ACLU Tim Nelson makes up fake endorsement for County Attorney

County Attorney Candidate Tim Nelson Touts Phantom Endorsement
New Trouble with the Truth Follows Factual Foul-ups Last Week

Last week, County Attorney candidate Tim Nelson offered up a lot of confusion in trying to explain away his representation of convicted double murderer Jose Ceja and efforts to prevent the death penalty for him.

This week, it’s been revealed that Nelson has been touting an endorsement he does not have.

On September 25, Nelson announced the endorsement of Republican Cochise County Attorney Ed Rheinheimer. Rheinheimer was the only Republican county attorney listed by Nelson.

Trouble is – Mr. Rheinheimer never endorsed Nelson.

“Tim should apologize to County Attorney Rheinheimer for publicly misrepresenting support he does not have,” Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said.

Thomas has been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Fraternal Order of Police, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Border Patrol Officers’ Association, leaders of prominent Valley neighborhood groups and Georgia Staton, the former Democratic nominee for Arizona Attorney General and Maricopa County Attorney.


  1. Hon. Robert Lynch says

    If Nelson would lie about something as mundane as this imagine what he would do in a courtroom.
    Has anyone checked to see if he was disbarred?
    With this kind of ethical misbehavior it is only a matter of time before he is disbarred?

  2. Precinct Committeeman says

    I just cast my early ballot and mailed it back to County Elections. I did not, and never would, vote for Nelson.

    It’s not his Democrat leanings, although that might be enough to avoid voting for him. No, I didn’t vote for him because he can’t be trusted – and, this blog emphasized that yesterday morning before I cast my ballot.

    For a prosecutor, trust is a critical element of character. Andy Thomas has it. I made sure my vote counted for his re-election.

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