Endorsements of Arizona Party Builders slate for Maricopa County GOP leadership

Arizona Party Builders
Arizona Party Builders Arizona Party Builders Arizona Party Builders
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We are so thankful and honored for the overwhelming support that our team is receiving. It gives us hope that together we will make our County Party more unified and effective. If you haven’t endorsed the team yet but would like to do so, please click here.

Here is what our supporters are saying:

“Lisa Gray is a hardworking, principled conservative who will unite the Party, not divide it. She works tirelessly for the Republican Party and we need someone as experienced and committed as she is, leading the Maricopa County GOP. She also has assembled a top notch team which will help to build the Party. I urge everyone to join me in supporting Lisa and the Arizona Party Builders team.”
- Rachel Alexander, Editor of icarizona.com

“The AZ Party Builders team is made up of individuals who have proven themselves to be dedicated, enthusiastic, strong Republican leaders throughout Maricopa County. I am thrilled to endorse Lisa Gray, Paul Brierley, Rene Lopez, Colleen Lombard and Walter Dudley for our new Maricopa County Republican Committee leadership. Together they bring a fresh energy and clear vision that is essential for the growth and advancement of the Republican Party in Arizona. Please join me in supporting this fantastic team who are destined to do great things for our great party!”
- Lisa Askey, Former Corresponding Secretary, LD17

“I’ve known Lisa Gray for several years. I have found her to be ethical, honest, and a very hard worker. She comes equipped with a lot of good ideas, and the means to explain and implement them. The MCRC board needs a major overhaul, and it needs to become relevant. Lisa Gray and her board will provide that leadership. I am, therefore, endorsing her for Chairman of the MCRC Board.”
- Ray Spitzer, 20-years service in the Military, and Vietnam Veteran / Former Chairman, LD9 / Current President Sun City West Republican Club / Former Vice Chairman Glendale Planning and Zoning Commission

Arizona Party Builders
Arizona Party Builders


  1. Two words come to mind for Lisa and her team, Sneaky and Underminding.

  2. A vote for Gray and her cronies is a vote for McCain, McKyl and McFlake.

  3. Rachel Alexander says:

    Voting for this slate is NOT a vote for John McCain. I am no fan of McCain, having worked on the JD Hayworth campaign against him. Lisa Gray and the others on the slate are VERY conservative and have no special ties to McCain. I wish people like “Hagar” who hide behind anonymous names would refrain from posting false things in order to scare conservatives. If you have to lie in order to win, there is something wrong with your position and your character.

  4. Veritas Vincit says:

    All good things about the slate. There is one member however who may (so we’ve heard) have an issue with holding a grudge and vindictiveness.

  5. ConservativeAZ says:

    That whole slate is a joke. They print a few hundred palm cards and splash conservative all over the piece hoping that people will believe them. And one of there top endorsements is from a no-name blog. Impressive. Victory is all but assured for Team America, I mean Arizona Party Builders.

  6. Well, Jose Borrajeros is a seriously sneaky scumbag.


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