Act now!

The boys at are on fire over the Ken Calvert appointment to the Appropriations committee.  They have the list of Steering Committee members who approved the appointment and they urge you to call those Members and voice your displeasure.  It would be well worth the few minutes to voice your concern and demand that Republicans in the House do the right thing and remove Calvert from the committee.

 Other bloggers are getting in on the action.  Patrick Hynes at Ankle biting pundits joins the chorus encouraging activists to call.  Peach pundit focuses on his home state Member, John Linder.  There are no Arizonans on the Steering Committee.

And this revolt is now being covered by Politico

This is our chance as grassroots activists to send a message.


  1. Grassroots Girl says

    Yeehaaww… we get to do somthing based on good old fashioned principles. Just called Boehner’s office… they are clearly feeling the heat. I love this! We need to get our party back to the principles we love, smaller, cleaner, more transparent government.

  2. Republicans win when the govern as Republicans.

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