A bad year for whom?

Correction: Thank you to an alert reader for pointing out that while Jindal’s parents were recent arrivals in the U.S. Bobby was actually born in Baton Rouge, LA. (That means that Bobby Jindal is eligible to serve as President of the United States.)

A legal immigrant person of color running as a

Republican Bobby Jindal just won the governorship of an historically Democratic state. It might be a bad time for Republicans but some days it doesn’t look very good for Democrats either.

(Some edits were made to this story to simplify the content.)


  1. Tim Rafferty says

    When you talk about illegal immigration, there are ZERO party lines. This is an issue that affects all CITIZENS of the sovereign United States. Not Dems or Reps.
    There are over 30,000,000 illegal aliens, from many countries in the US now.
    If we don’t fix this issue (and Amnesty/Path to Citizenship is not the answer), what we know as the US will be lost. Immigration IS the defining issue today. If you’re not mad about what our government (that includes you and I)has let happen over the last 20 years – you’re not paying attention.

  2. Bobby Jindal is not a legal immigrant. His parents were (or are — I suppose they are still alive). From what I understand, B. Jindal was born here and is thus a native-born citizen just as I am.

  3. How “recent” could it have been? He’s 36 years old for crying out loud! While they were “recent” arrivals, Jindal was born here? That reads like he somehow got here first. I think I’m missing the point that you’ve been trying to make through two edits.

  4. Come on…what is it you are trying to say? This is going from bad to worse! Is it the “person of color” that is so interesting? In what is a typically Democratically controlled state that a Republican, of color no less, in the South would be elected Governor? Or that his family has immigrant status anywhere in his recent past?

    Is this a statement to the progress of conservatism or a rail against the non-European immigrants invading our territory?

    Many of the voters the old guard counted on moved away and didn’t comeback post Katrina. The lack of leadership among the Dems in LA have led to a contentious race for Mayor in New Orleans, with the Dem incumbent (a man of color running against a white Dem from a very politically active family) keeping his seat and the incumbent Dem Governor choosing not to run. When they compared Gov. Blanco to Gov. Barbour of Mississippi, the folks in Louisiana saw what true leadership is in times of trial and may have just seen the light!

  5. Tough audience! Sorry about the lack of clarity.

    Ann, you said it. All of those angles are interesting. Jindal seems to be a platform Republican who can win elections. The fact that he does not fit the Angry White Male model will make it tough for the Democrats to demonize him as he becomes more of a threat to them. If he does a good job as governor and maybe serves in the U.S. Senate or as a cabinet member of an administration he is presidential material. I think, on many levels, he is the Democrat’s worst nightmare.

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