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New Voter Fraud website investigating swing state fraud that elected Obama

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Our country is not lost -YET.    Four or five brave American Governors can save our LIBERTY!

Have our brilliant founding fathers provided us with a means to save our American Republic???

The electors of each state will meet on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (December 17th 2012). A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President and Vice President. Four or five Governors of battleground states can save our American Republic. (Rick Scott, John Kasich, Tom Corbett, Bob McConnell and Scott Walker for example.) The total number of Electoral College votes in blue states with a Republican Governor is a combined 141 Electoral College votes.

If we target only five of these states (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin) and have the local individual state activist groups submit resolutions in their states to withhold their Electoral College votes (BECAUSE OF MASSIVE FRAUD, etc…) there will be no winner in the Electoral College. We extend our chance to save our country and our LIBERTY.


We are pleading for four or five patriotic state activist groups to join our cause (Stop Voter Fraud NOW), organize efforts in their individual states and petition their Governors with a formal, widely supported resolution to recognize the massive voter fraud and the suppression of the military vote – and refuse to issue their state’s Certificates of Ascertainment in mid-December.


Patriots – this is the LAST CHANCE. It will be over December 17, 2012 unless we intervene. The time is NOW. Organize yourselves now. Let us know who you are and how we may help you in your state efforts.


This will be in the history books forever and YOU can be part of American history!!! This is actually a very realistic objective – the five Governors acting individually – combining their group results with our cause – withholding their Certificates of Ascertainment and their Electoral College votes – there will be no winner in the Electoral College process. Therefore, it will cause the election to be determined in the U. S. House of Representatives according to Article II of the U. S Constitution and the 12th and 22ndAmendments.

God Bless America.

News Bulletin – Late Monday evening, web site progress – domain name reserved, hosting, and programming is underway of our greatest tool.  Please bear with us as we grow – rampantly.

Liberty Through Action
Arizona Project
3375 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 2
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Ronald Ludders, Chairman
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Victory! We Beat the Arizona Obamacare Exchange!

AFP Arizona

Dear Arizona Taxpayer:

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity is grateful to Governor Jan Brewer for rejecting the state-funded ObamaCare/PPACA Exchange and thereby protecting Arizona businesses, taxpayers and health care consumers.  As Governor Brewer noted in her news release on the topic, a state-funded Exchange would be very expensive for Arizona taxpayers, and the federal government “would maintain control over virtually every aspect of our Exchange.”

AFP-Arizona is also grateful to all of the Arizona Legislators who stood their ground against the state-funded Exchange in the face of intense lobbying pressure from corporate interests that had been bought off by ObamaCare’s system of government mandates and subsidies.  Further, AFP-Arizona is grateful to its donors for supporting usthrough this long fight, and we are grateful for the policy advice afforded to us by members of our coalition, including the Goldwater Institute and the Cato Institute.  Finally, and most importantly, AFP-Arizona is grateful to the thousands of grassroots activists in Arizona who took action against the Arizona Exchange by writing emails, making phone calls, and confronting elected officials at public meetings — more than anything else, their activism won this battle.

The fight to contain and control the wide-ranging damage of the ObamaCare legislation is far from over, and AFP-Arizona is now ready to fight ObamaCare’s hugely expensive (but optional!) Medicaid expansion here in Arizona.  But it’s important to take the time to celebrate our victories, so we will soon send out an invitation for an upcoming Victory Party for all of the activists and elected officials who fought the ObamaCare exchange.  At the party, we will also celebrate the decisive victory of Arizona taxpayers over the Prop 204 sales tax hike on the November 6 ballot.

And on the topic of Prop 204, AFP-Arizona wishes to express our deep gratitude to Governor Brewer for taking a firm stance against the permanent one-cent sales tax hike.  Governor Brewer promised Arizonans in 2010 that her intention was for the Prop 100 sales tax hike to be a temporary expedient, and she kept her promise.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

Governor Jan Brewer Refuses to Burden Arizona Families and Small Business Through Health Care Exchanges

Statement by Governor Brewer
Too Many Questions, Costs with State Health Exchange

Today, I notified the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that the State of Arizona will not create a state-based Health Exchange. This decision comes following an extensive research and outreach process during which my team of health advisors conducted public hearings and met with HHS, patient advocates and representatives of Arizona hospitals, health providers, insurers, tribal groups and other members of the health care community.

This has been one of the more difficult decisions of my career in public service. My opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unwavering, as is my belief that it should be repealed and replaced with legislation that achieves its stated goals: to improve access to quality, affordable health care in this country. But I am also aware that the ACA remains the law of the land. Likewise, though I am a steady advocate of local control, I have come to the conclusion that the State of Arizona would wield little actual authority over its ‘state’ Exchange. The federal government would maintain oversight and control over virtually every aspect of our Exchange, limiting our ability to meet the unique needs of Arizonans and the Arizona insurance market.

A state Exchange would be costly. Though the federal government has pledged to pay nearly all startup costs, states that form their own health exchanges are on the hook for operational expenses beginning in 2015. Those costs could total $27 million to $40 million annually for the State of Arizona, according to a recent study conducted by Mercer. Of course, these expenses would be passed along in the form of fees resulting in higher health premiums for Arizona families and small businesses. This would be an additional financial burden at a time when so many Arizonans are still struggling.

Lastly, there simply remains too much we don’t know about how a State-based Exchange would function and its ultimate cost to taxpayers. Without clear federal guidance and instruction, I cannot in good conscience commit the taxpayers of my state to this costly endeavor.

The State of Arizona has a long history of health care innovation. Our Medicaid program, AHCCCS, has been a national model of cost-efficient care for three decades, and our pioneering pursuit of integrated health is designed to improve the quality of life for Arizonans living with serious mental illness. In this proud tradition, I remain committed to working with legislators to enact State reforms that improve care and reduce costs for Arizona families, while maintaining a vibrant and competitive health care marketplace.

Read the statement here.

Chad Kirkpatrick Endorses Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party

Robert Graham
“We need dynamic leadership for the Arizona Republican Party and
Robert Graham is the right man for the job.”
PHOENIX — Chad Kirkpatrick, entrepreneur, former member of Governor Jan Brewer’s cabinet and conservative grassroots activist, has endorsed Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

“We need dynamic leadership for the Arizona Republican Party and Robert Graham is the right man for the job,” said Kirkpatrick. “Graham possesses the right conservative principles the state needs and has a successful entrepreneurial track record – something that will benefit the Republican Party. It is my belief that with Graham at the helm, we will see amazing things in record time.”

Robert Graham has asked Kirkpatrick to lead the Party’s marketing and PR efforts. Kirkpatrick will also explore a vice chairmanship position in the 2014 January elections.

“I am grateful for Chad’s endorsement. Not only does he have experience as a grassroots’ activist with Americans for Prosperity, but he has successfully run enterprises in the both the private and public sectors,” Graham said. “I am excited to have Chad on my team and I am looking forward to working with him.”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook page. 


Arizona’s Unrepresentative Representatives

By Jake Brown

Anyone looking for proof that Arizona’s districts are gerrymandered need to look no further than this month’s election results. Republicans were incensed months ago that AIRC created districts helping the Democrats. Of course Democrats tried to argue that they were fair, but numbers don’t lie.

In Arizona a total of 2,015,330 votes were cast for either a Republican or a Democrat in the congressional races (CD07 did not have a Republican congressional candidate, so not including the Libertarian- the non-Democratic vote- helps the overall Democratic totals, but for simplicity we will only look at Ds and Rs). Of those votes, 1,102,513 were cast for a Republican and 912,817 were cast for a Democrat. Republicans received approximately 200,000 more votes than Democrats (189,696). That means that Republicans received 55% of the two party vote total.

So what does that mean? It means that if we were to completely randomly select voters to be in 9 districts across Arizona, we would have 9 Republican representing us. Yep, with 55 percent of over 2,000,000 people voting Republican there is an 83% chance that every single representative would be Republican if we randomly put voters in districts. Instead we have 5 Democrats and 4 Republicans. It means that a Republican vote in Arizona is worth less than a Democratic one because of how the districts are created.

Of course, we wouldn’t randomly put voters together because that would mean that we would have voters from Tempe, Tolleson, Tucson, and Tuba City all in the same district. However, even if you created 4 Democrat districts and 4 Republican districts, the chances of accidently creating a majority democratic delegation are less than 2%. There is almost a 99% chance that we would have 5 Republicans. The chance of having more Democrats than Republicans is outside what we would generally consider within the margin of error. The point? Having 5 Democrats representing Arizona would not occur by accident unless you were specifically creating the districts to make that outcome a possibility.

Soooooo, it means that in Arizona we are not being represented in Congress by people who believe like we do. We have allowed an unaccountable organization to decide that some amorphous idea like “competitive districts” is more important than having representatives that actually represent us. The Arizona “Independent” Redistricting Commission- gerrymandering at its worst.


For anyone that wants to see the raw numbers used (these were current as of Friday Nov. 16th) :

District Republican Democrat 3rd Party Percent R
CD1 112868 122216 0.480118
CD2 141771 143173 0.49754
CD3 60890 94634 0.391515
CD4 162345 68889 0.702081
CD5 177200 85690 0.674046
CD6 173359 93564 0.649472
CD7 97388 22163 0
CD8 166693 91455 0.645726
CD9 107387 115808 0.481135
Total 1102513 912817 0.547063

*there were other third party candidates, but I only put in 4rd party votes for CD07 because there was no Republican candidate



A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Thursday, November 1, 2012



November 2012


            With the re-election of Barack Obama, the United States of America has gone Past the Tipping Point. With more than 50% of the American electorate voting for him in the 2012 Presidential election, the majority decided that they do indeed want “free” stuff from the federal government.

            Five days before the 2008 Presidential Election then-candidate Obama said he and his followers were five days away from “fundamentally changing America.” They were correct, but they missed it by four years. America has fundamentally changed. America has crossed its Rubicon. There is no more “American Exceptionalism.” America is no more a unique country. We can now take our place alongside the great former nations like Persia, Greece, Rome, and Great Britain, among others. The United States of America was great and different from every other country that has ever existed, but it will never again attain the greatness it once claimed; a greatness the whole world envied. America was great and envied, not because of any desire to dictate to other nations, but because it helped other nations become free of dictators. America was great and envied, not because we enslaved others, but because we were the bastion of freedom and liberty (even throwing off the slavery in our own land at the cost of the lives of over 600,000 white people).  Millions wanted to come here for freedom, liberty, and a chance to make of themselves something better than they had in their native lands. Yes, there still will be many who want to come to America, but they will not find the same opportunities those before them could expect. That is all gone.

            Following the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked by the wife of a local doctor, “Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The wise Franklin also warned us, “When the people find out that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Now, 225 years later, Franklin has been proven to be prophetic.

            It’s the end because we are now a debtor nation, to the tune of sixteen trillion dollars and growing at a rate of over one trillion dollars per year. And we just re-elected the man who has no plan stop it.

            It’s the end because we now have more than 50% of the electorate demanding that the other 49% give them stuff. We now have more takers than wealth creators and they continue to vote themselve a lifestyle that they are unwilling to earn.

            Polling and research after the 2012 election showed that Obama won overwhelmingly among the following groups: Blacks, Latinos, single women/single moms, gays, lesbians, and young people. What do those groups have in common? They all have bought the tripe that they are victims, that the United States of America is “not fair.”

            Blacks still believe that “whitey” goes to bed at night thinking of ways to keep them “enslaved.” They don’t. Whites go to bed thinking of ways to provide for their families, see that their kids get a good education, and hope their favorite sports team wins the next game. I’m guessing blacks do the same.

            Latinos believe that non-Latinos hate them because the majority of Americans  (especially Republicans) want to stop illegal immigration. You’re not hated. The majority of Americans (especially Republicans) welcome all legal immigrants to our country.

Shouldn’t you?

            Single women/single moms want free contraception, free abortions, free childcare, free food—what they really want is “daddy” to take care of them. But you can’t be free from the consequences of the choices you make.

            Gays and lesbians claim they want to be treated like everyone else. But they demand respect and more than equal rights.

            Young people want pot legalized, their student loans dismissed, and a guaranteed job. Grow up.

            Democrats and the mainstream media have sold these folks a bill of goods for decades and now, in 2012, the sale is complete. The “victims” outnumber the “abusers.” The “victims” have their champion in one of their own in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, who has promised to redistribute the wealth of the nation; to take from the creators of wealth, because they “didn’t build that,” and give it to the takers, in the form of healthcare, welfare checks, free abortion, free contraception, free childcare, free food, free phones, free housing, and, as more than one Obama-ite calls it, “Obamamoney.”

            And it’s not just stuff they want; these “victims” want government protection: illegal aliens not being deported; voter fraud not being investigated; the New Black Panthers and union thugs not being prosecuted.

            In 2008 the American electorate didn’t really know Obama. But, after four years of his presidency, we have a good idea of who he really is and what he meant when he said he and his followers would “fundamentally change America.” And he was re-elected anyway. Do these people really think that the wealth creators (rich people, big and small business owners, investors) are now going to open up their pocketbooks and start hiring people because Obama has been re-elected? Most of them have been holding on to their money during Obama’s administration because they saw and they knew what he would do with it—confiscate it and give it to his friends and his fellow “victims.” Wealth creators are not going to invest (at least not in America—Asia and Africa, maybe, but not here); they are not going to hire more employees (just the opposite will happen—higher unemployment). The wealth creators will protect their assets, not expose them to an ever more intrusive and confiscatory federal government. Less investing, more unemployment—that’s what we will see during Obama’s second term.

            And what has Obama promised?—more of what he did in his first term: more regulations (driving even more business away), more federal spending in still another attempt to stimulate the economy (using borrowed money to do it, driving the national debt even higher, devaluing the dollar even more), higher taxes (the rich need to pay their “fair share;” just how much is that? The top 20% paying 86% of all the federal income taxes isn’t enough?); and more spending on so-called entitlements.

            The only stimulating Obama will do is inflation.

            A weakened dollar, a weakened economy; a weakened military; a weakened culture; a weakened nation: that is Obama’s legacy. Indeed, he truly has fundamentally changed America.

            We are Past the Tipping Point when the electorate votes themselves goodies from the treasury; once the goodies are given there is no taking them back. Benjamin Franklin was correct: it is the “end of the republic.”

            [Part Two of “Past the Tipping Point: Can the Republic Be Saved?”]

Conservative Grassroots Organization Arizona Project Endorses Robert Graham

“Robert Graham is a true conservative leader who has proven his effectiveness.”

PHOENIX – Today, The Arizona Project, previously known as the AZ 2012 Project, endorsed Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. The Arizona Project is a conservative grassroots organization led by Ron Ludders, a Precinct Committeeman in LD 15.

“Robert Graham is a true conservative leader who has proven his effectiveness,” said Ludders. “He stands for limited government, fiscal responsibility, defending our border, and adherence to the Constitution. Robert believes in these principles, and has fought for them, despite criticism from the left and the media. Graham’s efforts in working with the grassroots to defeat Propositions 121 and Proposition 204 have been a blessing to our state. Conservatives have a leader in Robert Graham who will not only talk the talk but he has proven he can walk the walk.”

Graham offered praise to Ron Ludders and ALL members of the Arizona Project for their endorsement.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the good people of the 2012 project,” said Graham. “They are known for “getting it done.” I saw their grassroots organization and was inspired by how motivated they are to protect our freedoms.  They did the hard work on the ground during this past election season and worked tirelessly for conservative candidates and causes. I believe their new permanent organization will continue to do the hard work of making sure we elect candidates who adhere to the party’s principles of freedom. I look forward to being an ally of these fine people as chairman of the Republican Party.”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook Page.


Thanksgiving Story: The Pilgrims, Socialism, and Free Enterprise

The story of the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving is widely taught in all our schools.  What is seldom taught, however, is what those Pilgrims learned, at great pain, about Free Enterprise versus Socialism. That story stands as perhaps the clearest and starkest-ever comparison between those two rival systems for human interaction.

We all know how the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in November, 1620, and how they lost half their population to starvation, sickness, and exposure that first winter. We all know how a Native American named Squanto taught the survivors to fish, plant corn, use fertilizer, and hunt deer. And we know that following their first harvest, Governor William Bradford (above) declared a day of Thanksgiving that we celebrate to this day.

What most of us never learned was that the original contract the Pilgrims brokered with their London sponsors required that everything the Pilgrims produced was to go into a common store, and every member was to be allotted one equal share.  Further, all the land they cleared and all the buildings they constructed were to belong the whole community.

It must have sounded like the ideal society.  Free of outside evil influences, greed and personal property were to be banished.  Everyone was to work for the common good, and altruism was to be its own reward.

How did it work out?  Horribly.  In the three winters of 1621-1623, many died from starvation, pneumonia, or both.  Here is Governor Bradford’s own summary of the community’s results with what we now call Socialism:

The experience that was had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years and that amongst godly and sober men, may well evince the vanity of that conceit of Plato’s and other ancients applauded by some of later times; that the taking away of property and bringing in community into a commonwealth would make them happy and flourishing; as if they were wiser than God. For this community (so far as it was) was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. For the young men, that were most able and fit for labour and service, did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men’s wives and children without any recompense.

In other words, said the Governor, it simply didn’t work.

Wisely, in April, 1623, Bradford abruptly abandoned the idealistic practice of collectivism. Instead, he assigned a plot of land to each family, permitting them to keep everything they grew or made and to market anything they didn’t consume themselves.  He actually harnessed all that awful ”greed” and put it to work in a Free Enterprise system.  Bradford had discovered that even these most idealistic of peoples had no reason to put in any extra effort without the motivation of personal incentives to do so.

So how did Free Enterprise work out for the same people in the same place under the same circumstances?  Boffo!

The Pilgrims soon had more food than they could eat or trade amongst themselves.  So they set up trading posts and exchanged goods with the Native Americans.  They paid off their debts to their London sponsors and soon attracted a great European migration.

As Bradford summarized the new approach:

This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content.

This was an essential and timeless lesson, learned the hard way.   So why isn’t this lesson featured up front, in neon lights, in American history classes?  Why isn’t it the lead story of the Pilgrim experience?   Perhaps it’s because the people who write our history textbooks still don’t want to believe it.  Perhaps those authors still cling to the hope that some form of Socialism will one day triumph over Free Enterprise.   Unfortunately for those authors, the historical record couldn’t be clearer, and the Pilgrims’ experience is Exhibit One:  when it comes to bettering the life of the common man, Free Enterprise works — and Socialism fails.

For more than 3000 years at Passover, Jews around the world have been re-telling the story of their deliverance from slavery, and for over 2000 years at Easter, Christians have been re-telling the story of their redemption.  Now that it’s been nearly 400 years since the Pilgrims landed in America, perhaps we could begin re-telling the real story of Thanksgiving every year, headlining those life-and-death lessons the Pilgrims learned about the differences between Socialism and Free Enterprise.

[Originally posted at, January 26, 2011]

Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rob Haney Endorses Robert Graham for Arizona GOP Chairman

“Robert is committed to standing up for conservative values and understands the role that grassroots precinct committeemen have in shaping our state, party, and nation.” 

PHOENIX – Today, Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, longtime conservative activist and grassroots leader, endorsed Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Haney has served as Chairman of Maricopa County since 2008.

In endorsing Robert Graham, Haney said, “I am endorsing Robert Graham for state party chairman because he is what Arizona’s Republican Party needs. Marne and I also know Robert personally, we trust him. Robert is committed to standing up for conservative values and understands the role that grassroots precinct committeemen have in shaping our state, party, and nation. His success in business, and his successful track record of working with conservatives makes him an ideal choice for state party chairman. Please join me in supporting Robert Graham to be our next state party chairman.”

I response to the endorsement, Graham said “Rob and Marne have put in countless hours of tireless work for the GOP. They fight valiantly for our party’s values of defending life, the rule of law, and the Constitution that we hold dear. I am grateful that they have offered me their support, and I look forward to working with them as we continue the fight for Conservative values.”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook Page.


“Hating Breitbart” – A Powerflul Movie that Explains Why We Lost in 2012

by Bob Price (re-posted with author’s permission from TexasGOPVote – original link. Author is the Texas State Director of Cafe Con Leche Republicans)

Hating Breitbart is a great movie about a great American patriot. Unfortunately it was released too late to help us understand what we were really up against in 2012. Governor Mitt Romney was not running against Barack Obama alone. He was also running against a liberal media that was determined from the beginning to re-elect the President they had installed in office in the 2008 election.

Hating Breitbart illustrates not just the bias of the liberal media, but the outright activism of the media. A point in case is the mythical Republican War on Women created by George Stephanopoulos during one of the Republican Primary Presidential Debates. Contraception was not and should not have been an issue in the 2012 campaign. But, Stephanopoulos created this myth that Republicans wanted to ban birth control and the rest of the media ran with it. This was not some kind of political fluke. It was, rather, a strategy implemented by the media to create and control the tone and content of the issues to be discussed in the election.

Abortion, likewise, should not have been a center issue for Republicans during this election. Granted, it is an issue of importance to people, and it should be a foundation of our platform and position, but this election should have been about jobs and national security. The media was not about to let that happen because those are losing issues for Obama. We followed their lead and let this be a promoted issue. The result – two stupid sentences from two Senate candidates – two lost Senate seats and a severely tarnished Republican brand.

There is no Republican War on Women. It is a myth created to drive a wedge between women and Republicans. If you want to understand where women are on politics, look at my interview with Debbie Georgatos and read her book, “Ladies, Can We Talk?”

Andrew Breitbart understood the media and its approach and tactics. After all, he had been one of them. But he saw the harm that was being done to our country and decided to do something about it. Breitbart went to war with the mainstream media and the Democrat propoganda machine.

When you watch the movie, Hating Breitbart, you will learn to look at the media in a different light. You will see how they are not only willing, but eager accomplices with the Democrats. Hating Breitbart illustrates this by showing how Breitbart dealt with Democrats and the media about the alleged issue of Tea Party member verbally assaulting black Members of Congress with racial slurs. It didn’t happen. There is no proof that it happened. But these Congressmen said it did, so the media ran with it. Evidence? We don’t need no stinking evidence!

All Republicans should see this movie. We need to learn and understand Democrat and liberal media strategies. We should learn their tools and use them against them. Radio talk show host Kira Davis has learned this and is using it very effectively to reach out to minority voters across the country.

In many ways, TexasGOPVote founder and publisher, John Stautner, shows much of the same warrior mentality as Andrew Breitbart. He is studying these tactics and teaching them to a small but growing army of bloggers and writers like me who will not sit back and allow the media to run unchecked.

Hating Breitbart - Times and Tickets

Hating Breitbart is a must see movie. To find show times at a theater near you, visit Go see this movie and then join the army fighting the war against the liberal media.


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