A Message from Robert Graham

Robert Graham for Arizona

January 24, 2011

Dear Friends, Supporters and Fellow Conservatives,

First and foremost my wife Julia and I wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and faith in my ability to lead the Republican Party in the State of Arizona. We would also like to congratulate Tom Morrissey for his victory as AZGOP Chairman. This experience has humbled our family and has increased our growing love for those valiant souls working so hard to protect our God-given freedoms in this blessed nation.

We have witnessed and participated in an historic movement to return to the principles and values which made this great nation. TEA Parties and other conservative activist groups lead the charge in defending our freedoms. Their efforts are tireless and never ending. Transparency, participation and accountability are hallmark outcomes as we fought and continue to fight to secure the blessings of liberty.

We must not forget the purpose, goal and privilege our forefathers bestowed upon us when drafting the Constitution of the United States of America.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” – Preamble, Constitution of the United States of America

Voters define election outcomes, including disappointments, victories, success and failures. Regardless of whether your candidate won or lost, do not lose your enthusiasm, your commitment or your courage to keep up the fight against those so willing to erode the fabric of this great nation.

As I said in my speech… “We stand for something and what we stand for is the complete opposite of our liberal opponents. I didn’t say Democrats. I said liberals because liberalism is the disease we are fighting and you can be sure that liberals don’t just exist in the Democrat Party.”

Even in the Preamble of the Constitution, the goal is stated “…form a more perfect Union.” With unity around the correct values and principles we will find strength to defend. We will find momentum to succeed and we will find courage in numbers.

To build this great party we must:

  1. Invite everyone who believes in Freedom.
  2. Invite everyone who believes in the Constitution.
  3. Invite everyone who believes Personal Responsibility.
  4. Invite everyone who believes Life is sacred and the Family is supreme.
  5. Invite everyone who believes our Rights are God-given.

With this momentum we must renew our determination to restore the Republican values to the White House. Do your best to support your newly elected Republican state leaders. The best leaders will learn from you and grow from your examples. Don’t dilute your effort with the pride of this outcome. It is time to renew our commitment and go to work.

We love and respect all of you. We have promised my commitment and we will work to build the party, increase transparency and raise the bar of accountability. The Grahams are not going anywhere!! Let us work together to build our party. Furthermore, let us make every effort to find victory for our values in the upcoming elections.

God bless you and God bless America.

Our love and prayers to everyone,

Robert & Julia Graham


  1. Radical American Patriot says

    Robert & Julia, Thank you for your outstanding letter! As has been aptly stated, elections have consequences and All Arizonans that shares your committment to those FIVE (5) Principle Beliefs can all unite AND work together to “FUNDAMENTALLY RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”!

    The reports I’ve seen about the Party elections on Saturday were eerily similar to reports after our Mohave County GOP elections on Jan. 8th. Two groups were credited with the election of a solid and constitutionally slate of Officers, led by Senator Ron Gould.

    You are right on about the existence of “liberals” (I call them “Progressives”) in organizations other than the Democrat Party. When we see open borders, amnesty loving people, OR TARP promoting Senators calling themselves Republicans, JUST WHO are they fooling?

    The GOP leadership elections across the state AND nation is sending a signal: True American Patriots, committed to saving our country are standing up to be counted. Just as 56 brave souls on July 4th, 1776 did when they pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Perhaps just in the nick of time!

    Steven Robinson

  2. You forgot # 6
    Get rid of foreigners!

  3. Radical American Patriot says

    P.S. The two groups credited in both Mohave County and the State GOP elections were Long-time Conservatives and the new Tea Party Activists, who have just gotten involved and are learning ‘the ropes’.

  4. Well said Mr. Graham. Thank you for your continued service to great causes worth fighting for.

  5. ………………….
    Fred Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 7:54 pm
    You forgot # 6
    Get rid of foreigners!

    Do I have to send our exchange student home?

  6. You are a class act, Mr. Graham.

  7. Pima Patriot says

    Thank you for that Mr. Graham. I believe you are a true gentleman.

    It looks like we are in agreement on a lot of major issues. However, your neglect of the 800 pound gorilla in the room, illegal entry into the U.S., tells me you don’t buy the idea that a path to the voting booth for 20 million freshly minted democrats (at least one million in Arizona) would surely sink the efforts to uphold all our conservative principles. (Oh, and guest workers don’t check their inclination to procreate at the border.)

    I believe you can be a great asset to the Republican Party. I also believe we elected the right man last Saturday.

    My sincere thanks to you for your work for the AZ GOP.

  8. Steve Calabrese says

    What is this belief that a path to legalization automatically equates to the new citizens registring as Democrats?

    I am against any effort to legalize the status of those here illegally until the border is closed down tight, with at least 99.9% of illegal immigration from Mexico turned off.

    If that means turning the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California southern borders into a DMZ reminencent of Korea, so be it.

    However, once that’s done, I have no problem giving those on this side a route to citizenship if they’re willing to work for it.

    Roughly 20 million…18 million of which are Hispanic…and many of those Hispanics at Catholic, hard-working, pro-life people. Great future Republicans if we play our cards right, and would simultaneously gut the Mexican government’s Aztlan strategy like a fish.

    The Mexican government WANTS their citizens who are over here to feel like they are enemies of the US. That’s in the long term interest of Mexico.

  9. Pima Patriot says

    Steve, That’s the message McCain and Kyl send out. Google the images of death in the desert and you will find a grizzly photo album of our brothers and sisters from other lands who tried but failed to meet your deadline to get here in time.

  10. LEO IN TSN says

    Mr. Calabrese seems to be living with one foot in Fantasyland. The 20 million number he likes is now closer to 30-35 million, with thousands more crossing every week. With amnesty, you can add all of their friends and relatives to the significant estimates. Amnesty would destroy the economy of the US by overwhelming our welfare, entitlement, educational, medical and legal systems almost instantly. It would also totally depress wages and salaries, throwing millions of American citizens out of work. The US economy, now just crawling along, would be murdered (by suicide).

    Mr. Calabrese and others also choose to ignore the huge number of foreign criminals and terrorists who have imbedded themselves in our country, solely to prey on American citizens and to kill US and destroy US. No illegals can be amnestied if the US hopes to survive. What is merely a “feel good” notion to Mr. Calabrese and the others is in reality life or death for US.

    We MUST build a secure border wall complex, reinforced by technology and manpower. At the same time, we MUST put responsible people in positions of authority, people who will obey and enforce our immigration laws and protect US and our future.

    God bless America.

  11. Lyle Tuttle says

    In an effort to move forward and grow Conservative Ideals in the Arizona GOP, I have emailed each of the candidates who ran for the position of State Chair.

    The ONLY response has been from Mr. Graham, and we have had several exchanges – all very positive.

    I am impressed and encouraged with his willingness to help Chairman Morrissey’s Team.

    Looks to me like he is willing to walk the walk, while others just talk….

    Robert Graham, you are indeed a ‘class act’.

  12. Have no fear Lyle, Mr. Graham is probably hiding his true feelings about you or has yet to figure you out. He will. The rest of us have.

  13. The voting is done and all of us need to cooperate now and move forward, we’re having Robert and others back on the show to give their take on the voting and other issues so hopefully all we’ll see who we voted for and against and the ideas they have for the future of our Party and Country as well as our State, lets trying working together we have an election coming up and we need to win this one. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  14. Radical American Patriot says

    First, I agree with Lyle. You might remember me Lyle. I sat just in front of you during the amendment debates Saturday.

    I suspect that Tom Morrissey is so darn busy getting up to speed since it’s been only 5 days since being elected. Now, I believe that the Arizona Tea Party movement will solidly align with Tom and other Patriots working diligently to help raise funds, AND work towards electing Constitutional Conservatives to office. We now have a majority of Republicans, all we have to do is elect Conservatives to replace the RINOs!

  15. Umm Not True says

    You think Rob Haney will ever apologize for accusing Graham of being a “stealth candidate” recruited by the dark side to tank Morrissey’s chances? Probably not. But I appreciate Graham’s letter and hope that Hermansen and Carmichael follow his lead.

  16. Paula Pennypacker says

    You think Rob Haney will ever apologize for spreading lies that myself and Honey Marques are RINO’s?

    Even though I supported Carmichael, because I felt that he was the best candidate to unite the party, I too am looking forward to working with Mr. Graham.

  17. True Conservative says

    I have been helping off and on with the transition of the Chairman and assure you Chairman Morrissey has hit the ground running. Things are getting done at a very fast pace but there are quite a few people to contact and quite a few urgent items that need to be handled. Chairman Morrissey is doing an outstanding job running the transition and is moving us toward Victory in 2012.

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