Aaron Borders announces bid for 2nd Vice Chair of Maricopa County GOP

Phoenix – Today, Aaron Borders announced his candidacy for 2nd Vice Chair of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Formerly, Aaron was the Republican candidate for Arizona House of Representatives in LD 29 this past election cycle.

Upon announcing his candidacy for this position, Borders said: “One of the job responsibilities of the 2nd Vice Chair is to be the liaison between the MCRC, Republican clubs and legislative districts. With my organizational skills, I believe I am uniquely qualified to run for this position. Along with being involved in my legislative district, some of my experience includes founding and building the West Valley Youth Sports Commission, and being a former Recruiting Chair for NAIFA West Valley.

“Unlike many of the individuals running for MCRC positions, I am running independent of a slate. I feel that it could compromise my effectiveness to serve should I run as a part of a slate and should I later win the opportunity to serve the MCRC. My mission as 2nd Vice Chair will be to discover the best practices of each Republican group and legislative district in order to share it with others. I commit to you that I will work extremely hard to maintain successes within the party, that I will do what it takes to get out the vote in 2016, and that I will help recruit independent conservatives back to the party.

“All of these election metrics mean absolutely nothing without Republicans holding strong to the principles and values that our party has held for decades. I am a rule-of-law conservative. I am a social conservative, and I am a fiscal conservative. As 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC, I will not compromise what I – nor what this party – believes in on any issue.

“Recently, I ran for the legislature in LD29, which has been long been a Democrat stronghold. Although I lost, the results were much better than many expected. My hard work in that district shows that I am unafraid to take on challenges and that I can exceed expectations for the benefit of the Republican Party. I want to thank the outgoing 2nd Vice Chairman Jose Borrajero for his service to the party. Jose was one of my biggest supporters as I ran for the LD29 House seat and I was very grateful for his support.

“The MCRC election is Saturday, January 10, 2015. I ask for your support and vote.”

Aaron Borders is married to Shelly Borders, a fourth-generation Arizonan. They have four young children. Aaron is a business owner, a board member of the West Valley Youth Sports Commission, and a licensed financial specialist. In his limited free time, Aaron enjoys serving at his church, spending time with his family and coaching his sons in football. Learn about www.AaronBorders.us

Paid for by Aaron Borders for 2nd Vice Chair

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