Mexican government op-ed in Republic could have been written by the Republic

Sunday’s Republic Viewpoints section led with a column by Mexico governor Eduardo Bours.

At least in the print edition, it said it was offering a perspective on the immigration issue from our neighbor south of the border, as if this was something novel.

In reality, the open borders Republic has been offering nothing but the Mexican government’s open borders views on this issue for many years.

Mexico wants to export its social problems to the US, because without this outlet the Mexican people would probably revolt at the stunning incompetence of the ruling elite.

But this is nothing new, the Republic’s and Mexican govenment’s position on these issues has been indecipherable for years. Remember, the Republic is so far out of the mainstream on this that they opposed the no bail for illegal immigrants law that passed with 78 percent approval.

But it gets worse when we consider that this most event cheerleading for amnesty comes on the heels of last weeks Viewpoints section, which had 10(!) columns pushing the immensely unpopular DREAM Act, which requires states to use taxpayer funds to subsidize tuition for illegal immigrants. Arizonans voted with 71 percent to deny in state tuition to illegal immigrants.

And also, their other column on this subject yesterday was by Napolitano, another apologist for illegal immigration.

No wonder the Repulsive’s circulation is dropping like a rock!


  1. Last week’s Republic viewpoints section WAS absolutely unreadable. But my understanding is not that they were advocating use of tax dollars, but that they were pimping for a privately funded scholarship program for excelling students who are here illegally. The Republic is becoming more blog-like every week, where they want to foist their world view opinion on me without any sense of balance, context or insight.


    Nappy is selling out our state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We should impeach her for treason!!!!!!

    We would get Terry Goddard sure but at least Goddard GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We just have to get him to jump from his aggressive proseuction of Coyotes to those who smuggle themselves like Thomas has done. He is almost there and light years from nappy!!!

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