AAARC Endorsements include Janet Contreras in CD 4

I’m not sure I understand the Arizona African-American Republican Committee’s (AAARC’s) reasoning behind all their endorsements. It’s an interesting mix from RINO to conservative depending on the race. They also didn’t make endorsements in every single race. Be that as it may, I am happy that they chose to endorse Janet Contreras over Jose Penalosa in CD 4.

Governor – Janice K. Brewer
Sec. of State – Ken Bennett
State Treasurer – Barbara Leff
Supt. Pub. Inst. – Margaret Dugan
Mine Inspector – Joe Hart
CORPORATION COMMISSION – Brenda Burns and Barry Wong

John McCain

CD 2 – Trent Franks
CD 3 – Vernon Parker
CD 4 – Janet Contreras
CD 5 – David Schweikert
CD 6 – Jeff Flake

Bill Montgomery

Michael Jeanes

DIST 8 – Michele Reagan
DIST 10 – Linda Gray
DIST 11 – Rich Davis
DIST 12 – Eve Nunez
DIST 18 – Russell Pearce
DIST 30 – Marian McClure

DIST 4 – Judy Burges- Jack Harper
DIST 8 – Michael Blaire-John Kavanaugh
DIST 11- Shawnna Bolick-Kate McGee
DIST 19 – Kirk Adams-Justin Olson

AAARC Endorsements Primary 2010


  1. I am shocked at some of their endorsements, especially McClure in LD 30. When interviewed, she acted sort of “dippy” not knowing why she was running. Brenda Burns I understand but Barry Wong? Is there a Liberal on their Voting Board?

  2. Looks like a list of whose who of Nazis.

  3. Regarding the Eva Nunez endorcement in District-12 she has come out against SB-1070 during a debate with the other candidates (check out the West Valley Veiw, June 15, 2010). She was also downtown protesting with the Anti-SB-1070 crowd (most that were bused in from out of state). So, she IS NOT the right person to represent our district. She is by her own words not willing to follow the rule of law. This may make her an open borders person. John McCain is just plain “RINO”.

  4. PS: Eva Nunez stated that SB-1070 violates her civil rights because she may not be able to practice her religion freely (she is an ordained minister). That was certainly a very confusing statement not to mention nonsensical. I thoght that the argument was racial profiling, which is not even listed in the federal complaint. I guess that if you throw enough mud on the wall that something might stick. She also stated that we should just let the Federal government take care of it, in other words “do nothing”.

  5. If someone told us what the AAARC is maybe we could care.

  6. Marcus Kelley says

    If you bothered to follow the links at the bottom of the article and opened the .pdf of the announcements, you’d see that AAARC = ARIZONA AFRICAN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE.

  7. I did click the link in the and it circled back to the original story.

  8. Elmer Bringleson says


    Is this for real?

    What criteria do they use in their endorsements?

    Maybe I should put together an organization called the Federated Arizona Republican Swedish/American, North Dakota Farmers Club, Scottsdale Affiliate. We could also do endorsements.

    Give an old man a break!

  9. Janet Contreras and David Schweikert have both been thoroughly vetted and endorsed by Independent Caucus also, a citizen group committed to removing compromised incumbents from office and replacing them with good men and women who commit to Fiscal Responsibility through Adherence to Constitutional Authority. These are two very qualified candidates who deserve our support in the November general election.

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