Abortion party tonight!

Tonight people will be getting together for dinner at a fancy Scottsdale resort.  They will be dressed in their finest suits and best dresses.  They will greet each other with familiarity, catch up, tell stories and jokes, laugh, smile, and make new friends.  After a fancy meal and some fun drinking, there will be dancing.

The event is to celebrate Arizona Planned Parenthood, the state affiliate of America’s largest abortion provider.

Have you ever seen someone get more indignant than a “pro-choice” person being referred to as “pro-abortion?” Bill Clinton, at his 1992 speech in New York City, accepting his party’s nomination for the Presidency said that:

“Here me now. I am not pro-abortion; I am pro-choice, strongly.  I believe this difficult and painful decision should be left to the women of America.”

I’ve never understood why, if it’s just like an appendectomy, such a procedure should be “safe, legal, and rare?”  How about those people who are “personally opposed to abortion,” but strongly feel that abortion should be legal?  Why are people “personally opposed” to appendectomies?
Why is this different than opposing segregation, but leaving it up to the individual store owner?

If this is a “painful” decision which should be “rare,” and you are not personally in favor of it, why are you having/attending a fun filled gala to celebrate abortion?  This does not seem sufficiently somber, if the issue is as serious and private as you suggest.

I also want to know why liberals decry a “war on science,” when every embryologist in the world agrees that, at conception, a new and unique human life is created.  Within 8 weeks, a baby has a heartbeat, brainwaves, and fingerprints.  They hiccup, do summersaults, and suck their thumbs.

I hear there will also be awards, presumably after the glad handling, drinking, and eating of a fancy meal.  If you’re a winner, and you’re reading this, I hope you won’t forget the little people who made it possible.


  1. “If this is a “painful” decision which should be “rare,” and you are not personally in favor of it, why are you having/attending a fun filled gala to celebrate abortion? This does not seem sufficiently somber, if the issue is as serious and private as you suggest.”

    Excellent point, Publius! I won’t add to it, because you said it perfectly!

  2. They’re probably dining on veal…

  3. That is just too grotesque but….certainly makes the point.

  4. Sonoran Sam says

    When the anti-abortion forces start supporting issues like SCHIP I’ll take you seriously.

  5. Sonoran Sam fails to recognize that President Bush and most Republican members of Congress did support an increase to SCHIP funding – just not as large of an increase as Dems wanted. Dems were made aware ahead of time how much of an increase Bush would accept, yet they deliberately forced his hand into to veto it. Way to go with your DailyKos talking points, Sonoran Sam!

  6. Sam

    I honestly think it’s barbaric that the wealthiest nation in the history of the world has uninsured children. This does not mean I support whatever idea comes down the pike (tax increase, government run, lacks competition and individual choice).

    That said, I will gladly trade you over one million abortions a year for whatever ghastly, government run single payer disaster of a system you can envision.

    Do we have a deal?

  7. Sam, the Dems wanted to cover adults under SCHIP, a kids program. That was wrong and the veto was well deserved!

  8. It doesn’t take much time in an emergency room to know there are some things in life that are beyond understanding. I have witnessed some horrific things. Among them, the very few therapeutic abortions I was a part of early in my career. I tried hard to convince myself the lesson on “walk a mile in their shoes” and “do not judge” were something I should keep in mind. But, it didn’t take but a handful of experiences to know, those words were just that and had no meaning in reality. The evacuation canister with the “products of conception”… I cannot think of a way to relate the overwhelming grief I felt when I first saw what I will not describe other than to say, to not be deceived….it is a baby. I soon refused to be a part of any such “procedures”.

    Such a thing has no place in a civilized society. Neither does any child going to bed at night hungry, in pain, or in fear of their safety. The dollars spent in America for such trivial things as a gala to raise money in order to kill babies could be used to provide medical care to children who have no insurance. There is no way to say it is OK for children to have to endure such hardships in life, they are victims of choices they did not make but must live with. They must live with it; that is more than I can say for the babies that are killed every year for the convenience of adults who do not want to live with the results of their choices. These are not pregnancies of poor, underprivileged mothers who will surely abuse their child. These women do not want to be inconvenienced with a child.

    We do need to take better care of our children, from conception to a natural death.

  9. What we have to remember is, us Adults have to protect the Child that is having the baby as well. There are many teen pregnancies that end in abortion because it is the easy thing to do to solve “the problem”. The last thing in our brains to completely develop is our reasoning skills, teenagers think about how this is affecting them now without considering the consequences later. That is why we need to protect these children from making a life altering decision. This happens to adults as well, but at least many adults are able to get past the emotional reaction, to a responsible reaction. I speak from experience on this. My 17 year old daughter told us she was pregnant. That’s a pill that’s hard to swallow. My husband had a very hard time with it and tried talking my daughter into an abortion EVEN THOUGH he has always been pro-life. He would say to her, “I don’t believe in abortion, I think it’s wrong, but maybe it’s what you should do, this will affect the rest of your life.” Weird how things change when it’s happening to your family. My response would be, “And you don’t think having an abortion will affect her the rest of her life? What’s worse, to have it be a little challenging for a few years, or live with a decision like that the rest of your life? ” After many discussions about the effect of this baby on our family and the effect this could have on our daughter, if she had an abortion, the decision was very clear. The inner turmoil she would have to live with was not worth it if she had an abortion. It is a baby and needs to be treated like a baby that has already been born. Our baby is now a 17 month old beautiful little girl that is her Grandpa’s pride and joy. (And mine too, of course) I am thankful that we had a daughter that believed this baby’s life was worth the “inconvenience” it might cause her. I also know a girl that didn’t have parents she was able to talk to and felt like abortion was her only way out. She now lives with the horror of what she did. The decisions we make as teenagers can haunt us until the day we die. We need to stand up and fight for not only the babies but the person that may be in an emotional state of mind that is not capable of thinking clearly. We have to do more to educate teenagers and give them better options.
    I agree with Ann, “Such a thing has no place in a civilized society”.

  10. Well said Lynn and a reminder that policy affects people. We can be as hard lined as we want but it could be it is our compassion that makes us civilized and not our principles.

  11. Publius,

    The flip side of your response to Sam is that although “pro-choice” people honestly think it’s barbaric to abort a child when there are so many other people who want and can’t have a one, this does not mean that they support whatever idea comes down the pike (e.g. criminalizing women and sending them to jail for life for “murder”).

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s good to hear that there are people out there who still live their principles. Thank you for supporting your daughter at a difficult time in her life. I too know of parents who, like your daughter’s friend, were not so supportive. You are blessed and I hope you enjoy your wonderful grandchild.

  12. Hate to spoil the parade, but taking innocnet life IS murder and pre-natal infanticide is definitely pre-meditated, making it first degree!

    I know the procedure is very ‘chic’ in certaon circles, and is even raised by some to a secular sacrament, but the vileness of the act cannot be sugar coated despite myrian attempts at sophistry.

  13. myrian should read myriad!

  14. Planned Parenthood is the largest healthcare provider for women in the country, not to mention the state of Arizona. Abortions make up a very small percentage of the services rendered. This organization ensures that countless women have access to healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. Certain hospitals offer abortions, should we call all their events “abortion parties” too?

  15. That “healthcare provider” is the largest abortion provider in the country.

    According to their own statistics, they provided OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION abortions in 2005 alone.

    So amidst all that access to “healthcare” is a huge loss of “access” to life.

    “Countless” females being among that number.

  16. You’ve mentioned a few contrary issues in this post. Mind if I ask for some clarification on the seperate issues?

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