A Letter to Pro-Life Incumbents

As many of you know, I serve as Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life. I am also a member of the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee. I have always held and asserted that the first and foremost right enumerated in our Bill of Rights is the Right to Life. The logic here is that without the right to life first, no other rights are guaranteed.

One of the election issues we, the political action committee, must address is the endorsement of “pro-choice” (I hate that term because the choice is never defined) by pro-life incumbents. For example, Senator A endorses candidate for the House B. Usually this happens because Senator A happens to like or get along with candidate B, althought they may differ in issues.

Let me be blunt, this hurts the pro-life movement and our efforts as a movement to protect the right to life through public policy and law. In fact, we strongly urge pro-life incumbents to not endorse “pro-choice” candidates.

The following letter was issued by the Chairman of the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee, Chris Valdivia, in order to explain the importance of our position:

Dear Incumbent,

I wanted to thank you for your hard work as a member of the State Legislature and in Congress, particularly in defense of innocent human life. I also want to tell you that we at Arizona Right to Life’s Political Action Committee look forward to working with you in 2006 on additional pro-life legislation and on your re-election efforts.

As the political season heats up and various seats open up, we want you to know that we are hard at work identifying solid pro-life candidates to fill those seats. Each of them will be thoroughly vetted on this critical area of the law.

We will also be sending out our usual surveys and I want to remind each of you that we are unable to formally endorse any candidates, incumbents included , who have not signed and returned the surveys. While this is an inconvenience for busy people, it is a long-standing rule within our organization and one that we are unlikely to change.

Finally, as various candidates declare for office, many of them will likely seek you out for your support, guidance, and/or endorsement. Please make sure to find out where these candidates are on the life issue before endorsing their candidacy. Too often in the past, we have worked hard to elect candidates, only to find ourselves later opposing pro-abortion candidates who shield themselves from our attacks by hiding behind endorsements from those same pro-life officials. When determining who to endorse, our PAC will consider your entire record and hope that you will take care not to allow your own good name and reputation to be tarnished by those who do not value human life.

Thank you again for all of your hard work, and please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in 2006!

Warmest regards,

Chris Valdivia , Chairman
Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee

I trust this statement will resound with those already in office and at the least, give pro-life incumbents the allowance to say nothing in a race between pro-life and pro-abortion candidates.


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