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We have to give credit to Senator McCain. He worked hard and won New Hampshire. One of our writers did remove the ***** but that is not the same as an endorsement. So let’s look at what our senator received for his win in New Hampshire.

McCain won 7 delegates to the September GOP convention, Romney gained 4 (a net of 3 over Romney.) Romney received 8 delegates from the poorly covered caucus in Wyoming where McCain got zero. Even allowing for the GOP penalty on unauthorized early states, that is a net of 4 more than McCain got from the state. So in reality Wyoming was a bigger win for Romney than New Hampshire was for McCain. You won’t find that angle being covered over on Mafioso.

Clearly this is going to be a long primary season. It may even go past Super Tuesday (February 5th.) The question for McCain is where to next. Did McCain peak in New Hampshire? McCain is polling next to Fred Thompson in Nevada. He is at least a distant second to Huckabee in South Carolina. Florida is not much better. If the senator breaks out in one of those states or in Michigan then there might be some positive effect going into Super Tuesday.

I wonder if Mafioso will tell us if McCain is still using that line of credit or if he is now able to raise funds. Another good question is will McCain accept matching funds and thus cripple his chances of winning in the general.


  1. A prophet is welcome everywhere except his hometown. The Mac is back!

    That said . . .


    States allocating pledged delegates to date:
    Iowa, Wyoming (GOP), New Hampshire

    Republican Delegates (1,191 needed to win nomination)

    Candidate Delegates
    Rudy Giuliani 0
    Mike Huckabee 31
    Duncan Hunter 1
    John McCain 7
    Ron Paul 0
    Mitt Romney 29
    Fred Thompson 3
    Total 71

    Democratic Delegates (2,026 needed to win nomination)

    Candidate Delegates
    Hillary Clinton 24
    John Edwards 18
    Mike Gravel 0
    Dennis Kucinich 0
    Barack Obama 25
    Bill Richardson 0
    Total 67

    Source: The Associated Press

    Popularity: 1% [?]

  2. SonoranSam says

    A comment and a question:

    COMMENT: If this was an open race (and I know, it wasn’t, but please bear with me). John McCain would have finished a weak third, with 80,000 or so votes, to Obama and Clinton, each of whom polled well over 100,000-plus. What this shows is that most of the independents in New Hampshire chose to vote with the Democrats.

    If I was an R, I’d find this concerning.

    QUESTION: Notwithstanding my comment above, McCain beat Romney on the strength of the independent votes he attracted. OK. one of your guys canceled the *****. What about the rest of you? Will you seek to embarrass McCain by denying – or endangering – his victory in his home state?

    Just a little curious this morning.

  3. imwithmccain says

    You are just bitter. McCain’s funding numbers have picked up while Romney’s are terrible. Everyone knows that Romney is loaning his campaign millions and millions of dollars otherwise he wouldn’t be around. Michigan is the last stop for Mitt Flip Flopper Romney and your slanted blog.

  4. Actually McCain beat Romney in the R only vote.

    For the D’s to have a greater turnout in a D state is no surprise. The huge issue was Clinton or Obama; the record turn-out reflects, among other things, the Clinton push after she was declared DOA.

    I am ashamed the word ***** is being used at all. The use of such a word in this day and time, not to mention the indulgences it assumes within the party, is a sorry attempt at influence.

  5. Wrong again SS:


    Romney Huckabee McCain

    Rep (60%) 33% 14% 35%
    Ind (37%) 27% 10% 39%

    McCain beat Romney with both Republicans and Independents.

    To your credit, Romney lead conservatives by seven points

  6. It’s really no surprise that Romney won in Wyoming, once you consider that the caucus process there is controlled in a bizarre oligarchical fashion by the party establishment – and Romney is the establishment candidate.

  7. Sonoran Alliance says


    Regarding our opinion of McCain: If any candidate is depending on this blog to help them win Arizona they are making a mistake. The candidates must make their case directly to the voters. We are just covering the news.

    If you disagree with our view the comment section is open!

  8. SonoranSam says

    Sonoran Alliance:

    I agree strongly with your point. Your site is simply a forum, one that gives me some perspective. I don’t think McCain or anyone else can count on your “help” to win on Feb. 5.

    I was literally curious, because a lot of Republicans who post here seem less than fond of McCain.

    Just for the record, I’ve known John McCain since 1982, and used to have a lot of contact with him. I’m genuinely fond of him and Cindy both. I’m so fond of him that I seriously considered supporting him. In the final analysis he lost me with some of his extremist righty positions, especially on the topic of Iraq and choice.

    I posed my question simply because a lot of people who post here have been less than kind to John McCain. I am curious. Will they support a favorite son, or will they join Joe Arpaio in seeking to embarrass him on Feb. 5?

    BTW, I agree with Ann’s point about the use of “*****.” I merely picked up a phrase I’ve seen here. She’s spot on about it being inappropriate. I apologize.

  9. Sonoran Alliance says

    We do apologize to Ann for indulging in the use of the term *****. The word ***** has been removed from the site and we will no longer use the term *****.

  10. 🙂

  11. Sonoran Alliance says

    Unlike major metropolitan newspapers we do listen to and value our readers.

  12. And censor them. SA will happily censor to not offend, which is lame. The word is fatwa and it is NOT a bad or shamed word. A fatwa is “a pronouncement by distinguished scholars to provide guidance to other scholars, judges and citizens on how subtle points of Islamic law should be understood, interpreted or applied.” True, in more recent years it has also been used by Islamic extremists to mean “permission” to do a certain act that might be otherwise illegal under Islamic law (thanks Wikipedia for the definitions!), but since none of the writers here are or have ever been accused of being Islamic extremists, we’ll just assume that the term was used casually and with a bit of a sense of humor, something Ann and several other readers need.

    Seriously now, Ann feels SHAME at the word fatwa being used? That is overly-sensitive, first-amendment ridiculing, political correctness gone mad, poppycock!

    The above, by the way, also qualifies as political discourse, but feel free to censor me as you see fit.

  13. When John is wrong, he’s wrong. But when he’s right, he’s WAAAAAAY right!

    Hate to pick on Ann and her sense of shame, but just to exercise my own first amendment rights and send her over the edge of deepest darkest despair…

    Jihad, jihad, JIHAD!

    😉 Y’all are too funny…

  14. Sonoran Alliance says

    In deference to our reader John and out of respect for free speech the term ***** may again be used on this blog.

    John thanks for reminding us about that sense of humor thing.

  15. My sentiments are mine and I own them. I can feel shame when I see where political discourse has gone in order to present certain feelings. I can feel shame that such division is so much a part of that discourse. Others’ choice is to accept or reject, that we have such freedom in a world where there is a concerted effort to vanquish our rights, and we use that freedom by using words of hate is why I feel shame.

  16. Just to let you know that someone reading this thread (me) has no idea what word is represented by the asterisks. My first thought was that it rhymes with “witch” but then I got totally confused by later comments.

    Maybe it was the word “seven”?

  17. It was fatwa!

  18. Ann,

    With all due respect you seem to get easily offended by reading blogs. Have you thought of just sticking to the mainstream media for your news so that you do not get such feelings of shame?

    “A concerted effort to vanquish our rights …” Are you talking about McCain-Feingold.

  19. Gnat,

    With all due respect to you, I am not personally offended by anything that does not affect my relationship with those that I care about or my salvation. That is not to infer that I do not care about the anonymous, faceless “friends” I have made on this site, but aren’t we ALL supposed to be able to express our take on the topics?

    Perhaps what you perceive as offense is really my expression of opposition to certain other expressions of opinion.

    In this case, that was not the first time that term had been used on this site. I did not find it offensive and recognized the humor and almost self-deprecating effort to recognize Senator McCain’s efforts.

    When it became a standard of reference, I felt it was over used and under appreciated at that point.

    Again, he is not my candidate of choice but a GOP win most certainly is. We better be prepared to see our own efforts, good or bad, toward any candidate come back to us given the uncertainty of this cycle. If Obambi or Clintzilla win, and the ugly intra-party rhetoric is an issue in the campaign and it will be, we will all be ashamed of ourselves.

    We have taken great pride in our superior voice and venue of use; talk radio, blogs, and the active individual call that is conservativism. We will be showing it as nothing more than a platform for personal pronouncements of vitriol and venom if we do not check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

    If, and the studies show they are, the public is sick and tired of all the bickering between parties do you think they want it IN the party any less? The role of independents and dems in this state will soon push us into 3rd place. WE can name a lot of reasons for that but we cannot eliminate our own self-hate for some of it.

  20. “… we will all be ashamed of ourselves.” Speak for yourself. This blog does not exist to promote a particular party or candidate. It has been set up to promote discussion of conservative issues. It is the job of each candidate to win. From my perspective each of them has made some serious slip-ups, mostly in the past. If the Republican nominee does not prevail in 2008 it will not be because of this blog, it will be because of who they are and what kind of campaign they ran.

    On a good day we get 600 visits. In the last presidential election (2004) over 2 million Arizonans voted. Not sure we could make much of a difference even if we wanted.

    “our own self-hate …” Again, speak for yourself. I write out of a Love for conservative traditions that have made this nation great.

  21. I only speak for myself and my perspective, isn’t that what we all are about? We obviously share the same motivation and passion, it is our individual viewpoint that illustrates the reason blogs have become the voice for so many. That they have become the format to actually impact great numbers through the effect they hold, beyond just their readers but to a larger audience, is all-American.

  22. If you speak for yourself why do you keep using the term “we.” I counted it 9 times in comment #19.

  23. Goodness, I will answer as to settle this with you. I reference my perspective of what I believe will be and is the situation. You said it,

    “This blog does not exist to promote a particular party or candidate. It has been set up to promote discussion of conservative issues.”

    If according to your description, I express my viewpoint, “we” being conservatives, are affected by something that is all it is. If you are not clear on the individual ability to speak in such terms without assuming ownership of others, I cannot explain it to you. The choice to either attempt to understand or use every effort to form objections is yours.

    To take such terms out of context to make your point is really a stretch. Look at every post, the threads that follow, and then decide if there is not an inclusive nature to much of it.

    I suspect your concern is not so much with the method as the message. Therefore, I am moving on to more productive efforts. I’m sure you have the same option.

  24. Kralmajales says


    NH a democrat state????????????? Did I misunderstand your first post in this thread?

    NH has a higher GOP registration than Demo…AND…its history has been strong republican. Sununus anyone? Gov. was mainly GOP.

    The problem for the GOP is that NH is now becoming a DEM state…like many around the country.

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