A good guy to vote for

Quality candidates are hard to come by in the city council races.  They are “non-partisan” and held in an odd numbered year.  This leads to low voter turnout, which maximizes the power of the government unions.  Luckily for the residents of Phoenix District 3 Council (Peggy Bilsten’s soon to be former seat), we have Jon Altmann:

Instead of asking for more money, Altmann believes city officials haven’t explored other funding options to hire the employees. “We need to look at revenue projections. When we have a revenue picture that is dependent upon sales taxes, we’re hurting our residents. . . They won’t realize the impact until they’re at the checkout lane.”

“This is not the first time we’ve asked for more money. I think they (city officials) owe us a report from the last time,” Altmann said.

A politician who wants to hold government accountable.  That’s refreshing.


  1. Any truth to the rumor that Sam Coppersmith endorsed this guy? Not trying to take a shot at him since he seems the best guy in the field regardless, but I’m just curious…

  2. John,

    Good question. Check out his website for yourself.


    For a list of the other candidate’s web sites see ArizonaPolitics.net

  3. Pat Cantelme is also on that list; this is a very common thing in non-partisan city elections. Folks who would otherwise never be on the same side seem to be able to come together for most local issues. Hmmm…what a concept!

  4. I am with John – I am a little nervous about the Coppersmith thing myself.

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