News from the grapevine.

abrams.jpg     According to our sources Bill Montgomery will be seeking the Republican National Committeeman position being vacated by Randy Pullen.

We do not know who else is running but Bill is certainly the kind of person that we would like to see in that slot. We will follow up on this as more details become available.

Friday 2-17-07, 12:10 am


  1. You mean the Bill Montgomery who took the support of one candidate for six months, gave his word on many occasions that he would stay neutral in the Governor’s race, then sold out to Nathan and the McCainiacs for the guarantee of getting his $5.00 contributions, and didn’t have the integrity to inform his scheduler/ campaign coordinator for days? That is the type of person you would like in that slot?

    Randy Pullen beat one Sproul puppet to win the state chairman slot and you want to hamstring him by electing another Sproul puppet to the National Committeeman position. Brilliant!!

  2. From the sideline says

    Wasn’t Randy the one passing the illegal hat to pay for his hotel stay?

  3. To the sidelines from the playing field:

    I thought we were talking about West Point Bill ‘I learned all I need to know about integrity from Annapolis Johnny’ Montgomery and the appropriateness of electing him National Committeeman.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Good grief Sideline, way to look ignorant with your first post… What illegal hat for what hotel stay? And what does any of that have to do with who should be elected National Committeeman and whether or not Bill Montgomery is worthy of the positon or not?

  5. I hear Randy Graf is running for National Committeeman. He was an extemporary state legislator, comporting himself with dignity and serving his constituents well.

    Unfortunately, as a congressional candidate, he was hung out to dry by some folks supporting his primary opponent. Influence was exerted on the RCC, funds were withheld, and we ended up with liberal Democrat, Gabrielle Giffords, as the U.S. Congressional District Eight Representative.

    Randy Graf can hit the ground running. He is a seasoned leader.


    The word I intended to use was “exemplary.”

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    That’s okay Smart Voter… We’re gonna cut you some slack!

    Graf would be great as well… My guess is that there will be 5-10 folks trying for it now, and probably quite a few of them again next year when the actual 4-year term is elected…

  8. GOP PK,

    Montgomery a Sproul Puppet? Was Sproul running his campaign? The answer to both questions is NO. But you knew that already. Is everyone who didn’t bend over backwards to support that crack “chair setter-upper” you backed a “sproul puppet”

  9. Bill Montgomery says

    We will NOT have the same kind of innuendo nonsense in this contest for who will represent us as National Committeeman. I have great respect for Randy Graf, consider him a friend, and I look forward to working with Randy Pullen regardless of the capacity I serve in. Additionally, I will not tolerate any low-ball statements against anyone seeking to serve us. Likewise, I will NOT let a cowardly post go by questioning my integrity. So, “GOP PK,” either fess up with your name and own your baseless accusations and answer for them or shut up. Not pledging support for one gubernatorial candidate over another was a rule for my own staffers, one of whom could not keep from spreading rumors about fellow Republicans while allegedly working for my campaign. If you have any legitimate questions about my support for our Party and our Platform, fire away. Otherwise, keep your typing fingers to yourself. It’s time to stop this childish infighting and get on to the business of winning elections.

  10. Oro Valley Dad says

    Now that we have that cleared up! Like I said Bill is our kind of person. He is great on the issues. Yes he did get some help with his $5 forms. So what.

    I saw Bill a lot during the campaign and he took it very seriously and worked hard to win. Things did not go our way last year but he showed great character and energy. I saw Bill at the State Convention in January and when I asked why he was supporting who he was for Chairman he responded without saying one thing negative about a fellow Republican. I really appreciated that.

    There may be other candidates and we are not endorsing one over the other, as long as they call it like they see it and are strong on conservative issues. Bill fits both categories.

  11. AZ Republican says

    I am new to this site, but I must say that all of the bickering back and forth between Republicans that I find here is turning me off to Sonoran Alliance rather quickly. Every time I read the comments people leave, conspiracy theories abound. I especially detest people attacking the likes of Bill Montgomery and Len Munsil – two outstanding, fine men who did a very difficult thing and tossed their hats into the public arena. Whether you supported them or not, whether you support their current endeavors or not, the name-calling, innuendo, and conspiracy theories are unnecessary. The continual bashing of Nathan Sproul and labeling anyone who didn’t support Pullen a “McCaniac” is getting old as well. If we don’t unite soon, I fear we will be in the minority for much longer than we would like to be.

  12. Hometown Guy says

    Bill Montgomery is showing more of his temperament than he might have intended. I don’t allow my children to tell anyone to “Shut up!” I teach them it is rude, overbearing and obnoxious. Ditto for Montgomery. And, who authorized him to issue threats? Sorry, Bill. I had no horse in this race previously. I do now, and it isn’t you.

  13. Hmmm…sounds to me like someone (GOP PK) has had a little too much Conspiracy Theory Kool-Aid. What with Len Munsil, Lisa James, Nathan Sproul and Bill Montgomery all taking up space in McCain’s pockets I doubt he has room enough to carry around a wallet.

    Note to GOP PK…it is so silly to try and paint everyone with whom you happen to disagree with wide McCain brush strokes in an effort to somehow disqualify them. I guess the only place that works is around the spiked punch bowl. Bill Montgomery is a great candidate for National Committeeman. He has broad based, statewide appeal and has earned the respect of all who have had the priviledge of getting to know him. His character and resume are impeccable. He has served this country with honor and has a bronze star to prove it. He is smart off the charts (that is code for managing to graduate from West Point and ASU LAW with honors)and is amazingly articulate when defending and defining what true Reagan Conservatism is all about. I wish we had tons of Bill Montgomerys running around offering to serve in all too often thankless positions.

    Anyone out there really dumb enough to doubt whether Montgomery would make an excellent National Committeeman? What we need right now are leaders that have the wisdom and passion to bring this fractured, dysfunctional, and great Republican Party together…minus the name calling, disrespect, and slander machines relentlessly churning out rumor and innuendo against anyone with a different point of view. Sounds like Bill to me.

  14. Hometown Guy,

    I didn’t realize using a commonly used term like “put up or shut up” was considered so offensive or ill-tempered. Thanks for enlightening me. Ironically, it is you and your ilk like GOP PK who are “rude” “overbearing” and “obnoxious” – to use your words.

  15. Bill,

    I guess you haven’t figured out that you did not become AG, therefore, you do not have the authority to issue decrees.

    Lets get to the bottom line, YOU, not your volunteer staff, gave your word and broke it – you know it and even your intemperate response does not deny it. You do more damage yourself when you dump on a volunteer who worked many hundreds of hours for you because you, to use your term, ALLEGEDLY were a person of integrity that he felt was worth the investment of up to a thousand hours. You demonstrated NO problem with him until YOU broke your word to him and many others, including many elected Republican officials.

    To use your terms, again, you should keep your typing fingers to yourself if all you want to do is obfuscate and deflect. I note that at least you did not deny the Nathan Sproul influence in the process. And while you ranted rather nicely, in that rant, you did not deny that you had given your word to individuals and in public meetings that you were going to stay neutral until you panicked because you were not getting your Fives as fast as you thought you needed.

    To the Observer,

    Check it out and you will find that Sproul was instrumental in every decision made by the M&M boys including the initial rappprochement. If you were a real Observer at the State meeting, you would have observed the interesting interactions outside the building between Sproul, James, Noble, Hickman, Gullet, Hellon, Verdone, Montgomery, Munsil, etc. Do you see a common denominator with those names? Keep thinking, it will come to you – starts with “Mc” and ends in “ain”.

  16. Oro Valley Dad says

    Is Sonoran Alliance part of the McCain cabal now because we think Bill is a decent guy?

    Maybe we should tone it down just a notch or two. Sure, offer your opinion but remember it is the Bilderbergers / Bohemian Gorve / CFR / Illuminati / Trilateralists that are in control of everyone, not McCain.

  17. GOP Pk??? Or should I say Eric Johnson.

  18. Observer,

    You lost the factual and mental battle, so you try your hand at twenty questions.

    The facts are the facts as I stated them for everyone to deal with.

    Why don’t you post again when you are a more astute Observer.

  19. Hometown Guy says

    GOP PK is absolutely right regarding the “Mc associates” hanging together outside the state meeting. Many of us observed the same gathering. They weren’t exactly hiding.

  20. Oro Valley Dad,

    No, SA is not a McCain Cabal and I don’t think you are a McCain supporter, either.

    I think BM was and probably is a good person who made a horrible choice to sell his birthright for a mess of 5’s.

  21. GOP PK (Eric)

    Birthright?? Amazing! The level of delusion on your thread of posts never ceases to amaze.
    As for the factual and mental battle. Well, what can I say? I could never expect to hold a candle to you. Let me know when you, the fat man, and the set-up man all get together to come up with your next conspiracy.

  22. Oro Valley Dad says

    I am glad we got that cleared up that we are not part of the McCain conspiracy.

    Now can we give it a little rest and let the State Committee talk about who will best represent the local party at the national level. We have a list of most of the committee so if you need to you can track them down and tell your story.

    The infighting has gotten a little crazy so if everyone (that means everyone) could relax and take a deep breath we’ll get through this.

  23. Nightcrawler says

    Montgomery is a solid guy with terrific credentials. I personally am not bothered that he changed strategic alliances to further his campaign. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last to do so. You can’t win the race if you don’t get to the starting line. True, Bill’s style can be on occassion a bit corrosive. He is afterall a work in process. In time, the political waves tend to smooth the sharpest of edges. If given the chance, he would work hard as a National Committeeman.

  24. Nightcrawler,

    I hope Bill re-establishes his credibility – in time. He has a lot to offer if he demonstrates this was an aberration because he was in a such a high level position without the benefit of the “political waves” of experience.

    “Changing strategic alliances to further a campaign” sounds so innocuous. Back-stabbing a “friend” and confidante is, perhaps, harsh.

    Regardless, it is wrong to violate your oath in that manner and requires corrective action to put it behind oneself – in politics, in business, or in personal relationships.

    Time will prove whether it was an aberration, or a systemic trait. Putting him at the highest level in the structure at this time is premature until we have a longer record on which to make that determination.

    We have a boxcar load of examples of why the natural vetting process of time is important when placing your trust in a person.

  25. All this back biting and name calling is getting ridiculous. All candidates have good and bad traits. Look at all the facts and vote for the one that best represents what you believe in. Pretty simple really. I think Bill Montgomery is a good man who would do a decent job. I have known Randy Graf for some time and think he would be be great as well. If you don’t like what the person stands for, don’t vote for them. But don’t malign their character, especially if they are a Republican.

  26. Bruce,

    The info. above goes directly to your request that one should look at “ALL THE FACTS.” You can do that only if you have all the facts.

    Actions are what determine the character of the person, Republican, Democrat or Independent. Political Party is not a factor in identifying character.

    You may determine that this issue is not strong enough to be the deciding factor, or you may. That is strictly a personal decision you must make – with all the facts in mind. I, for one, will fully respect whatever decision you make.

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