A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Recorder’s Office

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting today that the Pima County Recorder’s Office will no longer be supplying voter registration forms to Petition Partners, a Scottsdale based signature-gathering firm. According to the Pima County Recorder the forms being returned by Petition Partners are not quite in order.

The Petition Partners website and papers filed with the Secretary of State’s office indicate the company is run by Andrew Chavez. The board members are listed as Sam Coppersmith, Andy Swann, Pete Gorraiz, Mike Vespoli, Laura Bailey, and Richard Shapiro. Nice work guys, filling in the party on registration forms to get more money (according to the article in the Star.)

The LLC filings with the state list the firm of Grossfeld / Severns Inc as a member of Petition Partners but it appears that information may be outdated. Bob Grossfeld is now President of The Media Guys, Inc and Christa Severns is now first lady of Phoenix.


  1. George of the Desert says

    Wow. Those forms must really be bad, because F. Ann Rodriguez is among the most partisan County Recorders in the state and she’s just shut the door on some prominent Dems.

  2. Jake of the Desert says

    Whoa there! Say what? Petition Partners? But aren’t they gathering up the signatures for the new “gut 2779” initiative? Whatever with Nathan do? Jeeze.

  3. Jane of the Desert says

    Jake dearest-

    As far as I know Petition Partners is not gathering signatures for the Stop Hiring Illegals ballot initiative. Sproul uses, almost exclusively, a woman named Diane, who does alot of conservative work with high validity.

    I would say that the voter registrations must be very bad- and Petition Partners did not have their checks and balances in place, otherwise they would have caught them and fired their unscrupulous circulators.

  4. Petition Partners is nothing more than a racket of junkies, druggies, meth-heads collecting signatures as mercenaries. These signature collecting groups have destroyed the initiative process. People like Chavez should go to prison along with his subcontractors. Signature gatherers are usually the dregs of society and they are changing our laws!!! We need background checks and reciepts of petitions for signers so they know what they sign. If they get a copy of what they sign and find out it is a lie that was told to them then there should be accountability in the process.

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