Meet the Team: Walter Dudley

Arizona Party Builders

Walter Dudley

Candidate for Treasurer

I am excited to make a positive difference as Treasurer of the Maricopa County Republican Party. I look forward to working with the AZ Party Builders team, the Chairmen of all the legislative districts, and all the Precinct Committeemen. In particular I look forward to demonstrating to the many contributors that they will be able to have confidence in our ability to keep our ship on course and work to get Republicans elected.

Please see my bio on the AZ Party Builders website for details on my background and experience. I have had the pleasure of working with many elected officials as campaign treasurer and on legislative matters. I have chaired a National Political Action Committee and have been an LD treasurer. I am a team player and recognize how working together generates a synergistic effect. Our team welcomes all Republicans because together we can accomplish more.

I ask for your vote for me as treasurer and for the entire AZ Party Builders slate. We have a strong team and look forward to helping guide our Republican Party.

Positions Held
• First Vice Chairman, Legislative District 7
• Second Vice Chairman, Legislative District 7
• Treasurer, Legislative District 7
• Precinct Committeeman
• State Committeeman
• Campaign treasurer for a number of legislative candidates
• NFIB/AZ Leadership Council Member
• NFIB/AZ SAFE Trust Committee Member
• President, Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants
• Legislative Chair, Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants

Learn more about my experience and background by clicking here.