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Sunday, October 28, 2012

 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

October 27, 2012  


Press Release: Pinal County Republican Committee endorses Steve Smith for Speaker of the Arizona House and Andy Biggs for President of the Arizona Senate

Today the Pinal County Republican Committee unanimously drafted Senator Steve Smith to be a candidate for Speaker of the Arizona House and endorsed Andy Biggs by acclimation for President of the Arizona Senate. This endorsement of legislative leadership is unprecedented in Party history and was taken due to the deep concerns about the failures of the current legislative leadership. The PCRC thanks Sen. Al Melvin for his floor motion to make the endorsements as well as his well-reasoned recitation outlining the substantive case necessitating this action.
November 6, 2012 marks one of the most important election dates in the history of our nation. The American public will determine the election of the world’s leader as well as the makeup of our Congress and state legislature. While that date will be remembered by millions for decades to come, another critical election will occur on November 7 that will certainly determine the course here in Arizona and that election will be unnoticed by all but a very few – the election of the Arizona Legislature leadership teams.
Arizona now more than ever needs strong and principled leaders who will correct the course of our economy, secure our border, reduce government intrusion into our lives, halt the rise of public employee union influence and restore our primary and secondary education options for parents, students and teachers.
It is clear that Republican Precinct Committeemen and the elected county and legislative district chairmen have earned the right and the responsibility to give counsel to those officials we will elect on the issue of who will lead our legislative efforts for the next two years. Over the last two years, the current leaders of our legislature have been steering an erratic course. It is a stark reality that the policies and principles endorsed by the electorate have been thwarted at the sole discretion of the current Senate President and Speaker of the House.
During the last session of our legislature, some of the most egregious leadership actions include:
 Killed critically important immigration legislation
 Killed pension reform legislation
 Killed public employee union reforms
 Killed State Guard legislation
Outside of the legislative session, the Senate President and Speaker raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with the promise that the Republican Victory Fund would be used to help elect Republicans during the General election. However, a large portion of these funds were used in a Republican Primary to defeat a conservative Republican Representative. This irresponsible decision is now being compounded by further incredulous actions in the General Election.
Legislative Districts 8, 9, and 10 are the most competitive districts in the state and we have highly qualified candidates, including many incumbents, who are being pummeled by the Democrat Party while NO support is provided from the so-called “Republican Victory Fund.” It is increasingly apparent that the funds are being spent to help only those candidates that would be a friendly vote for the reelection of the current leaders.
Gratefully, Senator Andy Biggs has stepped up to the plate as a candidate for Arizona Senate President. Senator Biggs has a strong history of principled conservative leadership and will lead our state senate on a course consistent with our Constitution and our Party Platform, and we heartily endorse his candidacy for this position. However, as we have seen in Washington, the efforts of one house of the legislature can be totally destroyed without the concurrence of the other.
Before today, no one had stepped up to contest Representative Tobin for the position of Speaker of the House. It is with that in mind that the Pinal County Republican Committee called upon its favorite son, Senator Steve Smith, to be a candidate for this important position. Steve Smith’s conservative credentials are unsurpassed, having achieved the highest rankings from the PAChyderm Coalition, the Goldwater Institute and Americans for Prosperity.
President Biggs and Speaker Smith would labor side-by-side to pass legislation to protect Arizonans during these challenging times and their first priority will be the citizens of Arizona, not their own personal political careers.
The necessary actions by this body should demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and encourage others across the state to join us in making sure that the people’s voice will be loudly and clearly heard.

Stephen Kohut
Chairman, Pinal County Republican Committee



  1. Stephen Kohut is one of the single dumbest human beings you will ever have the misfortune to meet. He hasn’t lifted a finger for anyone, and the Pinal County GOP is a broke laughingstock. The only leadership election he should worry about is his own.

    • Giovanni Machiavelli says

      I can see the RINO trolls are in full panic mode. Let’s see. The PCRC raised record funds in the last two years, three times prior amounts. They out fund raised Pinal Democrats for the first time in history. They are spending a record amount in the general. They have a record amount of PCs. Certainly sounds like incompetence to me. Or, is it, that Tobin and Pierce may start to panic as the County Committees put the same squeeze on their candidates. Nothing like people beating them at their own game.

  2. Remember the May 12 AZGOP State Convention and their complete sellout to the Victory Fund crowd. Surprised our conservative candidates aren’t receiving Victory Fund support in the General? What a joke!

  3. RussellPearceWatch says

    Steven Kowhot?

  4. Um, endorsed SENATOR Steve Smith for Speaker of the HOUSE? Anyone else see a problem there?

    • Giovanni Machiavelli says

      Another RINO boob. I’m surprised they can actually type. Must have offshored that.

      We’ll keep it RINO simple. Steve Smith is a candidate for LD11 House, you know where they elect the Speaker. Did I keep it easy for you or do you need a remedial politics class?

  5. Senate President Steve Pierce pretends he has no idea how the Republican Victory Fund was being spent. What a joke. If he is re-elected senate president we’ll just have another two years of RINO legislature that will set up the Republican Party for a significant reversal in 2014. Andy Biggs as senate president will prevent this from happening.

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Hagar, the AZ Senate will be determined by 2 Senate races; LD8 and LD6. In LD6 to date over $300,000 has been dumped into Chabin and Crandell. Chabin’s money is from public worker unions and big labor unions from out of state.

      If the R’s lose these two seats, then the Senate President will be a Centrist and nothing will move from over at the House (where Tobin will be re-elected Speaker)

      • Giovanni Machiavelli says

        LD6 is +12R. LD18 is +9R. They will not determine the Senate. It is a game of 16 or 19 Rs in the Senate. Deliberately lose LDs 8, 9 and 10 and you have 16 Rs and Pierce as President. Win 8, 9 and 10 and you have 19 Rs with Ortiz, Mott and Antenori handing the Presidency to Biggs. Any wonder the Victory Fund has not given a dime to those races. It about buying loyalty in 6 and 18 and losing 8, 9 and 10. Refering to Ortiz Pierce said that “We don’t want that type of Republican in the Senate”. Apparently Pierce doesn’t like conservative Hispanic Republicans.

        Wonder what happens in LD 8 House when the PCRC puts the squeeze on Pratt and Shope to vote for Smith? That will be interesting to watch. I wonder how Frank is going to try and weasel around not giving an answer, a tactic he’s well known for.

  6. I am more than happy Steve Smith and Any Biggs will be in the running. I have had isues with Tobin and Pierce, they both hold up conservative bills constantly. Tobin held up a union bill because he is supported by his brother-in-law who runs the FF union in Prescott.. Another memeber of our group was trying to discuss with him his bills he was holding up on FaceBook, he knocked her off the link becaue she was naming the bills. He tried telling her they did not have the votes. but we had worked with the Legislator and we did have the votes plus, he refused to bring it to the floor. Tobon and Pierce are R.I.N.O.’S, I congradulate Kohut for his work.

  7. LEO IN TSN says

    Congratulation to the Pinal County Republicans for this gutsy and much-needed action. As noted, the current thug, special interest “leader”ship sank some very important (to AZ) bills by sitting on them and concealing them from the legislature. How convenient that the bills they were directed to kill were manipulated into obscurity and never got to the elected bodies to be voted upon.

    COC puppet Pierce single-handedly eviscerated the Rio Nuevo Board in Baja AZ by suddenly removing the two members who were trying to track the disappearance of tens of millions of tax dollars, at the demand of several big money COC moguls who wanted the scrutiny to cease. Puppet Pierce was told who the new replacements would be, and he clicked his puppet heels and obeyed. When asked by the media his reasoning for the sudden moves and the qualifications of his new replacements, he couldn’t even remember their names. Is that a clue?

    The Pinal County Cowboys did what needed doing, so now let’s everybody get behind Steve Smith and Andy Biggs and make it happen.

    God bless America.

  8. Why don’t all of you guys spend more time this week getting Republicans elected first and wait until after 7 pm on November 6th to argue and complain about who should or should not be the leadership in the legislature.

    • Because, then, it will be too late to influence the outcome.

      • You influence the outcome by getting your preferred candidates elected in the primary and then the general, not by complaining on Sonoran Alliance.

        • It sure seems like Pierce is doing that by withholding PAC money from some Republican Arizona Senate candidates in the general election and improperly using the money during the primary to support his candidates.

          People supporting conservative Republicans in tough races can help out and blog at the same time.

          • If you don’t like how a PAC spends its money, start your own PAC and raise your own money for your preferred set of candidates.

            If the people here complaining were serious instead of being a bunch of cry babies and whiners, they would be posting links to the campaign donation and volunteer pages for the candidates in Legislative Districts 8, 9, and 10 instead of moaning about Steve Pierce.

  9. The only person actually helping elect Republicans is Steve Pierce. He has worked his tail off this year. How much money has Andy Biggs raised? What has he done? Jack. Squat. All he ever does is let others do the hard work, then try to get the credit.

    Without Pierce, Democrats take the Senate. Period. You can thank him after next Tuesday when they don’t.

  10. Steve Nelson says

    Everyone in Arizona should want Steve Smith to be Speaker of the House. He is the epitome of a Reagan Conservative because has the foresight and vision to build a fence on the border for $300,000. In fact, the Pachyderm Coalition has proven he is a Reagan Republican by labeling him “Reagan Republican” in their rankings. That is proof!

    I feel so safe knowing he has protected our state from danger. He is a true leader and is the only legislator who is championing the $300,000 fence. This nearly half mile fence will keep us safe. Those Republican legislators who aren’t pushing for this fence are obviously RINOS. Smith is the true Reagan Republican. (I understand that Reagan didn’t build a fence and actually, I admit that he was the President who gave amnesty, but that doesn’t mean anything.).

    Come to think of it, if my revisionist history is correct, Andy Biggs and Steve Smith are more like Ronald Reagan than Ronald Reagan himself!!! Rich Crandall and Steve Pierce are truly RINOS, even though their voting records are more like Reagan. I wish Reagan Conservative Lori Klein would have beaten RINO Andy Tobin so that Steve Smith could have easily waltzed in as Speaker!!!

    • Giovanni Machiavelli says

      If you are going to use Alinsky’s tactics at least make an attempt of writing well. You did okay with picking your target, freezing it and personalizing it the rest doesn’t work. Ridicule is tough because it requires careful scripting to come across properly without going so far over the top as to be dismissed. You missed the mark. Don’t despair as I conduct seminar and mentor on Alinsky’s tactics and their use.

      • Steve Nelson says

        I actually never knew Alinsky’s tactics until you wrote your post, but I googled them to learn what you are talking about. I guess you are looking at “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” This isn’t what I am doing. I am not ridiculing Smith’s most potent weapon. The fence is his greatest weakness.

        The fence Smith advocates for is a fraud. It is especially a fraud on all who financially contribute to it. It will never be built. He knows it and everyone who claps at his speeches know it also. It might get him on the news, but when we look back 10 years from now, Smith’s fence will not exist. An honest Smith would stop the hype and start working on things that work. A conservative wouldn’t take people’s money for something that will never happen. Return the money to the people, because we all know that it will be swept later or re-appropriated to some other less worthy cause.

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