A Pro-life disappointment

Sine die occurred last night as the 2007 Arizona legislature finished its work after a session lasting 164 long days. In a disappointing defeat, HB 2641, allowing parental consent for minors seeking abortion, failed by a mere three votes in the senate. Read the Bill Text.

This bill would have codified into law the Arizona Court of Appeals opinion on standards of evidence, requiring the minor seeking judicial bypass possess, “clear and convincing” maturity to make abortion decisions without parental guidance.After passing the House in March by a margin of 13 votes, this pro-family bill was defeated by a vote of 13 – 6. Sixteen votes are required for passage and 11 members were absent last night. Four usually reliable pro-life members, some with better excuses than others, were less than reliable, since they missed the vote entirely.

Sen. Chuck Gray (R – 19) left the chamber to attend an East Valley Mitt Romney event.

Sen. Linda Gray (R – Dist. 10) was en route to be with her mother, who was having surgery out of state.

Sen. Jack Harper (R – Dist. 4) was on a previously scheduled vacation this final week of session.

Sen. Jay Tibshraeny (R – Dist.21) was unavailable, according to his office, on unspecified “family matters.”

This is how your senators voted on the Senate Floor Vote.


  1. As tempting as it may be to criticize these legislators for missing the vote, one must remember that any such approval was dead on arrival to the desk of Napolitano. That is to say, the defeat of such a bill was a fait accompli in that Janet would without a doubt veto it. If we learn anything from this, it should be that we need to increase our numbers in both the state house and senate so that we have the ability to enact such legislation above a gubernatorial veto, and then in 3.5 years we must elect a solid, pro-life governor.

  2. While a Napolitano veto was assured, it was a meaningful show of support for pro-life issues and by association, the legislators who voted for passage. As a constituent of Sen. Chuck Gray, I am disappointed in his priorities. I voted for him to do the job he campaigned for.

  3. In 3.5 years, a solid, pro-life Republican won’t be able to win a statewide race.

  4. Sad, but true, Tim. George Bush, Jon Kyl and John McCain are working hard to make Republicans irrelevant.

  5. kralmajales says

    Im not sure that they are making Republicans as irrelevant as are the anti-immigrant, Randy Graf, mold of Republicans. But eh, chicken or the egg…we can argue.

  6. As the ACTUAL, ORIGINAL Tim here, its getting confusing having someone else here with my name. So I am officially switching to Tim S.

    That means that all you other Tims and Tim wannabes have to pick another letter!

    Oh yes, regarding the actual post, can we get the legislators to return any monies they got paid while they were doing something OTHER THAN their job? After all, its only saving lives that we’re talking about!

    Wanna bet they ask for Arizona Right to Life’s endorsement next year?

  7. There we go… Secure in my own identity, I am now free to pontificate on the 2010 election, when Republicans won’t have to be that good to win, because the Dems will have Terry “my left nut to be Governor” Goddard running another losing effort.

    He can’t help it, its just what he does!

  8. Tom,

    I certainly appreciate your frustration regarding HB2641, but I think if you look at the bill’s history it might shed some light on things. The bill passed the Rules Committee in the Senate on April 2, Republican Caucus on April 3, and Democrat Caucus on April 4. So, the leadership in the Senate had 2.5 months to bring HB2641 up for a third read vote. I fault the leadership for waiting until they KNEW that certain senators would be out of town or away.
    Moreover, President Bee did not want to upset moderates (i.e. Allen and O’Halleran) who he needed to be on-board with the budget, and bringing this bill up earlier would have allienated them.

    So, while I share your concern, I place the blame on leadership for waiting until they absolutely KNEW that the bill would pass. There would have been plenty of other times to bring the bill up for a vote in the previous couple of months that would have ensured its passage. Instead, he waited until the very last minute on the night of sine die. It is no coincidence that the bill wasn’t brough up until Carolyn Allen was away. (She left early and was not at the senate for the vote on this bill).

  9. Kyle stole my thunder, but here’s a slightly revised version of my response to CAP’s “Breaking News” alert on HB2641. Some folks (especially in the Senate) may be upset with me for pointing out the truth publicly, but so be it.

    Quite honestly, this result demonstrates a complete failure of Senate “leadership,” pure and simple, and rests squarely in Sen. Bee’s lap.

    This bill was through Caucus and ready for COW (Committee of the Whole) in early April. I am aware of no good reason for it to have languished until June 20, when it was finally rushed through COW and Third Read. It was not amended and, to my knowledge, there wasn’t even serious discussion about needing any amendments, so the delay wasn’t due to negotiation.

    All of that aside, even if it had been done as late as June 19, it still would have probably gotten the 16 votes since Senators Chuck Gray, Linda Gray and Jay Tibshraeny were all there.

    Sadly, this is one of many examples (see budget) of a total failure of Senate leadership this session to competently advance the conservative causes they claim as their priorities. That they were totally blindsided by the 21 Republican “No” votes on the main budget bill shows just how out-of-touch they have been in recent months. Hopefully, these errors will not be repeated and we will witness better results next year.

    Rick Murphy
    State Representative
    District 9

  10. kralmajales says

    Blaming Senator Bee? The Senate leadership on the failure of them to vote? That is plain ridiculous. I thought Bee had a 100% rating from the Center for Arizona Policy? He couldn’t have possibly dissed you all.

  11. Sorry to the other Tims. You can differentiate me from the others because I am the only one with a personal link. 😉

  12. Jeff Greenfield says

    We need wins and winners, not losers and whiners like Murphy.

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