A Liberal’s Republican.


     The Southern Arizona liberal rag, Tucson Weekly, has endorsed Republican moderate Steve Huffman. Some of the more choice quotes from their recommendation for Steve.

     “Huffman understands that sometimes taxes have to be raised.” 

     “hasn’t been one of those Republicans who shows … interest in border issues.” 

     “hasn’t pushed to punish companies that hire undocumented workers.” 

     “has supported abortion rights.” 

     “was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, an organization that gave him a perfect score” 

     “gay-rights organization Human Rights Fund said Huffman stood by them” 

     “Jim Kolbe seal of approval” 

     “Tucson Weekly’s kind of Republican–a country-club moderate.” 

     I was waiting for them to add that he has been Neutered and Declawed. Hey guys, he still has to get through a Republican primary and with friends like you it looks like he has an uphill battle.   

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