A Little Afternoon Delight From Brock Landers aka Ben Quayle

Well, when a candidate becomes the laughing stock of the nation, it’s very unlikely that they will prove successful in their campaign. The sad fact is that if Ben Quayle is the Republican nominee for Congress, our party WILL lose the seat to the Democrat in November.

This is a seat which should be solidly Republican, and even staunch conservatives (like our own Espressopundit) predict a Quayle nomination will equal a Democrat takeover of this seat.

Our shared goal is to put Republicans in control of the House of Representatives. We cannot jeopardize that by giving the Democrats an easy target in Ben “Brock Landers” Quayle.


  1. It is a shame, I wanted to vote for Ben but there has always been something that bothered me about him. Now I cannot even consider him, because I know he will lose in November.

  2. I wonder why Benny didn’t use the name Dirk Diggler? He even looks like Mark Wahlberg

  3. Well, guess we know exactly what’ll happen if he’s pitted against the Democrat.

  4. Quayle is such a terd. I’m kind of glad all the corruption/media/etc got out early… before we choked in office and screwed everyone over

  5. Nordine Crub says

    If you think that one is funny, Check out this You Tube. It is called something like Butch Ben Quayle.


    So Butch!

  6. Double Decaf Latte says

    Oh my gosh Nordine, I didn’t see that coming. Thanks for posting.

    I really think the guy should have run for the legislature or city council first. He looks so darn young.

  7. I would love to hear some of the republicans who live in CD-3 actually come out and say this man is a disgrace and a pig I won’t vote for him in the general. I dont live in CD-3 but if I did I would not vote for him no matter who he is against. I would rather leave it blank….

  8. The reason this is such a big deal is because of the candidates in CD3. It is clear that this is a smear campaign against this candidate. There are so many other pathetic reasons on why to NOT vote for other candidates. This Brock ‘character’ should not be an issue. Do you hold an author or screen writer accountable for a killing they write about? NOPE? This is pretty crazy considering that this particular candidate has some amazing policy ideas. Keep the smear for the democrats and stop ruining our party guys.

  9. Charles,

    It’s not a smear campaign when something you did willingly is brought to light.
    Okay, he made a bad decision – not when he was young, but just a couple of years ago, which is troubling in itself. The stupid act tells plenty about his character, his ego and his views on women. Ick! Isn’t this something we should know about before an election, or should his entire past be kept a secret?

    However, the big problem here is that as soon as he was questioned about it by the press, his first instinct was to lie. When it didn’t go away, he gave a little more of an admission.
    When it became abundantly clear that he was lying, he had to give a little more truth.

    Isn’t this what we hate about politics? He’s new at this and we have already had a taste of what’s coming if he’s elected. It’s his instinct and that’s not something we need.

    As for policy, being young doesn’t cut it for me – and I’m close to his age. I haven’t heard an original idea from him yet. Let’s go with someone who has a record of being conservative. Let’s have a CLUE who we are voting for. We don’t need more surprises.

  10. TrueAZConservative says

    Charles, he has “amazing” policy ideas? Really, like what? He has no ideas, and probably doesn’t make a speech or press release without his dad approving it. He has no experience and as far as I can tell, no original ideas. And not only all that, but he now is shown to be a liar and an immature person. We need someone from the republican party who has proven themself. Someone who has already made tough decisions, and not someone who we hope will do what they (or their handlers) say. This is no time to take a chance on hope and change….it didn’t really work out the last time did it?

  11. True AZ Conservative, you are clearly immature, ignorant or being paid to slander the guy. Do you read? Do you listen? Clearly not! I cannot waste my time with ignrorance like you, just turn on the radio, pick up a newspaper, read online, you find plenty of policy issues he addresses and hits any TRUE CONSERVATIVE right in the head with everything WE BELIEVE!!! If you care to turn your head to the other bone heads in the race, I am sure you will find plenty to be embarrassed about…I have read several immoral, unethical decisions they have made that actually affect me, as a citizen of this Nation.

  12. Re: #12

    “I cannot waste my time with ignrorance”…

    “hits any TRUE CONSERVATIVE right in the head”

    Just curious – Charles probably isn’t your name, so you post online under a name other than your own, you can’t spell, and you want to hit something…Ben, is that you?

  13. TrueAZConservative says

    Charles, really classy, you and Ben Quayle fit together like peanut butter and jelly. Rather than explain what “real” decisions he has made, or “amazing” ideas he has, you attack me personally, from a computer, where your identity is unknown.

  14. Can’t say I agree with the sentiments of the video, but it’s funny. Gotta like that.

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