A contrarian view.

It’s dump on Larry Craig day. We would like to look at this news from another view. First, the senator only pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Tapping his foot in the rest room hardly seems like a threat to the Republic. It is alleged that the plea stemmed from an original charge of lewd conduct. The plainclothes officer felt that Craig was trying to proposition him for sex. If there is one thing that we leaned from the Bill Clinton administration it is that sex between consenting adults is a private matter, even one that you can latter lie about. Simply a person’s private business. For the liberal press to cover this story after years of excusing away Clinton’s conduct is the height of hypocrisy.

The lewd conduct charge is pretty weak because the officer only alleges that Craig approached him for sex. How do we know that Craig was not going to offer to get a private hotel room, really getting into the full realm of private conduct? If Craig is guilty of lewd conduct then men hitting on a women in a bar would be guilt of the same thing.

Some claim Craig is a hypocrite for voting against homosexual marriage and other public recognitions. Clearly this is a different case. Nowhere in the charges does the officer allege that Craig wanted or asked for government recognition of his purported behavior. Unlike the modern homosexual agenda Craig sought to keep his actions free from government recognition. There is no hypocrisy because Craig has not sought to prevent gays and lesbians from engaging in consensual, adult relations.

It was also never proven that Craig is in fact homosexual. He might have been just wanting to relieve stress, as the press often claimed Bill Clinton did while in the small room off of the Oval Office. Perhaps Craig is just bi-sexual like our own state representative Kyrsten Sinema? Is that now a crime, being bisexual?

We should also learn from the case of William Jefferson. He is still serving in the congress even after federal indictment for racketeering and money laundering. Craig only pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Not even newsworthy compared to the charges against Jefferson.

I recommend that Senator Larry Craig be held to the same standard that Bill Clinton, William Jefferson, Garry (sex with a minor) Stubs, Barney (escort service out of his basement) Franks, and dozens of other Democrats who skated for much more serious infractions of the law.

We would also like to thank Senator Craig for his years of conservative votes for the defense of life and the right to keep and bear arms.

It may well be the case that the Senator does have some cognitive dissonance in his life. It should be a personal matter for him to work out with his family and his spiritual counselor. We do recommend immediate sequestration for some kind of addiction, at least until that matter gets off of the front page of the liberal press.

We wish that the Senator and his family achieve some healing regarding this news and now more clearly understand his votes in defense of privacy rights and his concerns regarding the Patriot Act.


  1. kralmajales says

    OMG…I totally predicted this kind of a response. See the comments to the post by Ted at http://www.Rumromanismrebellion.net.

    Everyone has their opinion on this, but this one was certainly so easily predictable.

    If Michael Vick was a conservative Republican, I am sure we would be hearing things like…they are just animals and are here from God for mans use.

    Best to all!

  2. kralmajales,

    Are you that obtuse? Do you not realize that this is satirical and is using as excuses for Craig’s behavior excuses that Democrats have used to justify bad behavior of their own. Doesn’t “immediate sequestration” for addiction ring a bell? It is a take on the line Patrick Kennedy used when he was busted in DC under the inotoxication of lord know’s what.

  3. Kral seems to have missed the boat on this one… Hee hee… What I do believe is that he did predict the response though. Of course, he thought it would be serious, not satire. You see Kral, that’s the difference between R’s and D’s. We actually hold our folks responsible, while you guys give sexual predators standing ovations on the floor of the House and re-elect them.

  4. kralmajales says

    After seeing some of the defenses of Trish Groe I was clearly not sure that it was satire. The GOP comes up with a host of big time excuses of its own…see the Tom Delay matter and a host of others including Renzi…etc etc. Although, i didn’t hear much defense of Renzi here, I will grant you.

    (smile)…I bit and hard!

  5. But you’re a good sport about it, so that wins you a few cool points!

  6. All joking aside we do hope that the Senator and his family seek some professional and spiritual help on this one.

  7. Larry Craig doesn’t deserve to be a Senator for the simple fact that he was too stupid to retain counsel.

  8. Hmmm … after all the time the press refused to cover Clinton’s sex issues? Really? We are talking about the central issue conservatives eventually tried to impeach him on, right?

    If Craig were just out engaging in sex I would agree with you. In fact, I still largely do. However, there are two issues which make this story more newsworthy than simply someone out possibly soliciting sex:

    1. Craig has a long political history of denouncing gays and voting against legislation favoring activities. If he does, in fact, solicit men for sex and/or engage in homosexual activity, that’s newsworthy.

    2. Craig (and many other Republicans in general) like to campaign on the notion of being the party of “moral standards” or “family values”. Doing so in public while secretly engaging in activities which clearly don’t adhere to those values is hypocritical.

    Democrats, by-and-large, don’t go around proclaiming to be the stewards or arbiters of “family values”. Most Democrats don’t really care if Craig is having three-ways with strange men while touring around the country. Pointing out how his actions belie his words is another matter entirely.

  9. Sirocco,

    Thank you for summing up for us what most already knew, Democrats are generally amoral and in your words “don’t really care if (politicians) are having three ways. Very good insight.

  10. Some facts that are not in dispute, and based on those Craig has hung himself.

  11. Mike,

    Nothing in my comment equates to amorality. It does equate to a different understanding of what is and is not a moral action.

    Since he’s a married man I agree if he is out having sex with other people, of either gender, I find it immoral. It’s not something I obsess about, however.

  12. Why then did you state that most democrats “don’t care” about those who choose to cruise bathrooms. Doesn’t “not caring” equate to amorality about the situation?

  13. HOTLINE:

    Still lots of Larry Craig talk last night:

    CNN’s Bash: “Privately, influential Idaho Republicans tell CNN they think Craig will be forced to step down. … Several Idaho Republican sources say Craig’s problems here are compounded because many supporters are already angry about his stance on immigration” (“Lou Dobbs Tonight,” 8/29).

    ABC’s Stephanopoulos: “No one I spoke to in Washington today thinks Senator Craig can survive this. The top Republican leaders have decided he just has to go. They don’t want another scandal” (“World News,” 8/29).

    NBC’s Myers: “Republicans clearly are trying to force Senator Craig out of the Senate. The leadership has stripped of his committee assignment and Republican colleagues are now demanding his resignation” (“Nightly News,” 8/29).

    MSNBC’s Olbermann: “Larry Craig last night endured a fate politically worse than becoming a convict. He became a punch line” (“Countdown,” 8/29).

    NBC’s Viqueira: “Someone’s going to come forward angered by Craig’s denial and say I have had sexual relations with this man, if, in fact, he’s lying. I’m not saying he is or isn’t. But rumors being what they are, that’s the fear here among Republicans” (“Hardball,” MSNBC, 8/29).

    Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS), asked if Craig should resign: “I think we have done so far what’s appropriate. I don’t we know all of the details. I saw Senator Craig yesterday say that he had not done anything wrong and that he shouldn’t have pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. The leadership team has already called on this matter to be sent to the Ethics Committee to clear up what has actually occurred. And also today we did ask that he step aside from his ranking committee positions while this is being resolved. And I think based on what we know now that is appropriate. It’s s very unfortunate situation, very sad and very serious. And I think we had to pay very close attention to it as we work on finding out what really went on.”

    More Lott: “I am shocked and I am disappointed at … this turn of events … but I also have learned the hard way that before you jump to conclusions or call on people to do one thing or another at least know all of the facts and … take advantage of an opportunity to hear what … really happened” (“Money & Politics,” Bloomberg, 8/29).

  14. Disgusting how Jon Kyl has asked Larry Craig, Kyl’s longtime mentor in the Senate, to step down from his committee assignments, when Jon Kyl didn’t ask the same of the senator from Louisiana who admitted frequenting prostitutes. In one act, Jon Kyl proved himself to be disloyal and hypocritical.

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