Robert Graham Releases Video Thanking Arizona’s Conservative Grassroots for Defeating Proposition 204 and 121

“Despite [. . .] disadvantages, we organized quickly, worked hard, and proved that when you have a clear message and you stand up for your principles, you can’t lose.” 

PHOENIX – Today, Robert Graham, candidate for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, released a video thanking Arizona’s Conservative grassroots for their efforts in defeating Proposition 204 and 121.

The video highlights the tireless efforts of canvassers, callers, and volunteers in spreading the message that Proposition 204 and 121 were wrong for Arizona. To watch the video, click on the link here, or watch the embedded video below.

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook page.



  1. CD5 Conservative says

    and to think the republicans turned him down to be the state party chair in 2010….imagine how different races may have been in CD1,2 & 9….in competitive legislative races.

    I’ve got to give him credit. He didn’t let the parties election of Morrisey and his abundent failure prevent him from making an impact.

  2. AnObservation says

    Robert Graham is no grassroots conservative. He is an establishment tool pretending to be a conservative. His group supported Kirk Adams, Andy Tobin, Pierce’s victory fund, and even Orrin Hatch in Utah.

    Don’t be fooled – with Graham at the helm of the AZGOP, we will have the same problems we had this year with the party establishment only supporting candidates that will back moderates in leadership elections.

    • Christie in 2016 says

      “with Graham at the held of the AZGOP, we will have the same problems we had this year with teh party establishment only supporting candidates that will back moderates in leadership elections.”

      WTF world do you live in? The only problems we had this year was who the legislature elected as leadership????

      Hmmm – how about this
      1) The state party raised NO money
      2) Without having money, the state party financially supported NO candidates
      3) The state party ran a shame state convention where the party chairman was too afraid to listen or actually vote/hear arguments on on rules changes that would have created more transparency in the aprty
      4) The state party totally screwed up the president delegate election
      5) The party spent what little money they had supporting Pearce against a recall against another registered republican

      yep…that graham guy will be just as bad.

      Get real. The AZ GOP State party has run amock and needs true leadership. Graham is a tea party activist who has stayed the course, fought hard for conservative candidates and causes and has put his time/money where his mouth is.

      He’s the only true choice we have.

      • When / where did Graham support Pierce’s Victory Fund? Proof please. And when did he support Adams? Do you mean Adams is on the same board? Because I do not recall any financial support of Adams.

    • Christie in 2016 says

      whoops – didn’t Rob Haney just endorse Robert Graham. i’m sure he wouldn’t back someone if your silly accusations were true.

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