A taxpayer bill of rights

From Bob Robb’s tidbits:

Arizona has a relatively high corporate income tax rate, particularly compared to its personal income tax rate. Yet the Senate Republican leadership showed utterly no interest in shaving it a bit, as House Republicans proposed.

The excuse was that Napolitano opposed it. However, Napolitano has a very consistent record on tax cuts. She opposes them until they are passed. Then she signs them and takes credit for them.

The Senate Republican leadership, particularly President Tim Bee, clearly didn’t have the stomach to fight for meaningful tax cuts in the context of tight revenues.

Robb’s point is a good one: State spending is up about 70% since Napolitano took over as governor.  We need a spending limit that curb’s the growth of government.  Let’s hope the legislative leadership has the smarts to place this on the ballot and give its Republican candidates something to run on in 2008.


  1. They did this in Colorado a few years ago and it was a disaster. I’d definitely wouldn’t use it as a campaign platform.

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