2nd Amendment Still In Effect in Phoenix

This news item off Breitbart.com. “Man carrying assault weapon attends Obama protest”

Although I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of an AR-15 in my household, I will confirm that I did not have one of these on my person at today’s protest.

The money quote in the news article was:

The man with the rifle declined to be identified but told The Arizona Republic that he was carrying the assault weapon because he could. “In Arizona, I still have some freedoms,” he said.

*******UPDATE ON THIS POST*******

The video of the man carrying the AR-15 without a doubt, shows the man standing among Obama supporters. In fact, as you can see in the photo below, someone behind him is wearing a SEIU t-shirt. The man was NOT with the conservative protesters but rather a member of the Pro-Obama protesters

And in yet another update, JD Hayworth’s show is reporting that the man carrying the AR-15 may indeed be a Libertarian member who decided to move amongst the Obama supporters.


  1. kralmajales says

    What a total idiot!

  2. kralmajales says

    And need I say again just how radical and outside the mainstream of America these protestors are?

  3. Kral,

    Have you actually stopped to think how many Arizona citizens actually DO own a firearm but you never hear about it?

  4. kralmajales says

    Hell…I wouldn’t mind owning one but to show up at a freakin protest of the president with rifles? That is dangerous and as radical as it gets. It makes your movement look rather stupid and unamerican.

    Seriously, I would love to poll this one. I bet 90% of Americans think that “time, place, and manner” matters…and when it comes to the President and crowds, for god’s sake, be prudent!

    I will do what many hear do to me a lot. If people had showed up with guns at a Bush event or an antiwar protest, you could bet your ass that they would be in Guantanamo!

  5. I’ll admit that it was not “good form” to carry about a big bad scary assault rifle to the protest today. At the same time one of the pro-Obama protesters walked around wearing a ball cap with the words “F*#K the Police.” Would you call that good form or “rather stupid and unamerican?”

  6. kralmajales says

    Its stupid to where a F*#k the Police hat no question, but it is no where near the kind of danger and even radicalism that carrying a gun near a presidential event is.

    This is just absolutely beyond the pale to me.

  7. This really is reckless. Any gun enthusiast would say you have to respect this right and the weapon. This was grandstanding in a flippant way, and dare I say if ANYONE had arrived to protest at a Bush event with a gun it would have been high treason. With snipers on the roof tops to keep the President safe, why would you take a chance?

  8. Look, the assault rifle slung over the shoulder is a bad idea. One, it’s not completely in his control. The hand closest to the trigger is the hand of the guy standing behind him. Two, it’s not a weapon you can holster and keep safe from someone grabbing it. Three, well #1 and #2 are really the same thing. What makes it dangerous is the way he was carrying, and if he’s really concerned about his safety he’d carry a different weapon. Like the guy with the holstered pistol (no, it wasn’t me). So while it’s legal and provocative, it’s also not something tradition gun owners (including AR15 owners) like to do.

  9. Not since King George has the right to carry been so important. Lets not forget why we have that right. What’s more telling to me though, is that guns keep showing up and no one has even come close to threatening the president. Instead, they prove that gun ownership and responsibility can go hand in hand. Are some of you suggesting that constitutional rights should be suspended around the president?

  10. I wasn’t really upset about the rifle until Wolfy made some great points about safety.

    I do like to see good citizens carry weapons safely. There’s nothing UnAmerican about carring guns. You can argue unwise use, but not UnAmerican.

    I laugh when I think about how unhinged the Left gets when they act UnAmerican and someone points it out, but they can sure throw that term around when it suites them.

  11. This is going to be a big national story, with AZ gun laws at the forefront. Dang, they just passed the law permitting guns in bars and people are complaining about…Obama’s safety.

    The real story here is how everyone reacted. Or didn’t. The people of Phoenix were at a political event in broad daylight and no one batted an eye that a guy was slinging a rifle. No one cared.

  12. I’m just fascinated by the mindset of a person who would wade through a group of unarmed protestors with multiple weapons.

    There’s no reason to do that other to try to intimidate those around him.

    Did a piss poor job of that, I might add. No one’s afraid of guns anymore.

  13. kralmajales says

    Oh come on, you cannot be an apologist for this. I saw the updates you put up in the post. The national media, with pretty normal White House correspondants talked with the guy on the Obama side and he was NOT an Obama supporter. You can bet that Hayworth is calling him something other than a typical tea partier, as it makes the protest look so damned bad. In fact, the folks covering it said they saw a HOST of weapons on the anti Obama side as well.

    Radical…OH YEAH…safe…NO WAY. And again, time place and manner.

    If people got arrested at Bush events for simply being their and speaking. If people got arrested in droves in NYC at the GOP national convention…again for speech…how can you defend NOT arresting people who show up for a Presidential event with GUNS. What makes guns so much more special than free friggin speech.

  14. if people want to carry guns they certainly have the right. i’m not particularly worried about the president’s safety but i think some people need to think this through before they get all gung-ho about this.

    it sure seems like some of these guys were trying to intimidate protesters that they disagreed with. if this sort of thing continues i think it is likely others might bring weapons and then as tempers flare and words are exchanged things could get ugly very quickly.

  15. nightcrawler says

    I am a card carrying NRA member and believe in the 2nd amendment. Truth be known this was showboating and probably has hurt the gun lobby. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A holstered handgun is one thing, still inappropriate for the venue, but not beyond the pale.

    An assault rifle in a crowded venue with the leader of the free world a block away is ridiculous and in your face. Very few countries in the world and a handful of states would allow such conduct. Wolfy is absolutely correct, the man was not in control of his weapon and thereby placed innocent people in harm’s way.

  16. I am pretty sure that the gun totting guys at the rally were mostly Ron Paul supporters given some of the pictures I have seen.

    They also appear to have alerted the police in advance that they would be there with legal guns and the police were actually “escorting” them to make sure that nothing bad happened. It was a complete publicity stunt.

  17. The Squire Trelane says

    Leave it to gun nuts to find the most expedient way to hurt the very cause they fight for.

  18. kralmajales says

    The entire Tea Party protests are a publicity stunt. And as time goes along, they end up getting crazier and crazier. I suspect we will start seeing the “average”, “calm”, republicans that attend these events start to bolt as their friends and neighbors start to associate them with the very kooks they used to call unamerican…you know…Code Pink and the like?

  19. The guy carrying the AR-15 yesterday in Phoenix is a degenerate. It’s one thing to demonstrate one’s 2nd Ammendment rights, but it’s another thing to grandstand the wrong issue and put the rights of others in jeopardy by adding fuel to the gun-control issue. Full ignorance on display folks…

  20. The pro-Obama supporters outnumbered the cons on Monday, I guess that’s why we’re talking about the guy who attempted to intimidate others with his “Second Amendment” display.

  21. kralmajales says

    Yep Kenny, yep. The silent majority is starting to become a whole lot less silent. It just took a bunch of extremists to wake them up. Thanks Tea Party, thanks a ton.

  22. TrueConservative says

    I don’t know which is funnier, a bunch of bitchy little cry baby Ds or bitchier, whineyer Rs.

    And for the record, the kid is a registered Republican.

    Now change your diapers and get back to work.

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