Lisa Gray’s MC GOP chair electability tainted by Tobin?

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Reprinted from Seeing Red AZ

Lisa Gray’s MC GOP chair electability tainted by Tobin?

Pre-Jan. 12, 2013 Maricopa County officer election analysis

Will the conduct of Arizona House Speaker Andrew Tobin influence the outcome of the Maricopa County Statutory Meeting?   The issue hinges upon how the votes of two members of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee (EGC), who are now candidates for MCRC offices, will be judged. Precinct Committeemen, nearly 3,300 strong, will be attending this meeting in person or by proxy.

State Sen. Rick Murphy reports, “Speaker Tobin was so motivated to kill any bill that restricted public employee unions, specifically to protect the power of fire unions (his brother is a long-time fire union boss), he tried to use Arizona’s foster children as a human shield to bully me into dropping the bills.  When that didn’t work, he intentionally killed bills to help foster children get adopted more quickly as a punishment to me for keeping the union issue alive.”

Sen. Murphy’s expose of Tobin’s egregious conduct gave rise to an EGC resolution calling for non-support of Tobin’s re-election.  Candidate for County Chair, Lisa Gray and candidate for Second Vice-Chair, Rene Lopez, both voted against the resolution. Those votes may be held against them in the upcoming January election. 

The resolution that passed the EGC by a  23- 5 vote was: “Be it resolved that, due to the lack of support of key Republican principles by withholding key legislation and the misuse of the Republican Victory Fund, the MCRC does not support the re-election of Andy Tobin as Speaker of the House or Steve Pierce as Senate President.

At issue will be the rationale of Gray and Lopez for their votes that “the resolution was offered within 100 hours of the General Election.”  Their challenge will be to explain to the precinct committeemen why only three other members of the twenty-eight members present at the meeting agreed with their logic.  Part of the difficulty is that the election of Arizona House and Senate leadership involving Tobin and Pierce was to occur only 124 hours from the time the resolution was offered and, obviously, time was running out.

The union-related bills, already passed in the senate, and withheld by Speaker Tobin were:

·     SB1484 (paycheck deductions; employee authorization) – Sen. Biggs

·     SB1485 (unions; public employees; prohibitions) – Sen. Murphy

·     SB1486 (public employees; activities; unions; compensation) – Sen. Murphy

·     SB1487 (government employees; union dues; withholding) – Sen. Murphy

These bills would have required public employee union members to reauthorize their dues payroll deductions annually, banned collective bargaining by public employee unions, significantly reduced, but not completely prohibited, taxpayer paid time off for union activities, and banned ANY payroll deduction for dues by public employee unions. 

Another complication for candidate Lisa Gray is that her husband, Rep. Rick Gray, is part of Tobin’s leadership team as the Majority Whip.  She will need to persuade the MCRC membership that the Tobin/Gray team will have no influence over her decisions as County Chair, if she is elected. 

The question is, will the conduct of Speaker Tobin, when connected with the votes of two candidates for MCRC offices, influence the outcome of the Maricopa County Statutory Election? 


Sen. Rick Murphy also revealed that, in a fit of spite unbecoming his office, Tobin further betrayed the citizens of Arizona by killing bills which were intended to benefit children in the adoption process.  According to Sen. Murphy: “SB1490- This bill was requested by the courts to clarify language about which children should be expedited through the adoption process (due to young age, etc) and would have resulted in many children being adopted more quickly.  Not only would that create a better likelihood for a successful placement and lower the chances of delinquency, it would have helped reduce CPS caseloads and other costs.

It was ready for a House floor vote as early as 3/29, until the session ended 5/3.  In late April, Tobin told me through surrogates (he didn’t have the courage to tell me personally, despite opportunities) in clear terms that he was killing the bill just because it was mine.  Despite emphasizing that this bill would help foster kids get adopted more quickly, and that it was requested by the courts and needed to clarify a problem in existing law, Tobin intentionally killed the bill.

SB1491 – I ran this bill to address issues within the CPS system I discovered as a foster parent…Despite emphasizing that this bill would help foster kids get adopted more quickly, and the support of both DES and the governor’s staff, Tobin intentionally killed the bill.”


  1. Christie in 2016 says:

    You mean Haney’s Kangaroo court and their silly vote on Tobin and Pierce is a factor here? Please.

    If this vote meant anything than Haney would have invited Tobin & Pierce to speak and/or defend themselves. Instead it was a one sided trail with tainted witnesses.

    But hey, it’s not like Tobin’s peers didn’t re-elect him or anything. Oh yeah, that’s right. They did overwhelmingly. And Tobin even seconded Smith’s nomination against him.

    Just shows you how out of touch Haney and the MCRO is. And given team AJ, who voted to remove Tobin, is running on a platform of building a better relationship with the legislature, I’ll stick with the sane folks who voted against this silly situation rather than those who were simply sheep to Haney’s plan.

    A new day is coming!

  2. Steve Nelson says:

    Speaker Tobin’s endorsement sure beats having Rep-Elect Steve Smith’s endorsement any day of the week!

    The fact that Gray didn’t vote for the ineffective reprimand actually gives her more credibility. It shows that she is a leader and not a blind follower. It was ridiculous for the EGC to weigh in to the Speaker race to begin with, and the fact that Tobin won by a landslide is indicative of the merits of the criticism the EGC levied against Tobin. Tobin’s endorsement helps her.

    A vote for AJ is a vote for more ineffective drivel. Lisa Gray will provide steady conservative leadership. We need that now more than ever!

  3. Lisa Gray is sneaky and decietful. At least twice she tried to oust the Chair, Tom Morrissey, of the State Republican Party. Then she would not even claim her own petition. I will support and vote for AJ, anybody would be better then Lisa and Byerley, the two backstabbers.

    • Christie in 2016 says:

      Morrissey is an utter failure. Good on her and anyone else who tried to remove his inability.

      • concerned PC says:

        Absolutely! Lisa should be congratulated if she recognized early on Mossissey and Co. are a net detriment to AZGOP. Glad she was watching closer than I was. All the grassroots conservatives who left in disgust after the May 12 convention fiasco will only come back if they see improvements – that starts with electing Lisa Gray to County Chair!

    • Brent Wadas says:

      I couldn’t agree with the other two replies more. If Lisa recognized the inept, embarrassing leadership of the AZ GOP early, her judgment is spot on and is absolutely needed in the party.

  4. LD20 Voter says:

    Once our elected Party “leaders” failed to achieve the fundraising they promised in their campaigns they started complaining about OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. The Republican Victory Fund is a private legal effort from Arizona citizens. They can raise and spend money any way they want to. Too bad 25 MCRC lemmings went along with complaining about other people’s money.

    AZGOP could prevent Tobin and Co. from using the word “Republican” but surprise! They don’t have the back-bone to assert their real solutions.

    • The money was supposed to be used to support Republicans in the General election – not RINOs in the Republican primary.

  5. LD20 Voter says:

    PS If you enjoyed the May 12, 2012 State Convention crooked elections offered by Morrissey and company then keep those incompetents in power and elect LaFaro.

  6. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    Any move to protect or increase Public Employee Union power and influence is a move that is in direct opposition to the welfare of the citizens of Arizona. All people who aspire to lead, and who assist the unions in their quest to control the state, should not be elected to public or party office.
    That would be the Lisa Gray slate. I know candidates in each slate, and like them, but my choice will be to back the one’s who are “For the People” and not the special interests.

  7. Sgt., the “for the people” slate sold out Arizona conservatives by cheating for John Rhodes over Chad Palmer – trumped up awards for Rhodes to win him votes at the election. They cheated for the Andy Tobin slate at the National Delegates election – crooked ballots. They were reduced to complaining about other people’s money with a non-productive resolution against the Republican Victory Fund when they could have stopped the use of the word “Republican” in that effort years ago.

    How many times do we have to be shown there is nothing to count on with that crowd? May as well get a competent County Chair out of the deal – that would be the Lisa Gray team by a long shot. See Competent County Party officers…aaahhhh, we can finally exhale again.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

      LD20, I know some/most of the History pertaining to both slates and see evidence of playing politics by each [it is a political job]. I was a big backer of Chad and spent lots of time and whatever influence that I had to get him elected.
      My main point is that any friend or ally of the Government Employee Unions are not a friend of the taxpayer. To me they are willing to share power for union backing. These unions have destroyed many states and have become too powerful and if they are not pushed back, nothing else of a positive conservative nature can possibly go forward.
      I do see good people on both slates and see no reason not to split the ticket if one desires, but Lisa cannot get my vote for the same reasons that others have stated here.

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