Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons?

The race for the Senate in District 18 continues to escalate. This time, Gilbert resident and political activist, Bob Hisserich, has issued a scalding community column aimed at LD 18 Senate candidate, Kevin Gibbons. The column can be found online at AZCentral.com. Here is the text of the column:

Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons
By Bob Hisserich

When it comes to employer sanctions, District 18 Senate Republican candidate Kevin Gibbons claims that he wants to revisit the issue as part of a “comprehensive plan that deals with all of the different aspects of the issue.”

As a national leader in employer sanctions, thanks largely to Senate candidate Russell Pearce, Arizona has one of the most effective, non-discriminatory laws in the nation.

Gibbons’ motive behind this quest to change the employer sanctions laws came into focus when I discovered some of Gibbons’ campaign donors who contributed the maximum amounts are behind the deceptively titled “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.”

The people behind this initiative have been vocal opponents of any illegal immigrations enforcement efforts and are bankrolling Kevin Gibbons to get their voice heard in the Legislature.

Arizona has too many people in office who are not who they appear to be and electing Mr. Gibbons would be like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse.

Gibbons has received $2,640 in donations from prominent members of the campaign; shared donors include: Andrew Pacheco, campaign chairman; Marion “Mac” Magruder; Sandy Magruder; Western Growers Political Action Committee, Arizona; Anna Marie Aja, Western Growers; Matthew Bigham, Western Growers; Chad Willems, campaign consultant.

In all, those who have donated to Mr. Gibbons have also contributed nearly $35,000 directly to the “Stop Illegal Hiring Act,” not to mention the additional $38,000 in donations filtered through “Wake Up Arizona” which is made up of the same individuals. Their ballot initiative, if passed, would significantly weaken Arizona’s employer sanctions laws.

Mr. Gibbons’ supporters want to abolish the required use of E-Verify and want to go back to the far riskier and much maligned Federal I-9, process which is full of fraud.

E-Verify is 99.7 percent accurate and is working to help employers hire legal employees easily in conforming to Arizona State Law.

Gibbons would be mistaken to attempt to discontinue the use of E-Verify. My wife has been a human resource professional for 21 years and uses E-Verify and attests to its effectiveness in hiring a legal workforce.

Returning to the old system would require Arizona to wait until the federal government has taken action against an employer before the state is allowed to take action. That would be unmistakably a step in the wrong direction.

What’s more, their plan eliminates the use of anonymous tips to help catch people who are hiring people illegally!

If anonymous tips are good enough to report other crimes they should be good enough for hiring those who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

Gutting Arizona’s employer sanctions law is not something that the constituents of District 18 or the citizens of Arizona will stand for.

Apparently Kevin Gibbons doesn’t want to revisit the law, he wants to gut it on behalf of the “cheap labor” donors who are bankrolling his campaign.

The people of District 18 deserve better than someone masquerading as a Republican who has a workable, tough policy on illegal immigration enforcement and hiring.

 If Kevin Gibbons wants to represent the people in District 18, Kevin Gibbons should remove his mask of being a Republican, be honest, and admit that the people behind his campaign are really the people behind the deceptive “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.”




  1. H. R. Bunk says

    Bob, Gibbons receiving money from Yuma is not okay but accepting a flawed premise from a guy from Gilbert is? Hipocritical. Also, what kind of business does your wife work for and how many employees does she handle? Sounds like a case of apples and oranges. The bitter taste is called hipocrisy.

  2. Mesa Man says

    Uh, think again. Hisserich is from Mesa. Its clear that the same people who are behind the rest of the open borders guys are also behind Gibbons.

    Now, they are getting some heat for their financing tricks from Wake Up Arizona. Perhaps its time for other people to wake up and see what kind of puppet this guy really is.

  3. Messenger says
  4. Somehow this post has appeared twice, yet Sonoran Alliance is disregarding the fact that Russell Pearce is taking TAXPAYER money to fund his campaign! That means Mr. Pearce is also taking democrat money, liquor money, yuma money, money from criminals, etc… I’m not seeing how the Pearce campaign expects these hits to be beneficial????

  5. Its hard to take anyone seriously who calls themselves a bastard.

  6. Bob Yokum says

    My question is how many illegal aliens are on Hisserichs payroll?
    How many homes in mesa slums has Hisserich sold to illegals and drop house coyotes?
    I think it is worth a good hard look at the homes sold by all his mexican realtors. Im sure nobody wants to hear the truth about that!

  7. The message must be resonating against Gibbons and his open boarder friends. The attack is on to smear Preace.

    Does anybody really care with the New Times puts out.

  8. Messenger says

    You may not care what the New Times puts out but do you care what about what Pearce’s wife swore under oath?

  9. Steve and Mesan,
    Granting, “Benefit of doubt” is a good and noble human attribute, but the strength of your arguments don’t quite rise to that level.
    I am sure the identity of the one who uses the moniker “Bastard” for being “catchy” is well known.
    Calling the news leak of someone abusing his own wife, if that is undisputed and true, will not turn into an expression of love even if anyone thinks it is a smear.

  10. Kevin Gibbons is out for personal and monetary gain I worked for Kevin Gibbons in his law firm and he is the biggest liar and cheater there is! He makes money on “helping” illegal aliens with there legal problems only he lies and tells them that he can get them legalized for a large sum of money only to let them down and say oops! I didn’t know you were previously deported;I’m rich, sorry. Kevin Gibbons is a DIRTY, CORRUPTED, PIG!!!! HAVING HIM IN THE SENATE IS SCARY- Oh and by the way he was investigated by the department of immigration in March of 08, check it out.

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