Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash Endorses Lisa Gray for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party

Arizona Party Builders

Phoenix – Bruce Ash, Republican National Committeeman has endorsed Lisa Gray in her race for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party.

“It’s not everyday that you run across a person with such passion and optimism for our Party, but that is what you find in Lisa. She knows that now, more than ever, is the time to build our Party. I believe she is the right person at this time to lead us in Maricopa County,” said Ash. “She is a strong conservative with a proven track record of getting things accomplished by not wavering on principle but by working with all factions of our Party. She has a solid plan to build our Party and has recruited a stellar team to help implement that plan. Please join me in supporting Lisa Gray and her team to lead our Party in Maricopa County.”

“I am grateful to have the support of Bruce Ash, our National Committeeman, who is well respected within our Party, both nationally and within our state,” said Gray. “I have assembled a well qualified team of leaders from across Maricopa County with over 45 years of combined experience to help lead our County. We have a solid plan that will prepare us for the 2014 elections so that Republicans are victorious!”



  1. One more reason not to vote for him.

  2. Atilla's Hunni says:

    Please tell us all Bruce, just what you were involved in with Lisa? Please do not tell us about the Convention, what you and Lisa did was way before the convention. This decietful woman, Lisa Gray, tried twice to oust Tom, she refused to go about it in the open, she snuck behind the backs of all the State Committee persons who voted for Tom, she had her own agenda and made a fool of herself and failed. Now she is trying to run the County.


    Come clean Bruce.

  3. It saddens me to see Bruce Ash support the Lisa Gray slate, as I thought he supported the entire Party Platform. Now I know better. I won’t be fooled again.

    As for “party building,” recall the ridiculous antics of Lisa Gray and Jeanette Dubriel and others at the October 29, 2011 Arizona GOP Executive Committee meeting. Remember the text of their out-of-order, baseless, completely factually inaccurate “Resolution of No-confidence Re: Chairman Tom Morrissey?” (Full text set forth below.) Lisa claims to want to be a “party builder” but tried to destroy the AZ GOP chairman elected by a majority of the state committeemen just 10 months earlier. For example, during the meeting, one of the county chairmen asked that whomever wrote the “resolution” that had been placed on all chairs by, I’m told, someone called Lynne S., to stand. No one stood up. L.G. Mason, from, Yavapai County, said his contingent unanimously supported Tom Morrissey and referred to the “resolution” as being — accurately — unsigned, unsupported and unendorsed.

    At the conclusion of the meeting, just after it officially adjourned, I asked the attendees whether anyone in the audience would take credit for authoring the “resolution.” No one spoke up. Jeanette Dubriel said, only, that she supported it. Lisa Gray said nothing. I have been told that before the meeting Lisa and Jeanette called members of the Exec. Cmte. asking that they support the out-of-order “resolution.” I’ve also been told that In their comparative presidential election years, Tom Morrissey outraised Randy Pullen by well over a million dollars. He paid down about a hundred thousand dollars in debt left to him by Pullen and brought national money back into the party for the first time in about a decade, with no strings attached. I know that Tom also reached out to the County Committees, minority groups, and Republican clubs to an extent that practically nobody had done before. I’ve been told that when Martha McSally bagged on Morrissey in the presence of an NRCC executive, he shut her down pronto: He told her that the only reason she *had* NRCC support was *because* of Tom Morrissey.

    Want to watch video of the antics of Lisa at the October 29, 2011 AZ GOP Exec. Cmte. meeting? Got to YouTube and search on Lisa Gray Republican Party. Or start here:

    Lisa seems to have an inability to read and understand the roles and powers of the members of the Exec. Cmte. as set forth in the AZ GOP bylaws.

    Here’s the text of the ridiculous “resolution” that shows the kind of “party building” some are capable of engaging in:

    October 29, 2011

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has shown a lack of leadership in promoting the values of the Arizona Republican Party through lack of a stated vision, projections for fundraising nor a formulated plan of action for Victory 2011- 2012; 2011 should be the year of building party finances and other resources for victory in 2012;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has demonstrated he is not qualified to adequately raise the funds necessary to run the Arizona Republican Party and has brought the Party to a debt of over $100,000+ as of the latest FEC filing of October 20;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to hold an Executive Committee Meeting in nearly seven months, failed to communicate, and failed to rely on the guidance of his Officers and Executive Committee Members for advice and consent;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to unite the Arizona Republican Party and promote all Republican elected officials;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to build a rapport with business leaders, community leaders, the media — there is no effort on the part of the Arizona Republican Party to espouse a message, encourage volunteerism and donor support both large and small. There is a failure to attract donors, contributors, and “Friends of the Party” via, including but not limited to, direct mail, telemarketing and on-line donations –sources the AZGOP once was able to rely on for sustenance;

    WHEREAS, we are pleased the Herman Cain event did raise funds for the Arizona Republican Party; one event in ten months does not qualify as adequate fundraising prowess;

    WHEREAS, while we appreciate Chairman Morrissey’s effort to renovate Republican Headquarters, the funds could have been better spent for getting Republicans elected in November;

    WHEREAS, the Arizona Republican Party has two fulltime staff while the Arizona Democrat Party has twelve fulltime staff;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has been asked and agreed that all hiring of staff would be handled through posting of job openings, review of resumes, interviews and job descriptions, this has not happened; the professionalism and quality of operations is lacking; This has caused the Arizona Republican Party to contract an inordinate amount of contractors and consultants, without Executive Committee review, resulting in added expense and a lack of operations at headquarters;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to organize an effective Voter Registration Program or County Bounty Program to promote a growing Republican Party: counties and districts have not received materials or collateral to help register Republicans;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to encourage, organize, discuss or enhance an effort to oppose a biased redistricting commission; nor provide Party activists with the necessary tools and materials to oppose said Commission; nor raise funds to allow for a legal challenge of the resulting Democrat-leaning maps;

    WHEREAS, Chairman Morrissey has failed to make inroads or efforts to participate in promoting a get-out-the-vote campaign for both the Phoenix and Tucson city council races as well as local races statewide;

    WHEREAS, the Arizona Republican Party’s website remains an underutilized asset for promoting Republican Party principles; unprofessional use of personal emails by staff weakens the messaging of the Party; and the social media tools that Obama used so effectively in 2008 are severely underutilized if utilized at all;

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, Members of the Executive Committee, do hereby express onr reluctance to see Chairman Morrissey lead the Arizona Republican Party in 2012, one of the most vital and important elections we shall face, do hereby support and offer this Resolution of No-Confidence and call for the immediate resignation of Chairman Morrissey.


    Yeah, that's the way to "build the Party."

    Go here to read more about the "Party Builders," who seem less interested in building our Party on the basis of our principles in the Party Platform but, rather, on the backs of illegal immigrants and public union employees.

    Just the facts.

    Thank you.

    Cold Warrior

  4. GOP insider says:

    Cold Warrior, Lisa Gray NEVER stopped bashing the state party in the last two years. It’s funny to hear her protest so loud about the November resolution when she complained in that whiny voice that a resolution presented against the state party during the election season “condemning” the Convention results needed to have “more teeth” in it to satisfy her anger. That’s a real uniter for you.
    Atilla’s Hunni, since you asked, you should ask Tom Morrisey to show you an e-mail message Bruce Ash accidentally sent him. In it, Ash seemed to be conspiring with Andy Tobin to unseat Morrissey and, no joke, make Tobin the interim chairman. Or ask a member of the committee that picked the candidates for natl committeewoman to tell you all about what Ash did behind closed doors to try and hand the title to the only woman more strident and nastier than Lisa Gray: Linda White from Tuscon. Or ask Steve Kohut about Ash’s amazing spectacle at PCRC statutory meting. Ash is another uniter for you. Yes, let’s all unite, as long as we do it under Andy Tobin’s cntrol.

  5. Some more facts about the “party builders.”

    Lisa Gray and her legislator husband live in a precinct that has a quota of 12 Republican PC slots. But only 5 are filled. What have they been doing?

    Rene Lopez lives in a precinct with a quota of 12, but only 9 slots are filled.

    Walter Dudley lives in a precinct with a quota of 7, but he’s the only precinct committeeman in the precinct.

    What’s fair is fair. Both Paul Brierley and Colleen Lombard live in precincts where all the slots are filled.

    Now let’s compare that to Team LaFaro:

    Lafaro: Quota of 12, all 12 filled.

    Riggins: Quota of 14, all 14 filled.

    Ludwig: Quota of 9, all 9 filled.

    White: Quota of 13, 12 filled.

    Borrajero: Quota of 10, 8 filled.

    Party builders? Looks like the better builders overall is Team LaFaro.

    Actions speak louder than years.

    You can verify this here:

    Thank you.

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