ACC Endorsements

Here are our endorsements for ACC. We spent quite a while working to select the 3 best conservative, free-market candidates. To see the full list of our endorsements click on the 2008 Primary Candidate Endorsements link in the column on the right.

Arizona Corporation Commission

Bob Stump – ENDORSED
Joe Hobbs – ENDORSED
Rick Fowlkes – ENDORSED

If conservatives vote for other candidates in the primary they risk splitting the vote and ending up with a “renewable” activist like Wong and your electric rates will needlessly increase. Solar is just the latest sacrament of the new left. It will require such massive habitat destruction the greenies will never allow it anyway. Nuclear is the small footprint solution. Oil is renewable, that is why we keep finding more and more of it. Plus carbon is good, try living without it.


  1. Thanks for your endorsement. Please visit our website at for more informatin on the Fowlkes, Swapp, and Hobbs team.

  2. LD 26 Race Watcher says

    Tucson Citizen Endorsed Republican Vic Williams
    That is news…why not report it ?

  3. Sonoran Sam says

    And, while you’re at it, why not report that the Citizen endorsed Hershberger over Melvin?

  4. LD 26 Race Watcher says

    Good point…
    They only report bashing of Hershberger, Ann day and anything else but nothing positive gets reported

  5. Check out Hershberger rates last place among Republican Senators for voting in accordance with the Republican platform. LAST PLACE–there must be a problem.

  6. Just Win Baby says

    What do your LD26 questions have to do with the ACC race?

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    Watcher and Sam,

    We are not in the habit of covering what the liberal Tucson Citizen has to say unless we want to point out how liberal someone is. It looks like Vic got the endorsement because he wants to allow activist judges to impose gay marriage on the people of Arizona like they did in California. No thanks.

    The story here is that Pete Hershberger and Vic Williams both met the standards of the Citizen. That should give the voters important information about what kind of Republican Vic is.

    There, we covered the news. Happy now?

  8. Could someone explain why Fowlkes is running as a “conservative Republican” (his words) but supports embryonic stem cell research, supports granting unmarried domestic partners the same employee and health benefits as married couples, and opposes amending the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as one man/one woman? Or why he supports expanding gambling by allowing slot machines and table games off the Indian reservations? All this is from the Center for Arizona Policy’s 2008 candidate survey. Not 2006. This year’s survey. Could anyone explain how he can run as pro-life, and fundraise at pro-life events, but also support embryonic stem cell research?

  9. SA Demise says

    Sonoran Alliance-

    Your decision to endorse Hobbs and Fowlkes was a huge mistake. They are going to come in the bottom 3 in September, and we will see that you have absolutely zero influence in a statewide race.

    May we ask what your rubric looked like? And if you endorse Hobbs and Fowlkes, then why not Swapp? Afterall, they are a “Team”…

    –SA D.

  10. I can’t wait to see the ACC taking on embryonic stem cell research by the regulated utilities.

  11. Sonoran Sam says

    SA Editor(s):

    First, I apologize for taking your comments off track. I don’t agree with your ACC endorsements (there’s a shock) but respect and endorse your right to make them. I wouldn’t have brought it up if someone had not raised the issue of the LD26 House endorsements.

    I can appreciate your dislike for the Citizen endorsement decisions. When I was a (pre-blog) journalist I often had to report news that I didn’t like. That was part of the job.

    Because of the mores that ruled print journalism I had to do some mental gymnastics to keep my bias to myself when reporting on news I didn’t like. I wasn’t perfect, but I think I was successful more often than not.

    You operate under different rules, and those rules are OK by me. I do think you have a responsibility to report them, and then you have the right (in two out of three senses of the word)to put your spin on it.

    And you did. So, thanks for being an open forum.

  12. Big Sister says

    Will someone beside me please remember this endorsement the next time SA takes out after another R of extremely liberal leanings, especially one who has been an R for more than 5 minutes!?

    The real title of this post:

    Credibility lost!

  13. Jack – the point in this context is Fowlkes’ credibility, not the functions of the ACC. The point is that his “team” is running as “the pro life team” (despite having no history at all in the movement) while a member of that team has expressed extreme anti-life positions in 2006 and 2008. In 2006, on CAP surveys, Fowlkes supported legalizing physician-assisted suicide. In 2008, he opposes it. In 2006, he opposed prohibiting abortion except when the life of the mother is in danger. In 2008, he supports it. In 2006, he opposed requiring informed consent for abortions and a 24-hour waiting period. Fowlkes supported abortion on demand. Now, in 2008, he supports it. He is also on record (2006 Catholic Conference survey) opposing making the presence of illegals in the U.S. a felony, opposing prohibiting human cloning, and in support of allowing use of the metricula consular card as a form of valid ID. Some people on this blog argued that Fowlkes had a mid life change of heart about conservative issues (just in time for the 2008 election) after running for this office as a Libertarian three times – dating way back to 1988 – and then changing his party registration last year. Sadly, many key views have not changed.

  14. AZpublius says

    Sue – I understand. Fowlkes has been, until this election, a candidate under the Libertarian flag. He was recruited by a political consultant to run as a part of a right wing team in a cynical attempt on the part of the consultant to gain voting share from the highly active, and reliable pro-life electorate. What a cynical approach to politics that he would seek to elect candidates (whether genuine or not) on their “conservative credentials” rather than their qualifications, insight and experience in the utility game. I’m not criticizing your criticism. I’m criticizing the whole wacky deal that puts them on the ballot under this “litmus test” flag in the first place.

  15. AZpublius says

    I guess my real point is that I would expect that conservatives would be smart enough to discern when their loyalties are being played upon by cynics who believe and hope that these voters won’t look any closer than the bumper sticker before casting their vote, especially, as in this instance, when these issues are not even remotely within the purview of the office being sought!

  16. Not sure that the pro-life stuff has anything to do with the ACC race, except this is a pro-life blog so not being pro-life would disqualify you. That said, once pro-life, SA seems to have focused on who would do the best job as a Corporation Commissioner, which is what the endorsement is actually for. If SA feels that Fowlkes has made the transition to a pro-life candidate and that he meets some minimum requirements, then they’re free to move on to his actual ACC qualifications and platform. Those are actually pretty good.

    For those who talk about the “pro-life team” running on something that’s not an ACC issue, its worth noting that on their own website, they term the life issue (and several others) as “Non-ACC Issues” that they respond to because voters want to know their positions on those issues. Its worth a read.


    Looks like the “pro-life team” is anything but. Refunds, anyone?

  18. kralmajales says

    I dont get the anger at Hershberger for voting for the Governor’s budget when so many here give Tim Bee a pass on that…twice I might add…that he fumbled the spring training bill…and that he was the lead behind securing the financing for Rio Nuevo.

    Hershberger is a RINO and Bee is a…..

  19. the comments here are having a laugh – i’ve added your blog to my netvibes account, keep up the good work 🙂

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