82% Say Deakin Should Drop out…

As of today, 82% of people that participated in the local poll labeled “Should Deakin drop out of the AZ Senate race?” say they would like Jim Deakin, candidate running for US Senate against John McCain and JD Hayworth, to withdraw from the race. Please take a moment and participate in this poll. (Note: You will only be able to vote once).


  1. SuzanneC says

    It said it already counted my vote, but when did I vote? Did it say yes?

  2. If you want to avoid the side effects of first past the poll election system, implement ranked choice voting.

    I think Deakin should stick it out and I think his efforts are an inspiration to all Republican voters and future Republican candidates who look at John McCain and JD Hayworth and say those two aren’t worthy of voting for (at least in a Republican primary).

  3. Mike Triggs says

    I’m guessing that most people who think he should drop out are JD supporters. It makes sense to me that they would want him to drop out. For what it’s worth. Please stay in the race.

  4. SuzanneC says

    Ghee John McCain fans are on here asking Jim to stay in. I guess so, the only person Deakin is hurting is JD Hayworth. IF Deakin stays in it insures a McCain win, and that was told to me by his former Campaign Manager. Jim, please tell me what possessed you to wear that hat?

  5. Jim has every right to stay in, and I pray he does not waver.
    He is a true American and he will have my admiration for as long as I live.

  6. if he stays in he does not know the values of a dollar, he is wasting money, he has no chance to win.

  7. Antifederalist says

    The RINO old pervert that likes to parade around nude with children wants Deakin to stay in the race. I don’t think a better argument can be made for why little Jimmy Lee Deakin, Jr. should get out of the race.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Shane, you might want to remove Horst’s comment. He links to his Shangri La Ranch. The website shows full frontal nudity. That he would do so shows his depravity.

  9. Mike Triggs says

    Antifederalist I think somewhere in the Book of Timothy….it says to the pure all things are pure” My advice is: Don’t look!

  10. Read This says

    Simpletons I tell you. It is all over the national news that the founder of Somos Republicans has issued a statement with regard to McCain saying that “1070 was a step in the right direction.” Need proof? Skip down to the middle and you will see her response to McCain. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/may/03/born-again-border-hawk-will-the-new-mccain-fly/?page=2

    Please do your due diligence next time. False reporting make you lack credibility.

  11. SuzanneC says

    READ THIS, I believe the founder of Somos Republicans has said that, but do I believe they mean it no. I believe it is a McCain ploy.

  12. Yeah, right. says


    Yes. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Heather S. says

    READ THIS…If JD or anyone on his staff says something that is not true they have gotten really good at blaming others on staff. If we are talking about history- I would like to play on some past history. Hayworth voted against House Resolution 610, which would have brought H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Anti terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 to the floor of the House. HR 4437 would have made illegal immigration into this country a felony offense, thereby increasing the penalties for jumping the border. H.R. 4437 would also have made the current employment verification system mandatory program.
    Hayworth voted with Grijalva, Pelosi, Pastor, Barney Frank, and Hoyer and against 219 Republican Congressmen including Franks, Flake and Shadegg. (Roll Call 636, Dec. 15, 2005).
    This is hardly the vote of someone who believes in a secure border. McCain has been trumpeting securing the border for a few years now.

  14. No guts, no glory says

    I was a supporter of Deakin, but that was then… this is now. Get out and let the heavyweights fight it out… Deakin can not win, but rather can only be a spoiler.


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  2. […] 7th, 2010 an article was on posted Sonoran Alliance that included a link to a local poll labeled “Should Deakin drop […]

  3. […] 7th, 2010 an article was on posted Sonoran Alliance that included a link to a local poll labeled “Should Deakin drop […]

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