Lunch in Tucson.

     Framer at Arizona 8th has a nice story about Randy Pullen’s latest visit to Tucson. Randy also has a website for his run for GOP State Chairman.

Friday 1-5-07, 7:30 pm


  1. Thanks for the link. You have done a bang-up job reporting on the race so far. Should be good for the party and the blog business in general.

  2. I went to Mr. Pullen’s web site and did not find any references to “paid for by”. Now I know that matter has been solved and the initial attention given to Lisa James web site over such questions has settle down. But, how sad that her efforts were immediately received by certain blog hosts with questions and innuendo while Mr. Pullen is warmly, albeit a diminished amount of space, welcomed into the fold.

    As Republicans we should be honored to have such quality candidates from which to choose; the D’s are not so lucky. If we cannot accept this opportunity to take our party to a level of leadership that will shake off the old, tired and absolutely divisive techniques we will never see the greatness of the possible results. Nevermind that the Republic labeled Lisa with a cliche’, since when does the Republic really care about getting anything right when it comes to Republicans?

  3. Yes, we do have good quality candidates and I’m glad that the “paid for” disclaimer issue was determined to be a non-issue.

    The one thing we can definitely be proud of is that we do not have millionnaires (Jim Pederson) buying their way into leadership or crazy wackjob screamers (Howard Dean) representing our party.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    That’s a lot of named supporters on there. I wish Lisa would post State Committmen supporters too so we could see how close the race is! That would be cool…

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    As an update, Lisa does have a list of supporters on her website, but it doesn’t break them down to give us an idea how many are state committeemen. Lots of them seem to be from the list of PCs who didn’t make the cut in LD11.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you for reading and for your comments. Please remember this is a blog of conservative opinion. Our primary concern is not the Republican Party but rather advocating for the conservative agenda. Yes we have been a little tough on Lisa but the manner in which she is seeking to earn a slot as a state committeeman is creative at best. I certainly would not get away with that in Pima County. The “Paid for by …” was meant as a joke that got taken way too seriously. Who cares who put up the $45 dollars!

    Like it or not Lisa and Randy are serving as proxies for competing factions of the party. We are from the grassroots and as such are inclined toward Randy Pullen but have not yet made an official endorsement. We do agree that both candidates for state chairman are well qualified. Saturday, January 27th should be an exciting day.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Well said Dad!

  8. I appreciate your concern for the conservative agenda and agree with a need to advocate for such; but a position of strength and longevity in Republican leadership will best achieve sustainable results in that regard. Certainly the D’s, despite their recent surge in Blue-dogs, and the L’s with their minimal impact, are not going to be the standard-bearer of the right. That strength must come from a broadly based supporting organization and not a polarizing, almost sectarian practice that would close the door to those who do not appear to meet the standard. By broadly based, I do not reference the “big tent” which has become the euphemistic way to say anyone we can get. I am describing a true grassroots effort where the majority of conservatives, every day people, in this state feel a sense of connection and a purpose that for many has been absent. We are discussing a party chair, so the partisan aspect cannot be ignored. The current state of the party is very isolated and has done more to repel grassroots involvement than attract it. This must be addressed if the party has a chance of meeting the rapidly changing landscape of Arizona.

    The route Lisa has taken may have been a bit less than normal. But, circumstances change and so do plans; timelines are not always on the side of the best option. That Lisa is the right person at the right time became very apparent and her loyalty and commitment to the party is exemplified by her efforts. Her conservative ideology should not be in question.

    I am pro-life, limited government, appropriate taxation only when necessary, strong military, and I believe there is a definite need for a return of state’s rights. For us to have a chance of having these principles endorsed by a voting majority requires a leader that can and has proven an ability to build strong coalitions, bring in the numbers in dollars, people, and votes, and get a message out in a clear and concise way without causing further divisions and alienating good people. I get the competing factions but that is the politics of politics; but at the end of the day this is my state and my party. For the present and the future, I know what I hope for on the 27th.

  9. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    You know, all this talk about Lisa building consensus and teams and grassroots, etc. simply ignores Randy’s record of leading winning coalitions at the ballot box, and also ignores the coalition that he has put together for his state chairman’s campaign. It isn’t some top-down, establishment thing where John Shadegg endorses you so Shadegg’s staffers show up on your list of endorsees, but rather it is a “one state committeeman at a time” coalition that trickles UP to LD Chairmen, County officers, etc. That list of 270+ state committeemen on Randy’s website is impressive this early in the process. And those are just the folks who are publicly endorsing him. Can you imagine how many folks will also vote for him on their secret ballot, but who for political reasons don’t publicly endorse him (wouldn’t want to upset the delegation, you know!)

    If Randy wins this thing, then Ann is going to have to acknowledge that his campaign showed a SUPERIOR ability to build coalitions. If Ann is right and there are donors whose support for the party will only be there if their choice for chairman is elected, well then good riddance to them, because they aren’t team players by any definition.

    Most of us continue to support the party with our time and treasure in spite of the fact that we haven’t had a chairman we could love for a long time (can anyone remember Dodie Londen?). Randy will not only give us all a chairman we can be proud of, but he’ll do well on the dollars side as well. As our national committeeman he is already known to the major donors, and as a conservative who isn’t owned by the ruling elite, he can grow our donor base and bring in donors who have been turned off by the domination of our party by downtown Phoenix interests. There’s a whole lot of Arizona out there that is willing to get involved if our state chairman will get them involved.

    Lisa won’t, Randy will.

  10. Dale Despain is listed on both lists.

  11. I’m concerned that our state party is dividing into two separate camps that don’t play well together.

    But Ann’s concern that one wing gets mad and stays home is just as applicable toward the business/elite crowd.

    The “Republicans for Janet” situation is just the latest example. And for those who think Len Munsil was an unacceptable candidate and unworthy of support, it is quite likely that the failure to support Munsil (or Graf) affected candidates all the way down the ballot.

  12. I do not ignore Randy, nor do I discount his value. I simply feel at this point and time, and for the future, Lisa is the better choice. Randy ran a successful campaign, Prop 200. He has not been so successful in other endeavors. That is not a slam but may speak to the specifics of my concern.

    The take my ball and go home attitude serves nothing but to embolden the Dems and serve up another big helpin’ of defeat! But, I must say regardless of this particular election the divisiveness from certain name-calling, label sensitive types does not bode well for the future of the party. The “big tent” seems like a pup tent.

    As to the development of a coalition for Pullen; how many of those names are from outside Maricopa County? I personally spoke to 4 on the list that had no idea they were even on a list of supporters, much less a published one as they have not made up their minds as for whom they are going to vote. They are very honest relationships and not in need of hiding our individual differences. I do not believe it was intentionally done or meant to be misleading, but the overzealous Precinct Captain or LD Chair may be giving names that are not theirs to give.

    The downtown ruling interests and elite labels continue to amuse me. I am certainly not among those groups nor are many of those with whom I associate and strongly support Lisa. Maybe this is more a matter of birds of a feather and we just fly around with different flocks. Not a better flock, just different.

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