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The “Brewer Ruins Arizona Team” – BRAT’s – to bankrupt Arizona and bring you Obamacare

Here comes the “Brewer Ruins Arizona Team” – the BRAT’s –
to bankrupt Arizona and bring you Obamacare.

Governor Brewer suspended the rules in the House to ram Obamacare and a Democrat unbalanced budget through the legislature. So it is not a surprise that the Governor’s Team intends to bend every rule in the book to prevent the Republican Party from their constitutionally defined right to collect signatures to veto her.

She rolled the Senate.
She suspended the rules and rolled the House.
Watch out PC’s – YOUR TURN.

The Fake Petition
The Governor is PAYING signature gatherers to follow the URAPC alliance to create confusion and lead people to think they have already signed a petition.
The Governor’s team of BRAT’s is weak.

  • • They do not have a real petition.
  • • They do not have a real Proposition.
  • • They are a weak alternative to the passion and commitment found at URAPC.

Details of the BRAT Petition
The BRAT’s are carrying a paper with the title: “Petition in Support of Health Care for Arizonans Who Need it Most.”

The Governor continues her strategy of paying to get her way because she cannot win on principle. Her team has hired w ell known traditionally conservative signature gatherers, folks who have worked for Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe so they will not work for URAPC.

URAPC has approximately 13,000 petitions throughout the state of Arizona. Small business owners who are proud Democrats are joining the Alliance of Principled conservatives to save their businesses and the jobs they create.

Go to: to see the BRAT petition.


POLL: Paul Babeu, Early Favorite in Congressional Race AZ01


Immigration, fiscal issues dominate voter concerns, says Noble

(Scottsdale, AZ)—Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu claimed a strong lead among likely Republican primary voters for the 2014 congressional elections in Arizona’s 1st District, said consultant and pollster Mike Noble.

In a survey of 349 likely Republican primary voters, 27.3% say they would vote to nominate Babeu if the primary were held tomorrow. State House Speaker Andy Tobin trailed a distant second in the poll of potential Republican primary candidates with 5.1%.

Also polled were businessman Gaither Martin (4.6%), and State Representative Adam Kwasman and Doug McKee, who each received 2.1% of respondents’ votes. And with no announced Republican candidate in the race, 58.9% of respondents say they are undecided.

“If he were to run, Sheriff Paul Babeu would be a formidable candidate, both in the primary and general elections,” said MBQF principal Mike Noble. “He has a proven ability to raise money from a donor base that extends far beyond Arizona’s borders, high name ID, and voters appreciate his ongoing efforts against the Mexican drug cartels, against human trafficking, against illegal immigration, and as a leading advocate for job creation and balanced budgets in Pinal County and across Arizona.”

The poll, the first public survey of likely Republican primary voters in Arizona’s 1st District of the 2014 cycle, also found voters to be highly engaged on the issues. Nearly one-third of voters (29.2%) said fiscal issues, such as taxes, the budget, jobs and unemployment, were the top issues by which they would decide their vote next year in the Republican congressional primary. Another 28% said immigration issues, including border security and amnesty for illegal aliens, were the top issues which would ultimately determine how they voted.

Values issues (protecting life and defending marriage) placed a distant third among likely primary voters as their top defining issue, selected by 12.9%. Health care issues such as Obamacare and Medicare/Medicaid were picked by 9.2% of respondents as their top issue. Rights issues (guns, privacy, property) were selected by 8.6% of respondents. And 4.9% said defense issues (terrorism, military, veterans) were the single defining issue which would determine their vote next year. Just 7.2% said they were undecided or didn’t know.

Methodology: This automated survey was completed by MBQF Consulting on June 26, 2013, from a sample of registered Republican voters from CD-01 who first answered they were “likely” or “very likely” to vote in the 2014 congressional elections in Arizona. The sample size was 349 completed surveys, with a MoE of ± 5.20%.

Conservative Leader Ward Connerly Endorses Steve Montenegro for Secretary of State


PHOENIX – Calling State Representative Steve Montenegro an “extraordinarily valuable leader” in the effort to end race, gender and ethnic preferences in Arizona, national conservative leader and civil rights leader Ward Connerly today endorsed Montenegro for Secretary of State.

“It is a real honor to have someone of Ward Connerly’s stature endorse our exploratory efforts.” said Montenegro.  In 2010, Montenegro was a prime sponsor of legislation that became Prop 107, Arizona’s Civil Rights Initiative.  The Proposition banned the use of preferences based on race, ethnicity, and gender at public colleges and universities, in public hiring, and in the granting of government contracts.  Arizona voters approved the measure by a 60%-40% margin.

In March of this year, and in response to the urging of nearly two dozen conservative leaders from around the state, Montenegro formed an Exploratory Committee to consider a run for Secretary of State.

# # #

Limiting Government Week Launches Online Petition

Limiting Government Week

State Representative Steve Montenegro, Co-Chair

State Senator Al Melvin, Co-Chair 



Phoenix, AZ – Responding to the positive reactions we have received from Arizona voters to our Limiting Government Week proposal, we have launched an online petition to encourage the Arizona Legislature to agree to our proposal starting with the 2014 Legislative Session.

The online petition is available at:

We encourage everyone who supports this idea to sign that petition.  Together, we can make positive changes here in Arizona!

ABOUT LIMITING GOVERNMENT WEEK – Limiting Government Week is a proposition by State Representative Steve Montenegro and State Senator Al Melvin that one week out of each legislative session be set aside exclusively for bills that reduce or eliminate arcane laws and burdensome regulations that do nothing to improve the lives of Arizonans or the economic health of its employers.

# # #

Principled Conservatives Unite To Veto Governor Brewer

Saturday was a successful event on the Capitol Lawn for the official launch of the People’e Veto by the United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives. URAPC filed a referendum to veto Governor Brewers Medicaid Expansion on Tuesday and within four days over three hundred Conservatives marched upon the Arizona Capitol. 1009755_4926081196573_962181041_nThe stunning realization that the Governor’s attempt to contain her actions within the Capitol echo chamber and starve the public of her misuse of the veto and special session has been a failure. The people understand the Governor is surrendering Arizona to Obamacare. Armed with a pen they came ready to begin to battle an out-of-control Governor and to stop Obamacare in Arizona. 2500 pre-pledged petitions were quickly dispersed to Republican legislative district leaders and the remaining 2500 begin flying off the table.

1013888_646697128691621_1112834784_nDefying the media narrative that the heat would be too daunting, the Liberty Caucus and Tea Party organizations from across the state joined the Republican Precinct Committeemen solidifying the United Republican Alliance mission to unite Principled Conservatives. The mission is to veto Governor Brewer’s ill conceived and unconstitutional legislation. The people of Arizona are not threatened by the Governor, her greedy lobbyists, or the crony capitalist intimidation tactics her and her ilk utilize. They know they represent the majority in Arizona and that they are the last defense against Obamacare.

Armed with petitions and pens the troops are marching into communities gathering signatures. All Arizona registered voters can join them and get a petition.


“WHEREAS, supporting a government takeover of Arizona’s health care system, even to secure large amounts of federal funds, does not reflect the values of the Republican Party or the interests of the taxpayers of AZ.” Maricopa County Republican Committee Resolution. March 7, 2013

Statement from CAP President Cathi Herrod on the SCOTUS Decisions regarding DOMA and Prop 8

Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod on the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions regarding DOMA and Prop 8

“The key message for Arizonans from the U.S. Supreme Court today is this: Your right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman is preserved. It’s important to note that the Court did not find a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Neither did the Court declare same-sex marriage a civil right on the order of ethnicity or nationality.” 

Though Center for Arizona Policy disagrees with aspects of the Court’s decision, we are grateful that the Court did not undermine the will of Arizona voters who strongly supported our state’s 2008 marriage amendment. In DOMA, CAP believes that the court erred in claiming that a state that has redefined marriage can force that definition on the federal government for purposes of federal marriage laws. 

In Prop 8, the court has ensured that the state-by-state debate about marriage is allowed to continue. Truly the debate over marriage has just begun.           

Marriage is more than just a personal promise, it serves a public purpose. It is society’s best guarantee of a limited government that stays out of family life. Social science data has proved this time and time again. 

Center for Arizona Policy is committed to continuing to stand for marriage and to defeat any efforts to redefine this essential union.”

Center for Arizona Policy promotes and defends the foundational values of life, marriage and family and religious liberty. CAP led the 2008 effort to constitutionally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Arizona. 

State Representative Steve Montenegro on the Supreme Court’s decision re: Voting Rights Act

Montenegro-Logo---SOS2PHOENIX – “Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory, not just for Arizona, but for our nation.  It is proper recognition that we, as a country and as a people, have made tremendous progress over the last fifty years.  It also works towards ending the discriminatory treatment of states like Arizona that have been forced to beg the permission of a more often than not hyper-partisan Justice Department to make even the simplest of revisions or improvements to the elections process.

Elections should be blind to matters of race, color, ethnicity, and sex.  Today’s decision is a small but important step towards that day when racial gerrymandering ends, and all Americans are treated as independent thinkers, each entitled to their own unique opinion and viewpoint of the world, without being forced together with others simply because they share a skin color or ethnicity.”

# # #

Drive for Limiting Government Week Begins

Limiting Government Week

State Representative Steve Montenegro, Co-Chair

State Senator Al Melvin, Co-Chair


Phoenix, AZ – Earlier today we emailed our Republican colleagues in the State House and State Senate respectively to seek their support for what we are calling Limiting Government Week.

As Republicans, we are supposed to be believers in limiting government and maximizing individual liberty.  As conservatives, it is not just a line in a Party Platform but a guiding principle.

Yet the work of a State Legislator too often consists of revising laws, writing new laws, and only rarely scaling back or eliminating existing laws.  We would like to see that change and we believe that Arizona’s economy and taxpayers would be well-served by Limiting Government Week.

With enough support from both leadership and rank-and-file members, we propose that one entire week in the upcoming 2014 legislative session be dedicated to eliminating arcane laws and burdensome regulations that do nothing to improve the lives of Arizonans or the economic health of its employers.

There is little debate we are burdened by too much government and all of that government comes at the expense of our wallets and our freedoms.  Limiting Government Week is a good start to reversing that dangerous trend and it is our hope that the positive attention that Arizona garners will send a powerful message nationwide that Arizona is open for business and takes seriously the idea of limited government.

And for those who yearn for Limiting Government Month, we say “Stay Tuned!”

# # #

Arizona: a Champion in Education Choice, should also be a Champion in Energy Choice

Ask any conservative if they support school choice and the answer is most likely a resounding, “Yes!” School choice empowers parents, families, communities and it reasserts parental control and autonomy back into the issue of education.

While some parents choose to send their child to public school, others may choose private schools, charter schools or even home school their children themselves. Choice in education makes sense and it should make the same sense when it comes to energy choice.

Here in Arizona, conservative lawmakers have pushed and enacted legislation promoting and protecting choice in education while reducing or offsetting the cost to parents who opt out of the public education system. These creative ways to reduce the burden of public education have been in the form of donations that reduce a family’s or business tax liability. It has led to Arizona becoming one of the most prolific school choice states in the country.

Now imagine if the powerful teachers unions were able to capture control of the Arizona Legislature and Executive and began to repeal every law protecting your choice in education. Gone would be scholarship tax credits for families and business. Imagine if the public education monopoly were to control Arizona’s education system to the point where it was almost impossible for charter, private and even homeschooling families to exercise their choice in education. That’s what is about to happen right here in Arizona’s energy market.

It’s about to become very difficult for anyone using residential rooftop solar to continue using this technology to generate their own power – if APS has their way.

In recent years, improvements in technology have allowed energy consumers to afford residential-based power generation technology such as wind and solar units. Consumers have had the choice to generate their own electricity for their own personal needs and even supply excess power back to the main grid. It’s energy choice in action.

Unfortunately, big utility companies like APS see your choice as a threat to their bottom line and have started pressuring rule makers at the Arizona Corporation Commission to change the rules. Specifically, APS would like to see the ACC eliminate the policy net metering which allows energy consumers to provide any excess electricity back to the main power grid and thus reduce their overall energy consumption and cost. APS would essentially regain its monopoly power by erecting a barrier to entry to your ability to supply the grid. Overall, our main grid would lose out by not having thousands of consumers contributing clean power back to the grid.

I started out this editorial by describing how choice in education benefits everyone in Arizona by improving options and reducing the cost and burden on families and corporations. In several ways, energy choice is very much like school choice because everyone benefits, especially here in sun-rich Arizona.

When big utility companies like APS make an effort to take our choice and incentives away in order to protect their bottom line, let’s remind our elected officials whose best interest they’re supposed to serve. Siding with APS on the issue of energy choice would be akin to siding with teachers unions on education choice. Energy choice is as important as choice in education is and Arizona can demonstrate leadership in this arena. After all, that’s what Republican values are all about.

Shane Wikfors is the creator and editor of Sonoran Alliance and a longtime Arizona conservative Republican activist. He is also owner of Red Mountain Consulting & Development and has been an advocate of non-subsidized, consumer-based, taxpayer-friendly energy diversity and sustainability.

AZ Bar disciplinary judge walks over crooked short sale; Michigan judge gets prison

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Friday, June 21, 2013

When You Can’t Trust the Judges in Town, What do You do?

AZ Bar disciplinary judge O’Neil untouchable vs. Michigan judge gets thrown in prison for similar crooked short sale

Too bad she wasn't a Bar disciplinary judge
Too bad she wasn’t the state disciplinary judge, or she wouldn’t have gone to prison.

by Mark Dixon

Recently, it was reported that Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway pleaded guilty to bank fraud (mortgage short-sale fraud). Hathaway lied to her bank about her ability to make payments on her home in order to facilitate a short sale. Just prior to the short sale, she tapped more than $350,000 in cash to purchase two different homes that were then put in the names of her stepchildren. Then to hide the additional assets, she quit-claimed her Florida home to a family member. She did this in an effort to hide more than a million dollars in assets. The United States Attorney’s office filed court documents to seize the Florida home in partial relief from the fraud.


Contrast this with the situation involving Arizona State Bar disciplinary judge William J. O’Neil. While a Pinal County Superior Court Judge, he arranged for his mother-in-law’s home to be purchased via a short sale by his good friend Bryan Brenfleck, who then transferred a 50% interest to Judge O’Neil and his wife, Tammy. Judge O’Neil’s mother-in-law lived in the home throughout all of the transactions and continues to reside there to this day.


This saga of deceit and corruption began with the death of Judge O’Neil’s father-in-law. After his death, O’Neil’s mother-in-law racked up significant debt which led, in August of 2006, to the refinancing of her home with National City Mortgage, a subsidiary of PNC Mortgage, for $204,000. On November 27, 2006, National City Mortgage recorded an “Assignment of Deed of Trust,” transferring their interest to Christopher R. Perry. It appears Perry held or holds the loan on Judge O’Neil’s mother-in-law’s house. The loan for $204,000 was never released according to documents recorded with Pinal County.


You can get away with anything if you’re the judge over all the attorneys in the state.

In January 2007, the same home was financed again by National City Mortgage, a subsidiary of PNC Mortgage, with Christopher R. Perry as trustee for $203,950. A short sale was orchestrated selling the home to Judge O’Neil’s good friend and business partner, Bryan Brenfleck, on January 14, 2010 for $72,000. On August 29, 2011 Bryan Brenfleck transferred a 50% interest in the home back to Judge O’Neil and his wife, Tammy. That makes for a gain of $337,950.00 for a home that was originally worth just over $80,000, as suggested by a mortgage taken out in the mid 90’s. Considering how the rest of us have seen a severe dip in our home prices, not a gain, the deal reeks to high heaven.


Christopher R. Perry once was a prominent foreclosure attorney working closely with National City Mortgage, a subsidiary of PNC Mortgage. On February 16, 2011, while driving drunk, he ran down an elderly couple with his car, stopped and saw the woman dying, returned to his car, and fled the scene. The woman died of her injuries and Perry was indicted by a grand jury with the following:


1) ARS 28-1381A1 DUI (M1) Liquor/Drugs/Vapors/Combo 2) ARS 28-661 (F3) Hit and Run W/Death/Injury

3) ARS 13-1102 (F4) Negligent Homicide

4) ARS 13-1204 (F3) Aggravated Assault

5) ARS 28-661 (F3) Hit and Run W/Death/Injury


The case resulted with Mr. Perry entering a plea agreement and being sentenced to only a year and a half in prison. He served just slightly over a year and has since been released. We can thank Maricopa County Superior Court Presiding Criminal Commissioner Steven P. Lynch and the Maricopa County Attorney for ignoring the sentencing guidelines which in this case should have required a minimum of 7 ½ years for such crimes. Just recently, Kevin Millard received a 10 ½ year sentence from Pima County Superior Courtfor the same crimes.


Perry’s punishment from the Arizona Supreme Court, thru it’s Presiding Disciplinary Judge William J. O’Neil and the Arizona State Bar was even lighter.


Judge O’Neil, in an effort to appear to be following the rules, suspended Perry’s law license on March 10, 2011 which is represented in press releases and public information on the State Bar website. What is secreted and not made public, March 11, 2011, Judge O’Neil issued an Order of Stay of the same suspension, then on March 18, 2011 O’Neil issued an Order of Partial and Temporary Relief from Interim Suspension. The outcome is that Christopher R Perry had his law license suspended for less than 24 hours and in fact continued to practice law the entire time he was incarcerated with the Arizona Department of Corrections. This is evidenced in over 1,600 documents recorded in Maricopa and Pinal Counties, almost all of which Perry is representing PNC Mortgage, parent company to National City Mortgage. It appears Perry was allowed to continue to practice law up until his disbarment and retroactive suspension on April 3, 2013. Ongoing review of documents show that he even used an abbreviated form of his name as an alias, Chris Perry. This is a common practice it seems. Judge William O’Neil’s name, as listed in connection with Brian Brenfleck, is Bill O’Neal. This is just a small sample of the outrageous conduct practiced and accepted by the Arizona State Bar and the Arizona Judiciary.


PNC Mortgage is the parent company of both National City Bank and National City Mortgage. National City Mortgage provided financing for O’Neil’s mortgage fraud. Christopher R. Perry is listed as an attorney at/with National City Mortgage. PNC Mortgage and Christopher R. Perry provided Judge William J. O’Neil very lucrative deals, seemingly in exchange for judicial deference in mortgage cases and leniency in Perry’s disciplinary matter.


A few interesting “coincidences” or not?


A judicial complaint was filed against Judge O’Neil regarding the short sale and other significant violations, yet he was cleared without any explanation. The first screening officer was Hon. Michael O Miller from Pima County Superior Court, he recused himself. Soon thereafter, he was appointed to the Court of Appeals. The second screening officer was a public member, Ms. Colleen Concannon, appointed by the Governor to the Commission on Judicial Conduct . At that time, she was owner of the financially distressed Manning House in Tucson. Although Ms. Concannon did not sign the Order clearing O’Neil, she was integrally involved. It appears she was assisted in staying the foreclosure sale of the Manning House. It is reported that a buyer was suddenly was found. Were there any state funds involved?


Moreover, a complaint was made to the Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding Judge O’Neil’s failure to disclose that Robert Gallo, who sat with him as the public member on at least five disciplinary panels, was his close friend, neighbor, and business partner. The Commission first stated they did not review that complaint because it was not filed properly, that is why it wasn’t addressed. Once the complaint was brought to the attention of the Commission again, as well as the Disciplinary division of the Bar, the Commission claimed it was examined and found lacking but still hasn’t issued a formal finding. The Bar, claiming deference to the Commission, refuses to investigate at all. The evidence is clear and irrefutable that Mr. Gallo served on the panels with Judge O’Neil, neither disclosed their relationship. Clearly, this influenced Gallo’s decisions on those trials. In one of the 5 panel’s findings it even represented Gallo as a Public Member from Maricopa County, yet he lived right next door to O’Neil in Pinal County. How many additional disciplinary panels were stacked with bias members controlled by O’Neil.


There is one more situation that is exceedingly relevant. It was announced in January 2013 that a complaint was filed against Mr. Richard Wintory, Pinal County’s new Chief Criminal Deputy, replacing Richard Platt who is now Vice President of the Board of Governors of the Bar Association. Now, five months later, after being informed of the illegal acts by O’Neil and others, the State Bar has announced that Mr. Wintory is under investigation. It is no coincidence that Chief Criminal Deputy Mr. Wintory would have been the one to prosecute O’Neil and others. Another Arizona County Attorney is now is facing the wrath of the State Bar for trying to do his job and attempting to stop judicial corruption.


Every attempt made in Arizona to expose this has been thwarted by local and state officials. The Arizona Supreme Court, thru Article 6 of the Arizona Constitution, has administrative supervision over all the courts of the state. Regardless of how many commissions, inferior courts, or organizations to which the Supreme Court wishes to delegate its authority, the final responsibility rests with the Supreme Court and its Chief Justice.


Arizona Supreme Court Chief Staff Attorney Ellen Crowley was made aware of these matters and tried to deflect all responsibility to the Commission on Judicial Conduct by saying “the Commission is a separate constitutional entity, as set forth in the Arizona Constitution, Art. 6.1.” Although the Commission on Judicial Conduct was established by Article 6.1 of the Arizona Constitution the Supreme Court can and has the original responsibility to, on its own motion, assume jurisdiction and clean up its own mess.


When Ms. Crowley’s efforts to deflect the Supreme Courts responsibility failed, attempts were made to delete emails, send failure receipt notices and block senders from the courts public email system to create plausible deniability and knowledge of the wrongdoing, documents and correspondence. Once made aware of the failure of these efforts, she finally sent a reply to the correspondence. If the Supreme Court is not aware of these issues it is only because its own staff is conspiring to keep these issues in the dark.


The problem is that O’Neil holds vast power over attorneys and judges. He is the Supreme Court’s Presiding Disciplinary Judge and with that comes the power to intimidate attorneys and even the judiciary. The State Bar who’s power and authority is delegated to it by the Arizona Supreme Court uses O’Neil as their attack dog apparently with the blessing of the Supreme Court while the Supreme Court ignores his unethical and even illegal behavior. In return, the State Bar and judiciary protect O’Neil, blocking all efforts to expose his wrong doing, not hold him accountable. O’Neil protects those who perform unethical deeds for him, like Perry. Had Perry been held accountable for his past alleged DUI’s and not protected by the Judiciary and others would a woman have died. All those who protected Perry in exchange for the favors he provided are just as guilty of murder as Perry.


So where is the Federal Government? An investigation H-12-0133 has been opened by the Office of Inspector General Federal Housing Authority. The truth will come out sooner or later.



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