Pinal Assessor Calls on State Land to Act

FLORENCE, AZ – Pinal County Assessor Douglas J. Wolf spoke out in favor of a resolution supporting the Union Pacific Classification Yard at Wednesday’s regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Wolf stated that it is time for the Arizona Land Department to end their stonewalling of this economically valuable project.

“The State Land Department has a specific mission to achieve the highest financial return for their trustees. The Union Pacific project at Red Rock is a unique opportunity to add millions of dollars to the trust yet the Land Department is falsely claiming the project would reduce the value of their adjoining property. They are mistaken because a strategic infrastructure project like this would raise the value of the adjoining state land. It is time for the Land Department to do its job and allow the land in question to go to auction,” stated Mr. Wolf.

The classification yard would be on the east side of Interstate 10, north of the Red Rock interchange. This is a unique location because of the proximity to two rail tracks, two interstates (I-10 and I-8) and nearby airports. There is also ample space in this otherwise remote area to allow for future development of an inland port. Such a project could eventually result in thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars coming to Arizona. Union Pacific searched the southwestern United States for suitable locations for this particular use and found Red Rock and a site in New Mexico presented the best opportunities for success. If Arizona doesn’t act quickly, this company could place this major investment in another state.

Mr. Wolf concluded, “We have a well respected Fortune 500 company asking to create significant new jobs here without requesting a single penny in incentives. I cannot stand by silently as unelected bureaucrats at the State Land Department chase this once in a lifetime opportunity to New Mexico. I stand with the Pinal Board of Supervisors, elected officials from local communities, and with our state legislature in saying enough is enough. Let’s open Arizona for business and let’s do it now!”

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