Welcome to the Sonoran Alliance, one of Arizona’s premier and top rated conservative political blogs! We are an alliance of political writers and activists dedicated to reporting and promoting conservative news, ideas, opinion and principles throughout Arizona and the Sonoran Southwest.

Some of us are considered political insiders while others have been involved as activists for years. Several of us work in federal, state, county and city government while others have worked on high-profile political campaigns or for non-profit organizations. It is because of the key positions in which we serve, that it is in our best interest to write under pseudonyms. However, some of us are indeed “out-of-the-closet” when voicing our political opinions.

Of course, we invite you to visit us regularly, read our postings and to feel free to leave your comments on postings you feel passionate and principled about.

Would you like to contribute to Sonoran Alliance? We are always looking for talented conservative researchers and writers. If you believe you have something to contribute, please send us an email at sonoranalliance@gmail.com

You can also send us tips on news items to sonoranalliance@gmail.com.

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