Tobin blatantly distorts Kwasman’s position on ObamaCare

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October 18, 2013


Andy Tobin blatantly distorts Kwasman’s record on ObamaCare

Falsely accuses Kwasman of “hiding from the issue”

Oro Valley, AZ – On Wednesday Andy Tobin sent out an email containing a blatant falsehood about Adam Kwasman’s record, claiming Kwasman is “hiding from the issue” of ObamaCare.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Since it was proposed as legislation, Kwasman has consistently and clearly been opposed to both ObamaCare and the expansion of Medicaid in Arizona.

A quick check of Kwasman’s Facebook and Twitter pages shows that he has been busy attending and speaking before large groups of voters. One of Kwasman’s leading issues is his opposition to ObamaCare – it is also one of the top issues on his new Primary Voter Guide.

“If Andy Tobin cannot tell the truth, he should seriously consider withdrawing from the race. Voters will no longer stand for politicians like Tobin, who are willing to deceive the public in order to get elected”, stated Adam Kwasman.

Below are several articles that prove Kwasman’s consistent and verifiable opposition to ObamaCare.

Rep. Kwasman to fight Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid plan
Medicaid expansion would be a ‘nightmare’ for Arizona
State Representative Adam Kwasman fights against ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion in Arizona

Andy Tobin is desperately trying to cover up the plan he developed to push through an expansion of Medicaid in Arizona. Read more at these links,

Tobin has his own plans to expand Medicaid
House speaker has own plan for Medicaid expansion

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