More money to the classroom, less for lobbying.

     The snarky Rum Romanism and Rebellion and highly partisan Blog for Arizona sites have gotten all worked up about a silly ad produced by The Education Finance Reform Group and paid for by certain public schools districts. RRR and BfA are trying to spin this as a Tim Bee issue. It has nothing to do with Tim Bee and everything to do with government entities wasting precious taxpayer funds on lobbying. The travesty is not that the ad mentioned a politician. The real shame is that public schools are allowed to waste public funds on producing and airing ads.

     There is a bill in the legislature that would address the misuse of taxpayer funds evidenced by the wasteful thank you ad. The bill is SCR 1009. Out understanding is that is stuck in a Senate committee. Now there is a relevant question for a senator, what is you position on SCR 1009? Much more important than whining about a useless ad for which the senator was not responsible.

     Speaking of SCR 1009, the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity has lots of good information about the issue. Here are some links on the bill. SCR 1009 introduced and SCR 1009 stuck in committee.

     How about it RRR and BfA? Do you really care about education money going to the classroom or were you just trying to score a hit against Giffords’ opponent? I hope that you join us in calling on the legislature to pass SCR 1009.


  1. SonoranSam says

    If Tim Bee didn’t know he would appear in the ad, how come he appears in the video on two separate occasions – one of them a posed shot on the Capital mall, with all the other people who appeared in the ad?

    The concept behind SCR 1009 is a good one. Too many politicians, R and D, have blurred the lines between promoting the legitimate services their operations provide to taxpayers, and campaigning for re-election, or election to higher office.

    The language of the resolution, however, needs some tweaking.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Uh…understandable that you would mention this new law, but the ad is already against the law.

    I think that many of the people at RRR think that money from school districts going to support ANY candidate is just plain wrong and is definitley the antithesis of what your party stands for.

    Ya’ll should tell them and tell Tim Bee that…just as some of us are.

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