Katie Hobbs: Where does a 1st Grade Teacher keep her gun?

Arizona State Representative Katie Hobbs tweeted: “Where does a 1st grade teacher keep their gun?”

We have an answer!

(We should get a commission for this!)


  1. Carl Toersbijns says:

    Arming teachers at the schools is not the answer ~ Keeping the school zones gun free and drug free is good policy ~ what the Chief of Police needs to consider is a better plan to protect the schools and come up with a plan to supplement the security of school campuses in such a manner it does not infringe on the educational aspect of the institution. It can be done and should be a main element of public safety.

    I am not against allowing teachers the priviledge of going through a rigid training program to possess a firearm under certain conditions but not as a primary purpose to defend in place inside a school classroom. The Chief of Police should consider: primary controlled ingress and egress points, adding undercover plainsclothes police to the staffing [psuedo] patterns, CCTV monitoring of the ingress & egress points for warning purposes and designated first responders on each shift to ensure back up is but a moment away with random but irregular visits by uniformed officers in patrol cars for visibility and deterrrence.

  2. I am actually a proponent of having retired law enforcement and veterans with firearm training serve as paid or unpaid security at our public schools. These men and women would be acutely aware of what to look for in any potential threats.

    • I could possibly support this, given that proper vetting takes place and they receive extensive training and continual training and firearms proficiency tests.
      And, so long as it does not turn a school into an armed encampment.

    • Please…in AZ we cant even get a one cent tax to help schools from crumbling…now your gonna get money for training armed guards in 100,000 schools across the nation?

      • Schools could easily pay for an armed guard. Fire one useless paper pushing administrator in each school and you have paid for your armed guard or police officer. No need to go raising everyone’s taxes because the vast majority of that money goes right into the school districts administrators pockets and that’s it. Most of it never makes it down to the schools and what little does never goes to the teachers. Or we can also quit giving money to countries that hate us and that will more than pay for every school to have several police.

  3. Israel doesn’t seem to have a problem in their schools. Maybe this is why:


    note how casual and calm everyone is.

    • NoMoreGuns says:

      Roger, teachers in Israel are NOT armed.


      Additionally, all Israeli citizens 18 and older are required to serve 2 years in the military, so they have been trained extensively in firearms safety, care & use. They have also been trained how to respond to a crisis situation.

      If arming teachers/more guns is the answer, then please explain how it was that the Ft Hood shooter was able to kill 13 and injure 29 on a MILITARY BASE full of armed & extensively trained personnel.

  4. And the first time a teacher flips & uses his/her gun to shoot up a classroom?

    Or a bullied student manages to get ahold of a teacher’s gun & starts shooting?

    What will be your solution then?

    • @NoMoreGuns,

      You just admitted the problem when you said “And the first time a teacher flips & uses his/her gun to shoot up a classroom.”

      This shows the root of the problem is NOT the gun but the individual. When we can solve the problem of addressing evil then we will be a lot better off.

    • @NoMoreGuns,

      Does the gun some how cause people to “flip”? I have several guns and they have never caused me to do anything.

    • And yet the armed & extensively trained MPs on base weren’t able to react quickly enough to stop the murders of 13 people. But teachers should be able to?

      • @NoMoreGuns,

        So you would rather not have anyone armed at a school in order to react to something like this? Would it have been better of the staff at Sandy Hook not even called the police? They could have just let the killer do as he pleases, and then walk away after it?

        People like you have got to be absolutely insane. Obviously you lack the ability to use logic.

  5. It’s never been a problem over their. Maybe because the parents discipline there children. They don’t take our liberal approach to schooling. Discipline in school is strict like it was here. Each generation we produce is less functional that the previous and we wonder why we can no longer compete worldwide. Our kids have no skills and diminishing work ethics but at least their self esteem is good.

    The two years in the military and training are ideas we should adopt.

    • Or maybe it’s because they have very strict gun laws.

      We are no longer competing worldwide because of the RW fascination with destroying the public education system & turning education over to for-profit charter schools, which actually test worse than public schools. We are lagging worldwide because of Bush’s No Child Left Behind. Instead of teaching critical thinking & analysis, teachers are forced to teach to a test.

      That is not education; that is the very indoctrination that the RW accuses those union thug/liberal indoctrinator/evil incarnate teachers of doing. And yet the RW wants to arm those very same union thugs?

      • Sweden also has very strict gun laws. Everyone is required to have one. How many attacks have they had? Guns are not the problem people are the problem. Criminals will always attack the week and that’s what is happening.

        The people that founded and settled this country would not understand what happened to the great country they build. I understand the cycle. The strong build then the entitlements start and everyone wants “their share.” Liberals take over, society crumbles and the world power base migrates to somewhere else. Our time is finished.

        Students are lagging behind because the schools indoctrinate them into the liberal/entitlement way of thinking. Students know their rights, but not their responsibilities. The progressive liberal push makes us progressively worse. More money in education doesn’t work. It just builds stronger unions. Washington D.C spends the most per student and has the worst academic record.

        Maybe we should start evaluating teachers instead of students. If the teacher is not competent enough to educate their students to competitive standards, find on that can and will. That how it used to work. Liberals love to try to bury problems with money. It hasn’t worked.

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

        • You are misinformed, Roger. Not everyone is required or allowed to own a gun in Sweden. http://www.thelocal.se/35156/20110725/

          More guns is not the solution.

          As for entitlements, are you referring to Social Security? Yes, I will be entitled to SS when I retire because I am paying for it every week through my taxes since I was 18.

          Medicaid? Medicaid wouldn’t be needed if insurance companies could not refuse coverage or drop coverage because someone is actually using the healthcare coverage they pay premiums for through their paychecks very week. Oh wait, they can’t starting in 2014 because of the ACA. FYI, the coverage mandate was first suggested by the Heritage Foundation in the late 1980s/early 1990s as an alternative to universal healthcare. Republicans were for it… until Obama was for it.

          Food stamps? Food stamps wouldn’t be needed if corporations, Walmart for example, paid their employees a living wage. 60% of Walmart employees qualify for Medicaid and/or food stamps. Walmart makes billions while they let the government keep their employees from starving/dying from lack of food/a place to live.

          Did you go to public school? Do you feel you were “indoctrinated”?

          Are you on Medicare? If not now, do you plan on using Medicare when you are eligible? You know, that government-run, socialized medicine that’s supposed to be the epitamy of evil.

          Teachers are already being evaluated, thanks to Bush’s NCLB.

          The problem isn’t teachers. The problem isn’t too much money. The problem is the RWs disdain for investing in our children’s future, which ties directly to our country’s future.

        • William Tell says:

          Somebody has Sweden mixed up with Switzerland….

  6. Think of a base as a small city. MP’s are cops. When seconds count, they are minutes away. Bad guys have no respect for the law and know cops respond slowly. The guy in
    FT Hood was mobile and in the chaos, it took time to find him. When they did it ended quickly.

    • If he was the only one armed (besides the MPs) as your link implies, then how was it that “it took time” to find him after arriving on scene?

      You seem to be proposing the complete militarization of the US populace because MORE GUNS!

      As to mandatory military service, http://constitution.org/dwebster/conscription.htm

      “Conscription is chosen as the most promising instrument, both of overcoming reluctance to the Service, and of subduing the difficulties which arise from the deficiencies of the Exchequer. The administration asserts the right to fill the ranks of the regular army by compulsion. It contends that it may now take one out of every twenty-five men, and any part or the whole of the rest, whenever its occasions require. Persons thus taken by force, and put into an army, may be compelled to serve there, during the war, or for life. They may be put on any service, at home or abroad, for defense or for invasion, according to the will and pleasure of Government. This power does not grow out of any invasion of the country, or even out of a state of war. It belongs to Government at all times, in peace as well as in war, and is to be exercised under all circumstances, according to its mere discretion. This, Sir, is the amount of the principle contended for by the Secretary of War (James Monroe).

      Is this, Sir, consistent with the character of a free Government? Is this civil liberty? Is this the real character of our Constitution? No, Sir, indeed it is not.” – Daniel Webster, 1814

      More recently, http://paul.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=354&Itemid=60

      “Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce legislation expressing the sense of Congress that the United States government should not revive military conscription. Supporters of conscription have taken advantage of the events of September 11 to renew efforts to reinstate the military draft. However, reviving the draft may actually weaken America‚Äôs military. Furthermore, a military draft violates the very principles of individual liberty this country was founded upon. It is no exaggeration to state that military conscription is better suited for a totalitarian government, such as the recently dethroned Taliban regime, than a free society.” – Ron Paul, 2002

      • The guy was moving all over the base. How long did it take for cops to get the the shooting scene at any of these tragedies? By the time cops even got to the area where Gabby was shot the damage was done and the lunatic detained. You can’t stop his kind by making more laws.

        Why is it that the only sector in our economy your messiah has stimulated is the gun industry? Every time something bad happens there is talk of more gun control. People that wouldn’t have bought a gun normally feel the need to get one before their rights are attacked. If they are responsible they will get training. Most don’t so people like you are making it more dangerous.

        Guns are not a constitutional right because the founders wanted us to go hunting. It a right because they were concerned about the people defending themselves against oppressive governments. We are getting there, keep pushing.

        • He wasn’t “moving all over the base.” He started inside the SRPC building and ended right outside the SRPC building.

          It was unarmed citizens who subdued and held Jared Loughner until police arrived.

          In 1980, 50% of households owned a gun. Today, that number is 32%. So who is making all those recent firearms purchases? People who already own at least one gun, not “people that wouldn’t have bought a gun normally”.

          And how exactly is it that our government is becoming oppressive? What rights have been taken away since Obama was elected? What laws have been passed to oppress you?

          The Founding Fathers also stipluated that the right to bears arms be well-regulated, not the free-for-all we currently have.

          • I give up, you are hopeless. Let’s just see where we are in a year.

            The founders recognized the country needs an army (Militia) and because of the distinguished the peoples right to bear arms separately. Everyone carried guns back then and they wanted to make sure people could stand up to the government if needed. Just like they did with England. They felt so strongly they said that right “shall not be infringed.”

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            I understand the move now is more government the removal of the free state. The first step is to disarm the people. It won’t work, we have the guns already. Even the Japanese and Russians understood they could not invade the united states because the people are all armed.

            Your messiah will rant, rave, pound the table and say all the things you want him to say. In the end you will not get your way.

            Those that beat there weapons into plowshare will plow for those who do not. Enjoy you madness and I hope you never need to find out the value of have a gun the hard way. Many have.

            • “Back then”, guns were only able to hold and fire one bullet at a time.

              You give up because you cannot refute the facts as I have presented them to you.

              How is the “removal of the free state” happening? You have yet to cite any specific examples as to how the Obama or the government are oppressing you. Banning assault weapons is not disarmament. It is the removal of a military weapon from the hands of civilians.

              When exactly did the Japanese or the Russians consider invading the US? Not all of the people are armed, as I mentioned above, so I’m not sure where your rant on Japan and Russia has any merit.

              I’m not sure what you mean by messiah? Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States, of which I am a citizen. As such, I pay him the respect he desrves as our duly elected leader, just as I have accorded that respect to all the Presidents that have served during my lifetime.

              I’m not sure what “way” you think I am trying to get? Or why you think I’m mad? Or hopeless?

              And I see you have chosen not to answer any of my questions in refutation of your claims, nor provided any links to establish the truthfulness of your statements.

              Anyway, thank you for the conversation. I hope that a year from now, when your claims have not come to fruition, you will remember our conversation and recall fondly that facts really do matter.

              Be well.

            • Roger,

              A simple question for you.
              Why weren’t any of the other soldiers armed?
              I mean, it was a military base.

              Oh yeah…forgot…can’t carry personal weapons on a military base.
              Nor in a military academy.

              Gosh, I wonder why the people who train day in/day out and are the true experts on weapons do such a thing?

            • Roger…yes the Russians had plans to invade the US until they realized that they couldnt because we have Glocks…it wasnt the nukes we had…the army…navy…nooo it was you and your assault rifle that made them nervous.

        • Roger..how did the loose gun laws of Tucson work out? Where were all the weapons taking the guy out?

  7. Veritas Vincit says:

    Katie Hobbs is a nit-wit! She cried buckets of tears on the House Floor when the US Army SAA Colt .45 (the Peacemaker) was named the Official Historic Handgun of Arizona. Then again anyone familiar with honest history (vs revisionist history) knows the role of the .45 in the Arizona Territory.

    But Katie likes to cry and ignore the facts –

    Maybe she should look at our mental health laws that allow those needing mental help to remain on the street and (some) gain access to firearms with tragic outcomes.

    Earth to Katie… the inanimate object has never shot anyone.

  8. IamJohnGalt says:

    Question for Katie Hobbs: Why does a First Grade teacher have to be a woman? Sounds a little like gender stereotyping to me…

  9. I love how the simple act of owning a gun apparently turns everyone into Deadeye Dick, capable of bringing down a crazed gunman amongst the smell of cordite, masses of screaming, fleeing people, blood spattered on the walls and clothes, and bullets whizzing by.

    Who knew an NRA weekend firearms safety course could do all that?

    Oh, it takes more than that? Well, I’m sure our overworked teachers can find the time to spend weeks at the range, right after preparing today’s lesson plan, grading papers, buying school supplies, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

    Maybe if we took away their union representation, they’ll have more time.

  10. Veritas Vincit says:

    Just like you Bernie, there are many teachers who possess firearms and are far better qualified then many local police officers. By the way Bernie, what caliber is your handgun?

  11. Hey, VV, you’re welcome to try to find out.

  12. Jill Arizona says:

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