3122
Speaker of the House
David Gowan 14 R 926-3312
Rick Gray 21 R 926-5993
Anthony Kern 20 R 926-3102
Jay Lawrence 23 R 926-3095
Vince Leach 11 R 926-3106
Majority Whip
David Livingston 22 R 926-4178
Phil Lovas 22 R 926-3297
Javan D. “J.D.” Mesnard 17 R 926-4481
Darin Mitchell 13 R 926-5894
Majority Leader
Steve Montenegro 13 R 926-5955
Jill Norgaard 18 R 926-3140
Justin Olson 25 R 926-5288
Warren H. Petersen 12 R 926-4136
Franklin M. Pratt 8 R 926-5761
Tony Rivero 21 R 926-3104
Speaker Pro Tempore
Bob Robson 18 R 926-5549
Thomas “T.J.” Shope 8 R 926-3012
David W. Stevens 14 R 926-4321
Bob Thorpe 6 R 926-5219
Kelly Townsend 16 R 926-4467
Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita 23 R 926-4480
Jeff Weninger 17 R 926-3092


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