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Arizona meets the “Obama Doctrine”

Many presidents have been remembered in history as promoters of doctrines, defined formulations to project their vision of governance, nationally and internationally. We are now living under the new parameters of the “Obama Doctrine.” President of the United States, Barack Obama, graduate of Harvard Law School, once editor of the Harvard Law Review and occasional Law instructor violated every single lawyerly and law court professional code of conduct, and the fundamental pillars of Rule of Law in his first public articulation of the lens through which he evidently views the world: “I don’t know the facts, but the police acted stupidly.”

This concise sentence of the ideology of arbitrary and dangerously malleable “impressions” and “feelings” over facts, actual investigation and the truth, combined with a corrosive foundational distrust of police as an institution and as individual professionals, presuming guilt until proven innocent, has been applied in full force from President Obama on down through myriad United States Departments of the Obama Administration to Arizona for Arizona’s SB 1070.

Cambridge, Massachusetts was the first city to discover Obama’s penchant for pre-judging police comportment with Obama quickly raising what normally would have been a sooner forgotten the better local kerfuffle to a national issue by publically coming down on one side, solely based on race, because Obama admitted he didn’t “know the facts.” He saw “black” and “white cop,” and jumped all over it by his use of  White House bully pulpit – the press conference.

Arizona is the first state to discover the Obama Doctrine as applied to illegal immigration issues:

President Barack Obama: “In Arizona if you don’t have your ID… it’s ‘Adios amigos!”

The Secretary of Homeland Security and former Arizona Governor:

John McCain: “Have you had a chance to review the law?
Janet Napolitano: “I have not reviewed it in detail. I certainly know of it.”
John McCain: So you are not prepared to make a judgment on it.”
Janet Napolitano: “Ahhh … I BELIEVE it’s a bad law …I BELIEVE it mandates and requires…”

United States Attorney General Eric Holder: The nation’s highest law enforcement officer:

Congressman Poe: “Have you read the Arizona law?”
Eric Holder: “Ah … I have not had a chance to … I’ve glanced at it. I have not read it. Um.”
Congressman Poe: “Even though you have not read the law, do you have an opinion whether it’s Constitutional?”
Eric Holder: “Ah …I’ve not really … I’ve not been briefed yet.”
Congressman Poe: “Are you going to read the law?
Eric Holder: “I’m sure I will read the law … in anticipation of that briefing. They will put that in front of me and I will spend a good evening reading that law.”  at 2:45:05

United States Department of State:
Assistance Secretary of State Michael Posner, formerly of the Open Borders- promoting “Human Rights First” organization apologizes to the Chinese for something they hadn’t even mentioned, the Arizona SB l070: “We brought it up early and often.”

State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley in defense of Posner’s surrender style of negotiating with our enemies:  “Have I read the law?  No.”

The Obama Doctrine: Facts are to be ignored. Only the political and ideological goals of the Progressive Left Agenda matter. Police are not trusted, because they harbor bigotry.

Is it any surprise that with the willingness of the President on down through his administration to criticize a state law that they “don’t know the facts” about, that agitators feel they have a green light to harass Arizona?

First San Francisco, now Los Angeles Democratic Party politicians have held publically announced they intend harm to the state of Arizona by punishing Arizona economically first with bans on city employee on city business to Arizona and second trying to widen that to the general public to boycott Arizona. Political pressure has been put on sports franchises to boycott, to change venues, to hurt Arizona and Arizona businesses as much as possible through loss of income.

If successful, a boycott will only serve to force Arizona businesses, already squeezed by the economic slide, like restaurants, shops and hotels to lay off more employees, and by the law of unintended consequences, more illegals will be the first out of work, literally forced more by the economic impact of boycotts than SB1070 to move out of state. That’s the short term effect, the long term effect is more insidious and dangerous to the nation’s integrity.

President Barack Obama, by engaging in this rhetoric, while comforting the President of Mexico that he sympathizes with Mexico’s political position over American citizens is engaging in incredibly divisive leadership. Leadership as a quality is neutral; the results depend on where the people are led, set by the character of the leader – led to greater achievement or led down to the pit.

It is worse than ridiculous that Democrat Party city mayors in California, and now in Ohio, are actively promoting economic damage against another state. If not stopped in its tracks, it’s setting the stage for more comprehensive strife and national disunity. At the same time, this has been a more sustained public poisoning of distrust against police. Arizona police and sheriff departments haven’t done anything, yet their thoughts, their motives, their impartiality has all been publically denigrated – judged by a less than impartial pubic and highly partisan jury, guided by the POTUS himself. Every law enforcement officer in the state of Arizona knows he or she is going to be dragged out as Exhibit A if they make one misstep, say one wrong word, one arrest the day SB 1070 goes into effect that will bring down the legal carpetbaggers like a flock of vultures on their heads.

Police departments have for years been running “sensitivity” classes, revamping their hiring, their training, all to address complaints and concerns about how they conduct their public duties. But when was the last time any of those who’ve complained actually praised the concrete improvements? Americans may not see anything special about the typical American policing, so it’s easy to focus constantly on faults, but if they were to compare the average American police officer against his or her Mexican counterpart, they will be surprised. Compare against the average British officer, the average Russian officer, the average Indonesian police, the average Kenyan police … the list goes on and on. American police are head and shoulders above their international counterparts, but when was the last time anyone gave them credit for their high commitment to professionalism?

The President of the United States has a Constitutional duty to “preserve domestic tranquility.”

Obama is not silent on the deterioration of national dignity; he is encouraging agitation between states and mobilizing Federal offices in a joint punitive approach against Arizona and all its legal citizens, a population of all “colors,” languages, cultures and creeds, more diverse in “American Roots” than most other states. His Constitutional duty is to see FIRST to the needs of the lawful citizens, NOT to pander to a foreign government, which holds national interests different than our own. His duty is not to encourage or ignore destructive squabbling between states, but to provide leadership to prevent that or discourage such negative behaviors.

 Obama did not come out and rebuke California politicians for their provocative rhetoric and abusive administrative actions; he’s encouraged them by criticizing Arizona – for something that hasn’t even as yet been implemented. He is corrosively continuing his public denigration of our police as an institution to whom the important task of providing local domestic security falls, while stoking agitation that will put the police literally in harm’s way. President Obama’s doctrine should be focusing like a laser beam on doing his constitutionally mandated job to “preserve domestic tranquility” as he fulfills his duty to “provide for the common defense” by credibly securing our national borders.

An “International Offensive of Hypocrisy”

Identify which state THIS quote is referring to:

In other words, the activists were like the civil rights demonstrators who sat down at segregated lunch counters throughout the South and refused to leave until they were served. Their goal was not really to get breakfast. It was to end segregation.”1

How about THIS state?’

We’re being very methodical, “We’re asking to have this assessed. The fact is, if we chose to ignore what happened in the South in the 60s, we’d still have the kind of discriminatory laws that were being proposed back then. 2

The first quote was aimed at  the state of ISRAEL , the second at the  state of ARIZONA.

Dishonest Hysterical Projection:

BOSTON (AP) – They gather on statehouse steps with signs and bullhorns, risking arrest. They attend workshops on civil disobedience and personal storytelling, and they hold sit-ins and walk out of class in protest. They’re being warned that they could even lose their lives.
Students fighting laws that target illegal immigrants are taking a page from the civil rights era, adopting tactics and gathering praise and momentum from the demonstrators who marched in the streets and sat at segregated lunch counters as they sought to turn the public tide against racial segregation. “Their struggle then is ours now,” said Deivid Ribeiro, 21, an illegal immigrant from Brazil and an aspiring physicist. “Like it was for them, this is about survival for us. We have no choice.”

To paraphrase Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, “With hysterical reporting like that, that’s why the Boston Globe and the Associated Press (AP) are losing all credibility.”

“You can add this to the list of very bad things the new Arizona Immigration Law is being compared to: Terrorism. Jesse Jackon appeared on MSNBC today and told Contessa Brewer that the new law, allowing police to require proof of citizenship from anyone they “suspect” of being an illegal immigrant, is the equivalent of ‘terrorism for the innocent…”

Can Arizonians find any worldly equivalent to that toxic combo of sympathetic press and rabblerousing claims?  How about: “Palestinian Genocide – Apartheid Israel starving, killing Asian infants – UK-US-backed Racist Zionist Apartheid Israel kills 7 Palestinian infants DAILY.”

How hard is it to refute that claim? The “Occupied Palestinian Territories” of which Gaza is a big part, “have an estimated 4% population growth rate today, well beyond the United States, far beyond European growth rates, surpassing Israel’s population growth rate. “Even in the absence of such migration, the population in the occupied territories will grow nearly 4 per cent. The occupied territories have one of the highest rates of natural increase in the world, a consequence of a low crude death rate (around 6 deaths per 1,000 persons) and a very high birth rate of about 45 births per 1,000 persons.

The current world experts on genocide are the surviving Jews and Rwandans, having been at the receiving end of the real thing. The U.N., it’s mandate written to “stop genocide,” spent quite a bit of effort twisting itself into pretzels to avoid using the mandate trigger of “genocide” to mobilize UN resources against the Hutu extremists, as 800,000 Tutsi Rwandans were massacred – a noticeably abrupt DECLINE in a population, yet makes no objection to the use of the same mandate trigger term to mobilize the UN against Israel, based on the human tragedy of … a robustly growing population of healthy, well-fed people for proof of … “genocide.”

To again paraphrase Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, “With hysterical comments like these, that’s why the U.N. is losing all credibility.”

Boycott Fevah:  We’re going to select some things we think we can do to hurt them, but hold on to what we need from them so our comfort levels aren’t affected.  The ‘match and the thermometer’ sort of  ‘fever’.

“TURKEY said on Friday it was considering scaling back its relations with ISRAEL to a minimum… Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc also said Turkey was assessing economic and defense deals with Israel in the clearest sign yet it may significantly reduce its ties with once close ally Israel. “We may plan to reduce our relations with Israel to a minimum, but to assume everything involving another country is stopped in an instant, to say we have crossed you out of our address book, is not the custom of our state …We are serious on this issue. New cooperation will not start and relations with Israel will be reduced,” said Arinc.,7340,L-3899043,00.html

“LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL called for the city to “refrain from conducting business with the state of ARIZONA including participating in any conventions or other business that requires city resources, unless SB 1070 is repealed.” The resolution was introduced by council members Reyes and Hahn. LA’s top policy analyst… identified $56 million in Arizona-related investments … recommended that the council suspend travel to Arizona, refrain from entering new contracts and review current contracts.
The city must now decide which of those contracts can be broken without risking a lawsuit.
The city’s proprietary departments — namely, the Water and Power and Harbor departments and Los Angeles World Airports — have another $51.8 million in affected contracts. The city does not have the authority to direct its proprietary departments to terminate those contracts; it can merely request that they do so. “We asked our city to officials to find out what contracts we have right now that we could actually terminate and have a bit of a financial impact,” Hahn said. “It is about $7 million or $8 million. We’re asking them to terminate those contracts, where possible and feasible.”

How the White House Projects its Annoyance to the entire World:

Arizona Governor Gets Few Results From Meeting With Obama …
Citing scheduling issues, Obama initially declined to meet with Brewer this week while she is in Washington for a Council of Governors meeting. But as criticism grew over Obama’s seeming snub, he made time on his calendar. While Obama is pushing for a multi-layered approach to immigration, Brewer is advocating for a policy that will secure the border first.
On Thursday, neither side backed down from their approach

President Obama snubs Prime Minister Netanyahu …
President Obama snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in several ways during his visit to Washington this week. The Obama administration is miffed by what it sees as Israeli intransigence … The White House denied Netanyahu the red carpet treatment generally afforded to visiting heads of state. The Israeli prime minister and Obama didn’t pose for photos together, and Netanyahu was excluded from dinner with the president Tuesday night.

When Netanyahu wouldn’t agree to concessions, Obama left a meeting with him, though he invited Netanyahu to stay at the White House, talk to Obama advisers and “let me know if there is anything new,” a U.S. congressman who spoke to Netanyahu, told The Times of London.  “It was awful,” the congressman said.
One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages,” conducted in such an adversarial environment that the Israeli delegation eventually left…”

While Governor Jan Brewer and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sit on the White House curb, they could commiserate. It seems Arizona isn’t the only state in the world that has illegal immigration problems. Evidently, these two horrid racist states are actually pretty good places to get good paying jobs, even if one is illegal:

Some 80,000 foreign workers, most of them illegal aliens, live in Tel Aviv, making up about a quarter of the city’s population, the immigration police said yesterday.”

The attacks on Israel are cut from the same cloth as those against Arizona. The battle is being waged in the court of public opinion, not in actual courts, where a fair and impartial deliberative process would conclude that Arizona is acting lawfully under federal law, just as Israel acted lawfully under standard international Maritime law. The purpose of the process right now as Arizona and Israel are being pilloried in the national and international media is to influence public opinion, to “sway the jury,” to literally prejudice as much of the public as possible against duly elected state governments upholding laws, while studiously avoiding actual courts with impartial judges.

When, not if, these issues finally go to court, and only AFTER a campaign of hardening public opinion, and a search for “sympathetic courts,” the public will be then be encouraged to pressure the judges, the advocates, the jury if they do not deliver a “correct conclusion.”

The media deliberately selects terms to lead a report, and by that to coach readers. The continued standard media reporting on Arizona’s SB1070 can’t go two sentences without the obligatory “racist” worked in there somewhere. The continued usage of the words, “Israeli commandos assault” rather than the correct terminology of “Israeli naval boarding party” influences the reader to a negative assumption of Israeli aggression, especially when coupled with “humanitarian aid” and “peace activists” instead of the dead give-away: ‘Al Qaeda.’  This reporting also depends on a general audience level of ignorance of maritime life, rules and international protocols.

A Coast Guard or Naval officer or seaman of any country with a navy recognizes the Israeli protocols awere perfectly normal procedure when dealing with a vessel that refuses to cooperate. If anything, our Coast Guard and Navy would fault the Israelis for having been under-armed, naively arriving with paintball riot control gadgets instead of standard boarding armaments. Our Coast Guard absolutely does not board with such ineffectual arms ANY vessel that is not cooperating when told to heave-to. They take NO risks like that or assume anything. Violent pirates, terrorists and vicious drug runners can be packed into the most innocuous sailing, fishing trawler, or top–of the line yacht, as the Israelis just discovered, the hard way – as Arizona ranchers have found, also the hard way, packed into apparently helpless stragglers at their own watering troughs.

The “humanitarian flotilla,” stuffed with picked out of the trash expired medicines as props, Leftist ‘activists’ and Al Qaeda terrorists hot to get a piece, literally, of any Israeli, was a trap.

What law enforcement officer in Arizona isn’t thinking right now about the promises of civil rights challenges and calls for “civil disobedience” to the very first arrest under SB1070 made that reveals an illegal alien, and of what possible pre-meditated entrapments of officers by colluding legals to provide material for lawsuits to undermine the law, actions meant to harass Arizona police and their ability to do their lawfully appointed jobs? They haven’t done anything wrong, yet they’ve been already labeled as ‘racists’ and ‘fascists,’ smeared from not only coast to coast but all the way to China by our very own State Department.

Out of state supporters of ‘doing nothing about illegal immigration,’  muster in Phoenix, throwing bottles at police, screaming and yelling, justifying vandalism and defacement for their “cause.” Governor Jan Brewer, like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is depicted on placards as a Hitler, a holocaust-promoter … one of the world’s most cynically cruel twisting of reality, of decency, ever.

Arizona calls for a wall and border troops and is vilified just for the TALK of it. Israel builds a wall to stop suicide bombers and is heaped with scorn and criticism. Meanwhile, next-door Egypt, which is never criticized for building a wall between it and Gaza, is having its own Gaza problems:

This week though, as a public gesture of solidarity for the “peaceful humanitarians,” ‘a boat-load of Ghandi … with clubs and brass knuckles” as Jonah Goldebrg noticed,  who broke international maritime law by failing to heave-to at a weapons blockade, after days of ignoring Israeli orders to halt, and beat the tar out of a lawful boarding party with a on–record pre-meditated warlike intent to lynch the Israelis, Egypt opened its closed border fence with Gaza … and got what for it immediately in exchange? Gaza Palestinians shot and killed an Egyptian border guard.

 Where’s the international outrage about the violent comportment of the “Gazans?” Anyone going to sit with the grieving Egyptian family over their loss? Anyone able to explain why an Egyptian soldier is dead?

Israel is one of a number of countries, like India, Cyprus, Morocco, South Korea and critically, Egypt, which have even more aggressively extensive border fences or walls designed to totally control unauthorized human incursions. But only Israel is condemned for containing Gaza, not fellow-container Egypt. Only Arizona is condemned, not California, a state which erected a border fence to control Mexican incursions that forced the majority of the illegal migration away from California and thru Arizona in the first place.

Why does Turkey suddenly care? It’s a weapons blockade, the only reason Turkey would need to run that would be to run arms into Gaza; they can get everything else in without encountering the blockade. So, Turkey’s meddling agenda is not in Israel’s interest at all. Iran has stated a public policy to wipe Israel off the map. Having Iran installed in Gaza, which it is through Hamas, was not prevented by Israel, all they have done so far is contained its spread out of Gaza. Even with a fence, Israel suffers with rocket attacks from Gaza, over 2,000 rockets shot over from Gaza into Israeli towns and cities like Sederot. Meanwhile, as Democrats in cities like San Francisco and Seattle are sheltered by distance from it, Arizona suffers from the drug crime, murders and kidnappings – uncontained Mexican drug cartel criminal activity which continues to move steadily into the state, which can land in any Arizonan’s home or property at any time of the day, any day of the week. Why are California lawmakers interfering with Arizona’s attempts to restore the peace in Arizona? What is their real agenda?

When Mexico’s President Calderon meddles in American affairs and demands Arizona keep its border open and that US National Guard troops are not to stop illegals, “just drug and gun runners,” he wants what benefits Mexico, not what benefits the United States or the state of Arizona. Calderon’s self-serving plan ignores America’s needs and priorities to keep out any criminal gangs and foreign terrorists who search for easy illegal entry into the USA, as they would be blocked trying to enter legally, worse, allows for further advancement of these terrible elements into the United States. Since when should the USA destroy its integrity as a sovereign nation to please another nation? Since when should Israel destroy its integrity to allow for further advancement of terrible elements into it?

In Arizona and across the country to protest Arizona, signs are waved that say, “I didn’t cross the border, it crossed me,” and “Reconquista!” What’s the difference in tone , historical accuracy and purpose between that and the claims that Israel has no right to the land it sits on, even though the prophet Nehemiah rebuked the Geshem the Arab, Tobiah the Jordanian and Sanballat the Gazan 2,500 years ago that “You have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it.” (Nehemiah 2:20).

It’s not hard to image the screams of outrage if America publically insisted, say, France to allow Libya to dictate how France patrols its border, or if America told Mexico that Guatemala should dictate Mexican border policing protocols or that Mexico should cede land to El Salvador “for peace.” That would be declared patent nonsense, but the same is dumped on Israel daily and ominously has become part of the standard rhetoric against Arizona.

Arizona and Israel share another commonality: The Obama Administration.

While Obama intones “I am the president,” and doesn’t “do” boycotts, feigning neutrality, he is found in venue after venue complaining about Arizona’s law, “believing” it to be “flawed.” While he tasks his Attorney General to announce intents of legal challenges, before even reading SB1070, Obama uses media time to praise sports teams for taking a political stand against the law, and he is deliberately silent on his political party’s destabilizing implementation of boycotts which are designed to encourage broader boycotting, and purposely inflict measurable economic harm on a fellow state in the Union.

President Barack Obama has instructed the Justice Department to examine the Arizona law that he said last week threatens to “undermine basic notions of fairness.” He also is pressing anew for national immigration legislation, saying, “If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country.”

“Misguided” and “undermines basic notions of fairness”? Arizona used Federal law. But then on close inspection, Obama isn’t saying it’s “unconstitutional,” is he? Eric Holder’s comment was “ahh .. ahhh, ” but he expects to challenge SB1070 in court. So, while Obama murmurs general platitudes out of one side of his mouth, his subordinates and his political party in lockstep slam it from all directions, as he then praises all public posturing against it out of the other side of his mouth.

Since Obama is ignoring his Constitutional duty to “preserve domestic tranquility” between the fifty American states, why would anyone believe he is capable of or interested in preserving international tranquility between America and her traditional allies, such as Israel? He claims Israel is an American ally, but then broadcasts a different tone, which isn’t any solidarity.

As for Israel and the flotilla, Obama takes the, “will withhold comment while he’s waiting for the facts, but the Israelis acted stupidly.” That sure charmed the Cambridge Police Department; it’ll go over just as well with the bruised and battered Israelis, it’s just as ‘soothing’ to Arizona law enforcement officers like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who will have the entire force and weight of an Obama Administration bent on finding ‘racism’ on his head the hour SB1070 actually takes effect in July if any deputy or officer so much as  sneezes wrong.

State Department ‘Travel Advisories’ : Israel and Arizona

The Obama and Democratic Party-administered U.S. State Department headed by Hillary Clinton doesn’t inspire much confidence in their sincerity of their support of Israel as an ally, with a former US Ambassador grandstanding as a flotilla participant, and Hillary Clinton herself having once schmoozy-kissed for the international media the wife of since deceased Yasser Arafat, the corrosive architect of the suicide bomber and the Intifada. A quick handshake from the US First Lady at the time would have been too cordial a greeting for a woman who was living high on donated millions, meant for “humanitarian aid” for Palestinians.

What sort of iron stomach does one need to be able to be in the same room as people who have killing Jews and Muslims  as their resume ?  Before Bill Clinton pulled him out of obscurity, resurrecting Arafat’s rancid career against Israel, Arafat had already made himself an unwanted violent government-undermining threat in Jordan, “chased out” and then in Tunisia, but who criticizes those nations?  Only Israel received condemnation and exhortations and immense pressure to accept Arafat as a credible “peace partner” when nothing in his past substantiated any trace of “peaceful” attributes in the man.

Now, Hillary is Secretary of State, and on the news criticizing Israel:
In an extraordinary interference with the sovereignty of a democratic society and its right of self-defense, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said Wednesday that the United States wants “a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation. … We are open to different ways of assuring a credible investigation, including international participation … (Anne Bayesky, FORBES).

Hillary’s brand of international diplomacy applied to ARIZONA:
“In an extraordinary interference with the sovereignty of a democratic society and its right of self-defense” …

State Dept. Spokesman P.J. Crowley … disputed the notion that Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner was apologizing to China … But he echoed other top Obama administration officials in describing the law as a gateway to “racial profiling”… Posner told … that the U.S. delegation brought up the Arizona law “early and often,” as an example of a trouble spot Americans need to work on. “It was mentioned in the first session, and as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination…”

While Chinese officials were picking their dropped jaws off the floor,  Mexico issued a media grandstanding “Travel Advisory” to Mexicans who had any reckless thoughts of entering the Grand Canyon State to ominously warn Mexican citizens about the “heightened risk of being asked for your ID or passport in Arizona,” while Americans traveling to Mexico face robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and murder. Separate out the Mexican drug cartel-generated crime stats like “kidnapping” from Arizona, and one discovers it’s one of the safest, calmest places to be in the world, illegal or legal. Where was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defending Arizonans by telling the Mexican government to “stuff the phony posturing”?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have so much in common right now, Phoenix and Tel Aviv should be declared sister cities, Prescott and Jerusalem should swap keys as the historical capitals, and declare Arizona and Israel solidarity as fellow “pariah states” in this “International Conspiracy of Hypocrisy.” 3


3 “International Conspiracy of Hypocrisy,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu