A Warrior for the White House?


In a recent Arizona Republic Viewpoints supplement, political strategist, Jay Heiler was given ample space to write an accolade-laden puff piece on Sen. John McCain.

In Why McCain Will Win, Heiler weaves a shimmering fabric often trimming the loose threads of facts as he works the loom. Referring to McCain’s renowned, undisciplined tantrums, Heiler enthuses: “That famous temper resides in the man right alongside a store of resolve and clear sense of duty, both deepened by generations of distinguished naval service, repeated brushes with death and five long years of torture and humiliation in a North Vietnamese prison.”

That lengthy sentence extolling the McCain family generational military service and his regrettable captivity in Hanoi, is not enough to cause many who have come to distrust him, to cast their ballot in his behalf.

In the bio section, John McCain: A Life, Heiler begins with McCain’s 1936 birth in the Panama Canal Zone and ends with his 2004 reelection to the US Senate, including his marriage to Anheuser-Busch beer and liquor Hensley Distributing chairman, Cindy Hensley. The curious omission of his previous marriage and family begs the question of what other noteworthy facts were overlooked.

 McCain is the ultimate political chameleon, using his left-leaning maneuvering to exploit his self-styled status as a “maverick.” After his involvement in the Keating Five influence peddling scandal his new-found epiphany led him to forge alliances with Democrats on campaign finance reform—which many charged as especially detrimental to Republican fundraising efforts. Conservative columnist George Will referred to McCain’s “plan to broaden government limitations on political spending in order to intensify government supervision of political speech, which depends on that spending,” an abridgement of the First Amendment.

McCain opposed the federal marriage amendment–a GOP platform issue. He has repeatedly voted against oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, holding us hostage to further Mid-east and South American exploitation and spiraling petroleum prices. He backs the Kyoto Protocols, which claim greenhouse gases emitted from industrialized counties put the planet at risk. Whereas the United States would be severely restricted, our lopsided trading partner China, (as one example) would be immune from adherence to regulations. His charges that the U.S. military employs “extreme” interrogation techniques, (such as sleep deprivation) plays well with the anti-war sympathizers, neglecting to acknowledge that such methods allow access to crucial information in wartime

Although Arizona’s senior senator touts his pro-life credentials, he supports federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, harvesting pre-born human life for experimentation. McCain also served on Christine Todd Whitman’s (pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage) advisory board. The McCain-DeWine-Reed-Lieberman bill addressing gun shows masqueraded as reform, but imposes severe bureaucratic restrictions aimed at eventual elimination of such shows. Most egregious is his limp position on illegal immigration. Although he revels in his military background, he is strangely willing to put national security at risk as he encourages more illegal entrants with his carrot of “earned citizenship.” Extremist Islamic militants, who despise America’s freedoms and have declared their intentions of annihilating Western civilization, also use our porous southern border to gain access to our homeland.

McCain discussed the possibility of running with liberal John Kerry in 2002 and was previously reported to have considered changing parties. Is it any wonder he is not warmly received by many platform Republicans?

Heiler previously worked for former Arizona Governor, Fife Symington. The same Fife Symington who was unable to get elected as a District Chairman in McCain’s home district. The reason for that misguided foray was an attempt to rehabilitate McCain on his own turf–where he has been censured by his local precinct committeemen and the Maricopa County GOP Executive Guidance Committee.

Embarrassingly, Symington and McCain’s hand-selected precinct committeemen lost their bids within that district.

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