Action Monday!

The Sonoran Alliance action plan for the Immigration Reform Bill of 2007 (S-1348)

If you are really mad start with option A, contacting Senator McCain’s office. If you are rational and steam is no longer coming out your ears go to option B, contact Senator Kyl. If you get frustrated as a result of option B then go to option C, contact the White House. (Please be careful not to say anything that will get you placed on a Federal Watch List. There is a three hour difference between Arizona and Washington D.C. so 6:30 am in Phoenix will be 9:30 am in D.C.)

A – McCain: Say what ever you want to McCain but do not use profanity or threats. We understand that the Class III Senator is deeply offended by the F-word so keep it civil. Here is McCain’s contact info. 

Online Contact Form


Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862


Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: (602) 952-2410
Fax: (602) 952-8702


Tucson, Arizona
Phone: (520) 670-6334
Fax: (520) 670-6637

B – Kyl: For our Class I Senator recommend that Kyl vote NO on Cloture (end of debate) if the issue comes up this week. Stress that you do NOT want any votes cast until AFTER Memorial Weekend. (This will give people a chance to maybe find out what is actually in this bill.) Be respectful but firm, conservatives will need and may eventually receive support from Kyl as this bill progresses. 

Online Contact Form


Washington, D.C.
Phone: (202) 224-4521
Fax: (202) 224-2207


Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: (602) 840-1891
Fax: (602) 957-6838


Tucson, Arizona
Phone: (520) 575-8633
Fax: (520) 797-3232

C – The White House: See notes under option A. 

How to contact the White House.


  1. Good job! Thanks!!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for the positive feedback. I think we are in for a wild ride on this one.

  3. cactusmouse1 says

    Do you know if there are any planned protests’ for Kyle’s TUS office?

  4. In case you need some more fodder…here is an excerpt from Fred Thompson’s ABC Radio blog: “No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to win any beauty contests. In fact, given Congress’s track record, the bill will probably get a lot uglier — at least from the public’s point of view. And agreeing to policies before actually seeing what the policies are is a heck of a way to do business.

    We should scrap this “comprehensive” immigration bill and the whole debate until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders — or at least made great headway. That would give proponents of the bill a chance to explain why putting illegals in a more favorable position than those who play by the rules is not really amnesty.”

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