Abramoff Released From Prison; close ties to Hayworth linger in the minds of voters


Today Jack Abramoff, perhaps the epitome’ of DC corruption and partner to power hungry politicos, was released to a half-way house until December.  If his release will bring about a resurgence of the voter anger expressed after the greatest campaign finance scandal to hit DC, that ultimately ended the lack-luster career of JD Hayworth and diminish his current hopes, is yet to be seen. There is no doubt, the names Abramoff and Hayworth will be linked in the minds of voters for years to come. 

This cannot be a good week for Team Hayworth, with reports his campaign is losing steam and this ugly little reminder of just how low some people will go.  You would think after the whole Abramoff “thing”, taking a closer look at folks would have been a good idea.  But, then…I guess some people never learn.       


  1. Why don’t you check your links. That said, Hayworth-Abramoff? Really? My question for you Pitcher is do you get sore knees from blowing McCain?

  2. Brian Rogers says

    Whoa “Tom” stay classy. Shane, you gonna let “Tom” talk to a lady like that?

  3. Jane 001 says

    I knew this post would arrive soon. Alas, McCain is running offense as his defense.

    McCain is unhinged that Abramoff is getting out before the August primary and just in time sell books about politician McCain’s less-than-honorable conduct before and after his arrival in DC.

    Please Mcbloggers, very soon the sun will shine on the vindictive and deceitful personality of the real John McCain. The preemptive attacks won’t save him.

    McCain seeking political retribution in the Abramoff case:



  4. Brian Rogers says

    Wow. So you guys expect folks to believe:

    -The United States never declared war on Germany
    -The words of convicted felon lobbyist Jack Abramoff

    Good night and good luck

  5. Not quite enough to fog out the previous post on Mr. $1.5 Billion or whatever the number was.

  6. Radical American Patriot says

    JD was helping Tribes become independent of the federal governement for years before Abramof showed up. McCain’ best friends forever JUST got sentenced to 50 years in prison!! HE raised $109,000 for McCain in 2008. Why isn’t Molly writing reams about that!? JD only received $2,250 in contributions from Abramof. IF there had been ANY wrongdoing by JD, don’t you think that McCain would have made sure that he was prosecuted? McNasty really knows how to Muck up any prospective threats! He is the greatest enemy in American politics to the freedom of ALL citizens.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    Abramhof pales in comparison to Charles Keating, McCain and the rest of the Keating 5 and the $1.5B bill we got stuck with in the collapse of Lincoln Savings. While both are bad, Abramhof is chump change.

  8. Jacobite says


    F.Y.I While we declared war on Germany in 1917, Germany returned the favor by declaring war on us, Dec.10th 1941.

    I love to see condescension come back and bite its practioners…especially establishment hacks!

  9. Double Decaf Latte says

    I don’t by books by crooks. PERIOD!

  10. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Are we talking about JD “the only candidate in this race to hold fundraisers in Abramoff’s Sky Box’s, Hayworth?

  11. Jane 001 says


    Are you also boycotting reading this summer? The book is not by a crook.

  12. Double Ditz;

    I guess you passed up on the McCain autobiograhy and ghost writtern tomes then?

    Yeah Right!!

    Hey Prag!

    How about free junkets to Charlie Keating’s Caribbean digs!

    Oh that’s right!!

    “Character Counts”

    And I see one of “The John’s” ahem fundraisers is going to the slammer for a billion and a half heist!

    If nothing else you like your patron have cojones if nothing else!

  13. This is old news. Doesn’t McCain have people like this in his past and maybe the present.

  14. Elizabeth says

    JD, we need our Republican seats in Congress…this means you need to stay away. I cannot handle the vulnerability you cause our party. I am so tired of the corruption, the lies and deception you bring to our party. Abramoff and JD and corruption is a memory I care to forget. I am looking forward to this Nation getting back on track morally and financially and that means we do not want the likes of you to return to Congress.

  15. Stephen Kohut says


    One word. KEATING.

  16. Michael Holliday says

    Nobody knows or cares who Abramoff is!

    Ha, ha!


    Nice try!

    How about the Ted “amnesty for illegal aliends” Kennedy + John “Guest Workers taking American jobs” McCain Axis of chicanery?

    Ha, ha!

    JD is about to surge in the polls…

    McCain will be able, finally, to retire to one of his big villas and enjoy a fine Mexican cigarillo and let the real Arizonans assume command of the good ship Arizona!


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