No More Toleration!

Trench Coat MafiaGoth

It’s time for me to vent and I’m sure there’s a number of you who will do the same.

I am disgusted with all the Columbine copy-cats.

With tomorrow being the anniversary of the Columbine School Massacre and the recent horror in Virginia, I like many, are very angry. But what makes this tragedy all the more tangible and personal is when our local schools receive vandalism, bomb scares and death threats.

In this day and age, let’s call it what it is: domestic terrorism.

Imagine when your child comes home terrified that something bad is going to happen to them and their friends. That’s not having a childhood.

Tonight at my PTC meeting, I learned that a handful of schools in my neighborhood have received threats of violence against them. One student at Shepherd Jr. High was arrested after threatening to come back to school and shoot other students. He won’t be coming back to school. 

On the drive home tonight, I learned that a Tempe high school, Corona, had a bomb threat called in which police discovered was nothing more than a school project (story).

Millenium High School officials discovered a threatening note in one of the bathrooms (story).

Across the country schools are on high alert watching for the worst human behavior – most of it by youth. And they should take every threat seriously. I’m sure everyone at Virginia Tech wishes they had done so.

As I mentioned, many of these threats are coming from students, some within the very schools they attend. I will even go as far as say that the trenchcoat-wearing, black makeup, macabre-obsessed, dark personality, Goth sub-culture of students is a breeding ground for this type of behavior. If ever there was a time to profile and watch for threatening individuals, why not now?

I don’t know what the best solution is and I certainly don’t advocate slapping some Goth upside the head, but I do believe that our society should exercise a little more social stigmatization on what is unacceptable behavior especially before it boils over into violence.

I for one, won’t be tolerating it any more.


  1. Keen Observer says

    I join you in your anger and frustration. This is the result of a nation that for too long has tolerated violence as entertainment and placed the concept of political correctness, and refraining from questioning outrageousness, above rational thinking.

    Violent and profane video games, movies, television programming and music lyrics are the obvious incendiary devices the industry moguls hurl at our children. And parents are often complacent enablers in allowing such viewing and purchases. It’s so much easier than risk having your kids think you’re uncool or, God forbid, too strict!

    The other compelling component is the disintegration of the traditional two-parent family, with the resulting proliferation of fatherless homes. And although the Columbine murderers came from intact families, the adults were too busy to notice that their sons were amassing arsenals in their bedrooms and dressing like purveyors of death in long. black trench coats each day as they left for school. One set of parents purchased a Mercedes Benz for their son—no doubt to compensate for their lack of interaction with him.

    This didn’t happen overnight. The erosion of the family and civility took root in the 1960’s. when boundaries became confining rather than providing guidelines. Our children need parents to act as parents instead of the pals so many prefer to be.

  2. The concept of personal liberty over the good of the whole is so pervasive that the norm has curved so that typical has become aberrant. When cars that have bumpers stickers with filthy words and phrases are considered common how low have we gone in what is acceptable behavior and expressions of personal ideas? When our president has a girl young enough to be his daughter under his desk involved in immorality while on the phone to a world leader, what does that say about the desire for personal gratification and power as the first priority of our lives? When a famous musician hijacks a Red Cross telethon for Katrina victims and says, “George Bush hates black people!” and is allowed to continue his rant and bears no personal repercussions, what message does that send about authority and the respect for the position if not the person, respect for the purpose and the audience over personal liberty and opinion?

    Yet people will pass by those cars and never express their outrage, while their children sound out the words and repeat it on the playground. Millions of dollars are paid in honorariums to a man who lied to this country and disgraced the office, the term “rock star” is applied to him now being synonymous with great fame and adoration. Thousands will pack auditoriums and stadiums for concerts but also will be subject to hearing venomous and incorrect opinions spoken as truth and walk away inflicted with the hate and distortion of that brand of gospel.

    We have become a nation of naysayers, the bad gets all the attention. We have many, many things to be proud of in this country, reasons to shout from the rooftops about how great we are. But instead we bash our schools, yet send our children anyway without ever taking time to find out the truth or lend a hand; spend our dollars supporting thugs and racists without using our consumer power as a bully pulpit; use our free time to lull ourselves into thinking we are all right with mindless television; and ignore the best by using the worst as the standard.

    We should be highlighting the many great successes in our schools and using those children as the example of what is happening and could be happening around the country as a catalyst for competition. Do not support those that would use their celebrity platform for negativity, remember you built the platform you can tear it down. Hold our leaders accountable for morality and truth, forgiveness is necessary and grace is divine but it is not a reason to sin. Most importantly, if you do not plan on being a parent, in the verb tense not noun, then don’t.

    My daughter just left to go teach high school, her school did receive threats. Bomb sniffing dogs and police officers will be posted throughout her campus. She will stand in the hallway by her door and receive each student with a smile and then lock her door as soon as all her students have arrived. Then no one will be allowed to leave, when the bell rings she will dismiss the class and again, stand by the door and wish them all a good day. How sad.

  3. My anger level just went up another notch with word of a bomb threat to the State Capitol.

  4. I am aware that bomb threats/school shootings are worse then ever. But for the most part there has to be a reason why these kids are doing this. The only reason I can think of that some kids resort to violence is because of how they are treated, time and time again. Noone is ever concerned about these kids and why they want to do this. I am not condoning this in any way, but I know how it feels to want to hurt people, I went through hell in during school. And I am offended that it is being blamed on “Goth Sub Culture”. People just have to have an answer for everything. “goth” is a stereotypical type of style, “punk”, “emo”, “prep”,
    “jock” “scene”, etc. But that is very unfair to blame it on a certain group of people, whatever you want to call them, most people are stereotyped by other people. This is disgusting, why is this world full of narrow-minded people? I don’t like it either that these things are happening, but why don’t people go and find out why their children have these feelings and impulses? Instead of blaming it on things that are so easy to blame it on.

  5. How unfortunate that Steve up there did such a bang-up job of making the gothic subculture look just as bad as people expect it to be. Humor me while I try to sweep up after him.

    You say that the gothic subculture is a breeding ground for violent behavior, and that there should be more of a social stigma placed upon those who take part in it. I could not disagree more. I am 32, and have been involved with said subculture for over 15 years. I can tell you from personal experience, it is not a violent one. For the most part, “goths” are are creative, sensitive, socially conscious intellectuals. I have been to gothic music festivals whose stated purpose was to raise money for AIDS victims. I own gothic compilation cds that were created as fundraisers for no-kill animal shelters (, AIDS research (not affiliated with the aforementioned festival), and scholarship grants. We’re not the blight on society that many people think we are. Really, the only thing that makes us different from you is our sense of aesthetics, which is hardly something we should be treated like criminals for.

    In fact, we get enough of that sort of treatment as it is, as evidenced by incidents like the Sophie Lancaster murder (, and I find it disturbing to know that there are people who would see it magnified. Every goth club I’ve been to, no matter what city, has been exceptionally welcoming, friendly, and accepting of everyone. It makes me sad to read posts like this from people who clearly don’t return that sentiment.

    One final note: The kids responsible for Columbine has nothing to do with goth. (Here they are! They wore trenchcoats on that day to conceal their guns. I don’t even know where the Columbine-related backlash against goths came from, but for several months I couldn’t even go to Denny’s without getting bullied by some stranger, and I would hate for that kind of social atmosphere to return.

    In short, blame the kids responsible, and please leave people like me out of it.

  6. I’m a happily married IT person for a major state college, who has a graduate degree… and is still goth, thank you very much.

    I may dislike your fashion sense too, but I don’t pretend clothes and music drive otherwise ordinary people to kill. Goths don’t beat people up or kill them just because they don’t like their clothes. The reverse is often true.
    I find it very sad how many people would rather ban things they know nothing about than confront that a problem is deeper than the more easily-enforceable *surface.*

    Aesthetics is a subjective thing. Are people who wear khakis and flower prints better human beings for it? LOL

  7. …Oh, wait. I’ve looked at the rest of your site. I see you do have a vested interest in making sure everyone is just like you.

  8. This is extremely offensive and I for one am disgusted. There is no link between gothic subculture (or any other subculture for that matter) and violent, mentally derranged individuals who feel so desperately powerless and unimportant they decide to take it out on everyone else.
    I am one who is very easily labled “goth” I have a massive interest and involvement in pretty much everything you pinned this on.
    I own several trenchcoats, am rarely without my black make-up, adore heavy metal and “dark personality, macarbe-obsessed” music. Ask me any time and I will be more than happy to show you my own writings and lyrics.
    I’m also the manager of a very succesful marketing company here in Sydney, Australia. I have my own apartment adorned with various items you would no doubt say is corrupting me. And to top it off, I’m not yet 21.
    You cannot possibly pin this on one group or means of entertainment, because that’s all it is, entertainment. The people with the real power to shape are the parents who spend more time and money on alcohol and drugs than on their children. The Politicians with no goal other than to increase their own power and fortune. The religious leaders seen as the ‘voice of morality’ as they praise their collection plates and abuse the children they’re trusted with.
    Truth is, if gothic subculture were to blame for these violent acts, there would be a hell of a lot more of them. This article is disgusting and downright insulting. How dare you pretend you’re somehow above everyone out of the ordinary. I love who I am and I’ve never had the urge to kill anyone over it. You’re spreading the same sort of hate and bigotry that started the second world war. In short, you have a mind-frame comparable to that of Hitler and it’s disgusting you’re allowed to share it with anyone

  9. 14yearoldgoth says

    Can I just say that the gothic subculture is about tolerance, art, beauty etc. Is there anything wrong with being creative?

    Let me tell you this: I was bullied for 5 years because of my skin colour, religion, *strange* qualities and music. Because I wasnt able to fit in anywhere, I looked to the goth subculture, which accepted me the way I was,
    which is more than can be said for you!
    Goth is not about satanism, goat sodomy, blood drunkness, or even heavy metal for that matter!

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