You are cordially invited to a complimentary Meet & Greet on Saturday, January 5, 2013, to visit with Team LaFaro – Candidates for the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

We are very thankful to all the Co-Hosts for making this event possible and everyone’scontinued support for Team LaFaro.  We are humbled that an overwhelming majority ofthe Precinct Committeemen, Legislative District Chairmen, elected officials in MaricopaCounty and County Republican Chairmen from across the State agree that wehave the proven skills, accomplishments and unselfish passion to keep ArizonaRed – Dark Red!   
We will continue to reach out to the Precinct Committeemen, Club Members andRepublican leadership seeking their vote, support and endorsements as ourcampaign progresses during these next two weeks. 
Vote Team LaFaro on January 12th!  A stronger team with a much stronger message!


  1. This is the same guy who advocated his PCs break the law and tear down campaign signs of Democrats? I hope you elect him, I really do.

    Good to see you’ve learned nothing from the 2012 election.

    • No, it’s the guy running against the woman who’s husband is in the legislature helping the union supporting speaker of the house that also wants to control the grassroots.

  2. Lisa Gray says:


    You need to stop spreading things that are NOT true. I voted against the resolution you are referring to for various reasons and it wasn’t to give anyone control over the grassroots. I know it’s a campaign but seriously, that is quite a stretch.

    11/19/2012 – Statement from Lisa Gray Regarding Recent EGC Resolution

    • If anyone falls for Gray’s desperate rationalization about her embarrassing vote, I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell.

      Here’s what her slate is really about:

      • Lisa what I said is true. You need you work on your reading comprehension. Your husband is elected representative Rick Gray. Rick works for Tobin who is the speaker of the house and a big union supporter. I didn’t say anything about the resolutions that passed by a large margin in EGC meeting. However the fact that you voted against something so strongly supported be the grassroots is just another example of why you are out of touch.

        Grassroots do not want the legislature to influence decisions. The grassroots drive the party, not the other way around. To deny Your husband could influence you is ridiculous at face value.

        When are Kyl and McCain going to endorse you or are they going to stay underground until after the election?

  3. Christie in 2016 says:

    Considering team Lafaro is running with a platform of improving relationships with our electeds, I find it funny he was just another puppet vote for Haney and his sham vote on Tobin/Pierce. But hey, at least the guy the EGC threw their support behind for the house speakership did so well in that process….lol. He couldn’t even get a second on his nomination to be speaker. Finally Tobin himself gave it a second. Then went on to trounce him.

    Yep Lafaro is in touch with his base, grassroots and our electeds…what a joke.

    At least Lisa stood up for what she believed in and voted her beliefs. If you don’t buy the reasoning, too bad.

    As for Morrisey, he was an utter failure. Good on her and anyone else who tried to dump his useless behind.

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